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When I play DMZ I tend to play solo. When you play solo, you're usually at a big disadvantage, but there's just truly something special about the solo experience in DMZ. Even in 2024, I consider myself to be a solo DMZ veteran. I've played tons of raid solo, and as a solo, you need position advantage.

As soon as you give up your position advantage, you lose your gunfight. In this clip, I'm taking on an enemy team from the downtown high-rise using a technique called peer advantage. The peer's advantage in Call of Duty is when you jump past an object, such as a door, where the enemy does not have a line of sight of you, and you get first shots on them before they can even see you.

I, my, there's no shot, there's no shot, I just killed that whole team with throwing arms, dying, and losing all your loot. This is something all DMZ players have experienced, even veterans like me. It happens a lot more than I would like to say, but in this article. Man, they are insane. I'm dead to B.

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Holy well, GG's, the article's over. I appreciate you guys watching. No, I'm joking, guys. Let's get right into being a solo player in DMZ in 2024. It is definitely a hard task. With mostly PVP players running around the map, you're definitely at a disadvantage being solo, but in today's article. I'm going to walk you through some of the best tips and tricks on how to win more gunfights.

As a solo DMZ player, in this clip, you're going to watch me break this person's camera. This has been in Call of Duty and first-person shooters for many years. You're going to jump around an object, mostly doors and buildings, and you will be able to get shots first on whoever you're shooting before they can even see you.

Now that we've learned this, let's use that tip with some other tips to win a 1v3 gunfight versus an enemy team that popped a UAV on me. It's 1v3 i'm getting a height advantage because I have dead silence, so they cannot hear my footsteps. They also have that UAV, so it's going to sweep across their mini map to pinpoint my location.

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That's why you see me moving so much, because I'm not stealthy. I'm going to use audio to hear this guy come up the ladder now that we've made it a 1v2 situation. I will miss my throwing knife here, so I cannot get thirsty, and I'm going to see if I can locate the other teammates. They're right below me.

I'm going to hear this with audio, and you're going to see me peek through the window. I'm going to try to down this guy, but I end up failing. We're going to use the tip I just showed you to try and break their cameras. I fell the first time but succeeded on the second guy. I get lucky here and use movement to get my advantage versus this guy, and I end up winning the gun fight because I got away.

Just in time, use these tips in your next gunfight, and maybe you can just pull this off yourself. This clip is actually pretty simple. I'm just going to be moving the whole gunfight and watching how that gives me the advantage versus this team in a 1v3 situation. This whole entire time I was moving, the enemy team had no idea how many people there were.

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You're going to see me get the finish on this guy. I'm going to run around the backside and jump off, and I'm going to end up shooting this guy in the back. He thinks I'm coming through the front door. I'll wrap around and end up cinging through the window. That was a really simple clip, and honestly, nothing special happened.

Keep moving the whole time when you're in gunfights, and you'll be surprised at how many you can win. In this clip, I'm going to be showing you the exact same thing that we just showed you in the past few clips: how breaking cameras and movement is so powerful versus teams. When you're alone, watch me bait this guy into a close gunfight.

He ends up breaking his camera and drop-shotting him to win that gunfight. Now I'm going to assess the situation and get some grounding. High ground is so important in DMZ as a solo player because you have the power position most often. Now I'm going to end up throwing this smoke grenade right here as a distraction technique.

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Whether that works or not, it was something I did. I'm going to jump down on this team and end up breaking this guy's camera, who had absolutely no chance of winning using an assault rifle versus me. I end up breaking that guy's camera. I end up winning that fight versus a shotgun with no plates, simply because I broke that guy's camera and US movement to my advantage.

Okay, for this next gunfight, we're going to slow some things down and hide. Advantage is the number one priority as a solo You definitely want to familiarize yourself with lots of buildings in Alaza; that's where I primarily play. You're going to see me end up breaking this guy's camera, which is something I showed you in earlier clips.

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Obviously in a building you can end up breaking multiple different people's cameras you're going to see me use that technique multiple times in this clip, like I said the whole time I'm obviously moving which is another tip I just showed you and the reason I think that is super important, is because if you're constantly moving the enemy team has no idea how many people there are you see me end up breaking that guy's camera which is something I just showed you earlier and it's something that you need to practice more and more often it's not hard to do it's easier to do with SMGs that are lightweight that you can jump around really easy easily and move faster that's why I choose to use the lman sub.

I end up getting sneaky down right here and almost go down. You're going to see me played up. I've been keeping my height advantage this whole time, and now I am going to make a deadly mistake in this gunfight. At some point in the future, you're going to see me jump down and give up my high ground.

This whole time, you're seeing me going back and forth in between the different walls to try to break cameras, because if you guys are stuck out in the open, you will die. That's why you're seeing me pre-aim. This PR fires it and jumps around the corners, and I'm constantly moving. Like I said, guys, I don't have a stealth vest.

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I usually don't wear a stealth vest, and I'm constantly moving, which is actually a good practice to do anyway. And if they had a UAV, they would not be able to exactly pinpoint where I'm at. I'm listening for reses, and I hear a guy hit a res. Now, something that is super important too is to practice what kind of guns you're going to use.

I highly recommend using SMGs. A lot of the time, because in a lot of cases, you'll see guys using assault rifles, but when you get fought in a building, you have absolutely no chance of beating me with an assault rifle with the lman sub unless I just do not hit any of my shots. I give up my high ground here, which is something that you cannot do.

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