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Like every year for Call of Duty, there are leaks, rumors, and speculation. This year is definitely no different. Recently, there's been some activity on Twitter where there's a few guys that are posting some really interesting stuff regarding Modern Warfare 3 and Modern Warfare zombies. One of these individuals has been approached by Activision, who sent them cease and assist letters to make them stop what they're doing, and they're actually taking down some other posts.

One post they made said that there is a PVP mode coming to Modern Warfare Zombies right now; it's player versus enemy, and this is going to be player versus player, which is the opposite of what zombies are. I'll show you some of the posts, and then one of them got taken down. I'll show you that too, but this is a post on Twitter that said to leak new PVP information for Modern Warfare Zombies.

There will be normal zombie bounties and PVP bounties hunting other squads. Recon points that can be acquired and can respawn, team reassigning merging, likely Allah DMZ respawning system, and weapon cases literally will be DMZ. I believe this is the original poster, and they said pvpve. It's a map event; it's inside the normal Modern Warfare Zombies, which means it can be activated like a story xfill and you infill into the new match or map they don't know with PVP enabled, and for the lore, it's a deadbolt recon mission.

There was a post on Reddit talking about this, but it looks like it got taken down. One of the comments summarizes what they think this is going to be. They said just to entertain this leak a bit since we don't know for sure if it's happening. They gave the leaker's name, then gave the source, and then added more context.

Here they said the PV, or PVE mode, is a separate zone similar to the story Mission Xfill, so you're not forced to play the PVP on the normal map. This is a completely optional mode that you can choose to participate in or not, similar to the divisions, dark zone. I guess I can see this being true because modern rare zombies are already structured pretty closely to what DMZ is like; they've taken those assets and then spun them into zombies, and, you know.

Call of Duty likes to reuse assets and ideas, so it's easy for them to take this game structure from DMZ. And just at a little side mode into zombies, the idea of it being in a separate area like you have to xill and go into it and it's optional sounds fun to me, but if they were to put this in the main map, people would lose their minds, so let's hope they don't do that.

One thing I'm concerned with is if you have to go through this area to collect schematics. Like that, it could pose some resistance from people who don't want to be in PvP. PVE and PVP are very different play styles. I avoid PVP at all costs because I don't think it's fun. It stresses me out. It's not fun for me, and I'm sorry.

I wish I enjoyed it because there's so much that they offer with multiplayer, but, like, I just can't stand it. I really tried over the years to play it and enjoy it, but it just wasn't working for me. I know a lot of people love it, and that's awesome, but there are some people like me who're like, No multiplayer, please, but I would change my mind if they added this to zombies.

I can't believe I'm saying that, but I think it would be fun because it's optional, like you're not forced to do it and you're not going into a multiplayer match where the whole game is like that, so I'm definitely for it. I hope we get to see it. Also in the news is something Call of Duty just tweeted, and this affects mostly multiplayers, but it does affect zombies in some way.

They're trying to be as transparent as possible about this skill-based matchmaking controversy. They posted, saying Late last year, we committed to a conversation with our community about matchmaking. Today's matchmaking Intel is intended to kick off that dialogue and is a new beginning for what we hope will be an ongoing conversation about matchmaking, sharing our process and learnings with you to answer questions and concerns we've seen within the community.

When you click on it, it goes to this, and it says the design of Call of Duty matchmaking is driven by our goal to create the best experience for our player community as a part of our commitment to an ongoing conversation about the Call of Duty matchmaking process. We are launching a new series of white papers from our technology team that will further explore how Call of Duty builds online matches.

The first topic of focus in the Call of Duty matchmaking series is one of the most critical factors in the overall process connection; specifically, the next white paper in the matchmaking series will detail the role skill plays in the process. I know people are curious about the fact that the second white paper in the series is scheduled to be posted in June following an additional test data examination and analysis from our teams.

Then they show a calendar saying that the information is live. I'll show you that it's a huge document, then skill information is going to go live in June, then ranked play late summer and experimentation and methods in the fall. These white papers will complement additional posts planned for the Call of Duty blog throughout the year to continue the conversation about Call of Duty's matchmaking process and white papers.

If you guys haven't heard that term, it's used in business, and it serves as a sales and marketing document designed to entice or persuade potential customers, i.e., us players. What are they trying to prove? Who is going to read this? If you're bored to death, but there was one thing that was pretty cool that explains something: that we're able to do in Modern Warfare zombies.

So they're saying connection is the most important part, and as the community will attest, connection is the second most critical and heavily weighted factor in the matchmaking process. Then they say it's time to match. This factor is the second most critical to the matchmaking process. We all want to spend time playing the game rather than waiting for matches to start.

They also say that there's a playlist diversity. That's factored in recent maps and modes that you've been playing in, or what you prefer. PC versus console; and then they do factor in if you have voice chat or not; if you scroll down to page six, this is the information. That, I think, is interesting, as is what we use and abuse in zombies, and shout out to tag 935 and BBK; they figured this out without needing this super in-depth document.

I've been making articles about us having 24 players in a lobby in Zombies, like that's the max you can have, but everybody in the lobby was somebody we knew was on our friends list or in our clan. We'd organize this and then go in and fight the red worm and do just crazy stuff like use different weapons or try to get like a 1-second kill, which we did.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies might be seeing a PVP Player VS. Player mode coming this year.
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