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Season 6 battle pass pricing & date

Season 6 battle pass pricing & date

3 new battle pass weapons & sectors

3 new battle pass weapons & sectors

Pacific Standard Time, the new battle pass will be launching as well, so if you have not finished the season 5 one yet, make sure you get that done so that way you're good to go, but Anyways, three sectors of the battle pass are going to have free cosmetics, and those are going to be the brand new weapons that we're going to be receiving, so the first weapon is going to be the Tr-76.

Geist, which is going to be an AR available in the battle pass. They don't tell exactly what sector it's going to be in, but this is the photo of the weapon that they provide, and it's basically a hard-hitting Bullpup assault rifle chambered in 7.62 by 39 millimeters. By 39 millimeters, the next one that we have is also going to be available in its own sector; this one is going to be the Iso 9 millimeter.

Season 6 battle pass operators showcase

all season 6 battle pass tiers

Now, one thing I do want to let you know is that we are going to get an updated blog post most likely on Monday that's going to give us a trailer of the battle pass operators as well as a trailer for The Black Cell, so make sure you check back on the channel for that blog post. But anyway, once you purchase the battle pass at Tier Zero, you get these rewards automatically, given to you typically, which are going to come with the first variant of the main character of the battle pass.

In this case, we have two of them. The first operator is going to be Al Simmons; this is what he looks like. By the way, all these photos that I'm going to show you come directly from Call of Duty, so they're not concepts or anything like that. These are exactly how they're going to look in the game, so you have Al Simmons.

After that, there's also going to be a second-tier zero skin, and that is going to be called tactical. Spawn: I do want to clarify, though, that this is the Tier Zero skin, so there will be another spawn skin, which I'll get to in just a second, but there was a lot of confusion. People were saying, Where's his cape?

battle pass season 6

Why doesn't he look the way he does in the comic? I just want to let you know that you will be able to get the comic version; this is just a tier zero skin that you get right at purchase, but once you get those two skins, just remember that because these are the two first and main characters that you get, there's going to be tier 100 variants, of which I'll talk about towards the end, but as you work your way up through the entire battle pass, there's going to be other operators.

The first one is going to be called Creepy Clown, which is going to be a skin for Fender. It says a hellborn half demon of considerable power and deviancy. The arc villain violator has taken the form of a Road Town clown to anger spawn, so by the way, this whole battle pass is going to be spawn themed and spawn related, so if you're a fan of the comics, you might recognize a lot of these operators or characters, but the next one that we have is going to be the violator.


This is going to be a Konig skin; it says closer to the true form that the cruel and arrogant violator brings death on two legs in the form of a grotesly, headed operator to further infuriate. Spawn Unfortunately, they don't tell you exactly which tier you get any of these, but it's probably going to be just somewhere in the middle of the battle pass.

The next one we have is going to be called a disruptor. This is going to be a haranji, or skin. It says masquerade as a businessman and responsible for the death and transformation of Al Simmons disrupter, is known by many names, and is feared as a crime. Lord, now in this photo, they show him doing a finisher.

I don't think this is his finish; it might be like the Thunder Fronts, but they're just showcasing this, maybe for cinematic purposes, but if this is not the Thunderfront finisher, then he might be getting a new one. The next operator that we have, this one's most likely going to be available towards the end of the battle pass.


This one is called Soul Crusher. This is a Vegas skin. The description says a mysterious rival of Spawn Soul Crusher is an enigmatic figure using noxious gases to asphyxiate his victims into submission. The next skin that we have, this one we saw from the battle pass photo, is going to be Nickto Spike, which is going to be an operator skin for Nickto, and it says Operator Nickto favors a similar tactical look and impressive Mass gets up and takes it to the next level.

This spawns homage, and then the next operator skin that we have is going to be Gaia, which is sort of like an evil group. The description for her says it's said to be an earthen form of Mother Nature herself. Gaia is an ancient goddess of suitable power and seeks ruination for those intent on destroying her realm, so these are all the ones that you get within the battle pass.

Now we have the tier 100, so with the tier 100, Al. Simmons is going to have his own, and this one is called burnt spawn, which is an Al Simmons skin. It says that prior to his transformation into spawn, Al Simmons was deceived and burned alive. The shrouded figure is one of many forms of spawn.

Take that, and you'll get it once you maximize the battle pass. The next one that you get is going to be the Spawn comic book character himself. But one thing I do want to let you know is that Keith David is returning to voice-act spawn; he confirmed it over on Twitter, so we're going to have brand new voice lines for spawn.

Both of these different operators in Sims and spawn are also going to have brand new finishing moves, voice lines, and all the other stuff that brand new operators usually get.

Season 6 battle pass weapon blueprints

Season 6 battle pass weapon blueprints

This is all of the operators that we have. Let's talk about some of the weapons that we got to see in these photos. A lot of these operators were holding different types of weapons that were going to be available in the battle pass, so I'm going to go ahead and just show you a bunch of different ones.

Even the sponsor 100 was holding a different weapon, so you can assume that that's probably going to be one of the Tier 100 weapons or one of the final weapon blueprints that you end up unlocking. But these are just like a little showcasing of all of them; usually, if the battle pass operator is holding it, it's going to be available in the battle pass.

I saw other photos of other weapon blueprints, but it didn't look like they were battle pass-related, so I didn't put them here in the photos. What do you think about it? Do you think that this is going to be worth it?

Season 6 blackcell bundle

mw2 al simmons

The last thing that I do want to mention, though , is that we are also going to have a black cell now that they don't show any black cell variants other than the black cell operator itself, and that is going to be introduced.

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