News - Richtofen Is Behind The Scenes Warzone 2 Zombies & Terminus Island Map Previewed For Black Ops Gulf War

Cod 2024 zombies terminus island map previewed inside of mw3 zombies

Cod 2024 zombies terminus island map previewed inside of mw3 zombies

In this article, I want to go more in depth on the storyline regarding one of the apparent two launch maps for Call of Duty 2024, zombies. Whether it's called Black Ops Goof War Zombie or whatever the title is, the game that's going to be set during the '90s releasing. This year, which is crazy to say at last, of course.

I've previously talked about the rumored launch maps in a prior article, but this article, like I said in that article, is going to be focusing more on it from a storyline standpoint because this information seems to be called Terminus Island, which has lots of information already inside of Modern Warfare 3 zombies, where we can piece together the clues, and all this information seems to be alluding that Eddie Rickhoff may be involved and has been involved in the background of stuff that has been unfolding in Modern Warfare 3 zombies.

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Richtofen is behind the scenes in mw3? & terminus island story with jack fletcher explained

Richtofen is behind the scenes in mw3? & terminus island story with jack fletcher explained

With the article, I wanted to make another article on Modern Warfare 3 zombies to discuss something that has been itching at the back of my brain for some time now. There is the character in Modern Warfare Zombies who is seemingly much more than meets the eye and may be hiding a level of knowledge and importance that we simply are not privy to yet.

His background and moves made since the beginning of the storyline seem to imply he knows much more than he's letting on. Today we will delve into the enigmatic character of James Jack Tobius Fletcher, born in New Zealand on May 24th, 1972. He joined the New Zealand Defense Force, or nzdf for short, at the age of just 17 in 1989.


It was here that he would begin to develop his extreme tactical expertise and learn the intricacies of military operations. His natural ability to succeed in these scenarios led to Rising quickly through the ranks in 1991. Fletcher worked alongside the New Zealand Special Air Service (NZSS) and was seconded by the CIA for security duty on something known as Terus Island, eventually being honorably discharged from the NZDF in 1993.

These events, which took place over a relatively short period of only 2 years, are what I believe to be the truly formative events of the character of Fletcher, as I discussed in the prior article I mentioned at the start, which I will also have. Well, it seems that Terminus Island could very well be Blacksight 13, which is the location that Dr.

Peek was heading to during the ending of Black Ops C: Zombie in that post-credit scene on The Forsaken, where we jumped 5 years later to 1990. This island off the coast of Japan is likely where the remaining members of Reum and the Strike Team are being held in some sort of underground prison laboratory, potentially being experimented on if Rick Tofin wants to harness some sort of dark ether power since they have been highly exposed to ethereum.

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Anyway, if this is the case and Fletcher skills lead him to being seconded for security duty here, then this means two things of importance: One, the CIA is directly involved with helping the director. AKA Eddie Rickhoffen. Even after the events of Black Ops Cold War, this seems to still be the case in Modern Warfare, as we can see under Samantha Max's portrait in their files on Reum.

The information here is still classified under Project Janus, which was started, of course, by the director Rick to him, although can we even still call him the director anymore? I mean, he did shut down Reum at the end of the Cold War zombies in 1985. Nevertheless, he still probably holds a very important role in the CIA.

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The second thing of importance to take from this if Fletcher was extremely skilled and natural born leader and spent a couple years at Hess Island surely he had exposure, to the director, handon or at the very least ethereum, and some experiments on it this would mean that him acting as though he'd never heard of it to Victor zakay was a ploy and this very much changes the implications of some later events in Modern Warfare Zombies, remember this as we were Circle back to it later but it does seem like his experience, at Terminus Island likely is directly to do with Cold War zombie since that's going to be set in 1990, and just the fact that it was active directly when it's going to be set means that this has to be for COD 2024 zombies after his time at terus Island Fletcher was honorably discharged and asked to leave military service.

This to me suggests he did indeed see something secret at Terminus Island; perhaps the government felt that whatever he saw there was too much for him to continue service, leading to his honorable discharge. This would preserve his honor in his military record but essentially force him to retire. After spending his entire life in military service at this point, Fletcher was likely lost and directionless, following a stain as a mercenary from 2005 to 2011.

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Fletcher founded Terminus Outcomes in 2011. Headquartered in Brune, strategically located outside of American extradition treaties, and in close proximity to where Dr. Peek is heading, if we compare on a map literally, this place seems to be set almost exactly where Peek is heading. The mercenary work makes sense; it is an easy way to turn a profit with his skills after being forced to leave the military service.

What is more interesting is that he seems to have learned from his time with the director forming his own group and quickly moving them somewhere off the coast of Asia and outside of the rule of most large world governments, as it seems Terminus Island will be the same. The location is also relatively close to Terminus Island, as seen by comparing brune on a map to where it is that PEC points in the Cold War cut scene, and this cannot be a coincidence.

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Could they even potentially be one in the same place, or are they just very close for that exact reason? This could be an area where the darkness of the veil is a lot weaker, and there might be a lot more ethereum activity after all; it's not too far out from where the ethereum missiles were diverted by Maxis as well as Renov in the first outbreak quest in cold RA zombies.

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