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They've been here for quite some time, but not a lot of people know about them still, and not a lot of people know where to get them all, so let me show you. Let me take you on this adventure, and let's go find them. Now the first gun we're going to start with is.



Today is indeed the gold basilisk; it is sitting within the exhibit. Unfortunately, you do need a key. In our instance, we were lucky enough that it was a rescue hostage contract that was locking the doors, so we went off and got that we were inside, and then we just simply cancelled the contract.

Simple, easy you didn't have to worry about it once you got through here. There will probably be some bots, so do be sure to clear them out and be careful once you've got all of those. With the walls cleared out, you can look around at the paintings and exhibits on the wall, and you will find this one here with all the paint on it: the gold basilisk, and it is as simple as that.

How do you find it in a painting? It's here; I already picked it up. Where is it? Can you see it in the painting?

Victus xmr

The next one we're going to go for here is indeed in the Central Station, and it is the gold victus XMR. When we came in, we had a lot of bots because the Pyro was here, but if you can jump on this little kiosk from one of the top ledges, it'll be sitting right there, and you can jump back.

It's not bad. I do believe I might have explosive rounds on it, and it actually did shred quite.

Taq 56

Taq 56

Well, moving on to the next one, we went straight into university. We did have to come in and do these a couple different times to find them all because they didn't all have 100% spawn rate, which was weird. Either way, here you will find the TAC 56.

Now you want to get on top of the roof; it's just the easiest way that I've found to get in.

Lachmann sub

Jump over to the ceiling with all the glass windows, go search around all the bookcases, and you will eventually find that the TAC 56 is sitting on top, and I do take a double check in case you miss it because you can run straight past it and not even know, up next we're going straight into city hall now there is a lockman sub in here and it did take us a little while to find because I got told it was on a bookcase, it was actually on top of like a newspaper stand type shelf instead much smaller, not exactly a bookshelf, very helpful.

If you go to exactly where I am on the map in that room, I just ran past it. In fact, it's like the northwest or northeast side of the building, I believe, and you will see it right here. It is a little hidden away, but it should be.

Kv broadside

Kv broadside

Nice Coming down next, we went straight into the fire station for the KB broadside. This one is a little bit more open and public knowledge; unfortunately, we were getting hunted at the time, and we had a ton of bots on us, so we had to deal with that once we cleared that out. Come straight up the zip or come straight up the stairs, look into these little jail cells, and you will find the KB broadside lent straight up against one of the little beds.

It's a great little gun, and it'll do some damage, sure.


From here, we went straight down to find the m3b, as it was the next closest location. Now some of you don't know how to get there; it is, in fact, the stock door. Debunked very, very long ago. So a lot of you should know you cannot get through here without a breather.

Or a scuba mask; unfortunately, I didn't have a scuba mask because we got wiped out at the game before, so I did have a rebreather. You can find them pretty commonly around bundles, and you can find scouring masks pretty commonly inside gas stations. Now what you want to do is jump down that little area I showed you on the map and follow my swimming directions exactly to come down to this little, tight entrance.

Once you get there, you'll know you're on the right track. This is the only way you can get in, so once you get up this ladder, this is it. You can't get into this room any other way unless somebody has come in prior to you and opened the door. Once you get up here, you can lay down this m clim also prox mon you want; it's great for hiding, and you've got the m113 b in here.

From here, you can indeed unlock the stock door and open it up for your friends or teammates that need to come in. Maybe grab some loot and go for gold. Now, me and Lynx actually sat around here because I had all three gold guns at this point, so we were just messing around and figuring out who wanted.

Signal 50

Signal 50

What , up next we have a gold signal 50 now the signal 50 isn't great but it does do the job when you need to and I actually managed to wipe a couple people with it after I grabbed it in here we are in the market is not a great place to be and if you've hung around there too long you understand that unfortunately, this is a stronghold so you do need a stronghold key card but once you get up here look around it is on a p q rack and it will always be there not always we came in a couple times and it wasn't there but you should find it on a pory rack and it sits just there looking all pretty and as you can see it's not really that good against bots but my aim could have also just been [ __ ], either way it's there it's good I did manage to wipe a couple teams with it and it'll do the.

Iso hemlock

Job, throwing , now this one was a bit more difficult. We had to get into the five departments, and unfortunately we didn't have a key, so we came in a few different times and killed a bunch of HVTs and a bunch of bots until we actually found one on a bot. Luckily enough, it had one use, and that is all we need now.

Once you get to the fire station, I would highly recommend getting up the zip and going through the door on the roof. This will ensure that you don't accidentally use your one on a different door, and you can't get in to clear out any bots that are in there. On the pool table, you will find the isohemlock.

This is a fantastic gun build. If you've seen any of my other articles, you do notice that I run ISO Hemlock, and it's extremely similar to this build. I didn't take it from this build, but it was just a coincidence. It is a fantastic gun, and it is always there. I've actually got a key to the locker room here as well, which is nice.

Sakin mg

Sakin mg

and next we have the cruise terminal where you can find a gold sack. Now this is a very large lmg. It definitely does the job, though once you want to get in, go straight upstairs to clear out any bots that are sitting up there. These R shields are everywhere in bundles, so be prepared. Maybe bring some s Texas, which we didn't do, come out to the left, come up to the back, and you will find a couple posters with zoo animals on them, and it'll be leaning straight up against the zebra.

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