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I'm back again with another brand new tutorial article, and this one is going to be a special holiday because it's the Halloween event for the Hano Mazra in Modern Warfare 2, and there's a challenge where if you kill five bosses, you get the new bass P blueprint weapon, which is the bloody mess. And the boss fight is really easy and it's really fun and it's really intens intensive too, so I'm going to get started, so please make sure to drop a like.

And subscribe let's get right into the article. Now in this tutorial, there are about six different boss fights, and I completed one, which is the Butcher, and you get a silicle melee weapon. There are also five other different boss fights, which are called the swamp creature, the phah, the UFO, the ghost train, and the evil spirits.

If you complete all of them, you will be able to unlock the bass P, which is really easy for each of the boss fights. I haven't tried them yet. I only tried the Butcher on my first try, and I was dealing with a bunch of online players, but I managed to kill it on my first try. It was so easy. Now for the first boss that I killed, which is the butcher, it is located in Alaza, and it will give you a notification that there's a ritual that is happening.

And me and my teammates were able to go through the portal, which you had to stay in for about a minute or two to deal with a bunch of zombies or online players that were coming around you. Once the portal opens, you go in there, and you're basically going through hell. You're going through hell with a bunch of zombies, and it definitely looks like hell itself.

I say it looks amazing, like it definitely looks like literally hell beneath the bottom, but once you get into the portal, there are zombies there, and the boss fight, which is the butcher, he'll carry a silica weapon, and when I joined in, they're in the middle of killing the boss fight. Now for me, I almost got downed, which was very intense, and I thought I would die, but I didn't.

I mean, I just kill everyone—well, some of them, but yeah, and then it was really crazy. was really crazy, though, dealing with all those zombies and the butcher. I managed to kill him, and I was able to grab the silicle weapon. When you kill him, he drops an axe, like some type of axe. I was able to carry it, and I was able to exile it on my Your, now the next boss is the swamp creature the swamp creature is located outside of Al mazra City and it's going to be beneath the swamp underneath the water and it's going to be pretty complicated cuz you have to find them underwater and he'll be hiding somewhere because literally everything is at night like it's going to be tough for you to see and find him cuz there's going to be zombies coming around and such but he's definitely somewhere beneath underground and you have to be careful he's definitely underwater, and you have to be aware of your surroundings especially with online players coming after you, by the way I also forgot to mention please I recommend using snipers during this situation cuz it's going to be dark and you're barely going to see anybody so I recommend you be Blended in the dark because there's going to be enemies around and there's going to be online players doing the challenges, and you could try killing them from behind or anywhere.

Now, when you head to the swamp area, you have to find a tiara. The tiara is somewhere beneath one of those pods. Those alien pods, you have to search for them, and I'd be careful as well, because you could get jump-scared because that's what happened to me before when I was looting, and that terrified me, so I'll be aware of that.

Once you find the tiara, you have to place it in this whole ritual, and that's when everything will begin, and then that's when the swamp creature starts to spawn. Now, after you kill the swamp creature, you'll get a notification that you completed the challenge, and then you'll unlock the calling card, and you'll earn Soul Souls.

Well, now this boss fight I mean I wouldn't consider it as a boss fight it's more of like a little challenge like a death run, so when to hit the train we're going for the train challenge so once you hit the train you're going to be running into a bunch of traps like Claymores mines everything and changes are you might get jump scared as well and also you're also going to be running into centry tur which is going to suck there are two so you guys got to be careful when you're going for that, now after you got through all those death runs and all those traps you're going to be making your way into the loot safe and then that's when you will see the heart of the train and then that's when you get to complete the event right there the ghost train event complete and then that's when you earn the reward for the heart.

Collected, now this next challenge for the boss fight we're going to against the UFO now the UFO isn't so complicated but when you start shooting at it it's going to start separating it's going to create like separate orbs that's going to be shooting at you so you got to be careful with those cuz those are going to start spamming at you and you could get hurt or, die, once you have destroyed all the orbs the UFO will spawn back in and that's when you finish the or the UFO it will start to get weaker and weaker and when you destroy it will start to explode, and then when it explodes it's going to drop a purple ore or that you had to pick up and then when you pick up that purple orb you have to go back to the ship, and then that's when you put the orb inside the portal and then that's when you finish the artifact and that's how you complete the Boss.

Challenge, So for this next boss fight, which is actually the final boss on my end, it's going to be the Pharaoh. Now, the pharaoh isn't that complicated, but it'll deal a lot of damage as long as you have good firepower with shotguns or ARS. Now, in order to start the boss fight, you have to gather a bunch of cursed skulls, and the total you have to collect is eight of them each on the burial site.

Once you gather all those skulls, in order for you to get that, you have to kill all these feral guards; they'll be carrying shotguns and AKs, so you guys have to be careful as well, because they'll probably kill you for sure, because that happened to me before. Once you have gathered all eight cursed skulls, you place them in the burial, and that's when the boss fight activates, and then it'll start to I was actually kind of speechless at this part because I was actually kind of hyped for this, but this boss fight was pretty challenging because it will literally run at you, and chances are you might get assassinated by him, like he'll do a finisher move, so I would be advised to be careful about it because that happened to me, and then it kind of sucked, but I didn't die permanently.

The hell-cursed anti-hero Spawn arrives in Season 06, tasked with taking out the Dark Ritual Operators terrorizing across Al Mazrah and Vondel. Plus, four new Multiplayer maps at launch, three new functional weapons, the return of The Haunting on October 17th, and more. Prepare for frightening thrills, the shambling undead, squad hunts to take down grotesque monsters, and those infamous jump-scares as The Haunting returns! The Ha Available across Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty Warzone, the Soul Capture Event is an enhanced and fear-inducing variation on the popular Trophy Hunt Event from Season 03.
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