News - New" Fjx Horus Has No Recoil & Insane Movement (best Fjx Horus Class Setup) Warzone 2


This is Methos, and I'm bringing you the best class setup I found for the FJX Horus in Modern Warfare 3. Check out these crazy clips. Overall, this gun has really good mobility, really good ttk, and decent range, so you can go for those mid- to long-range fights and still kill the enemy. Please, for the fjx Horus.

I use the ECS requet suppressor; it's really good to be undetectable by the radar, and you actually improve your adsp, which is pretty good, and I use a martus, heavy barel for the improved recoil control bullet velocity. You can see all the stats right there. The Dr6 handpumps are really good for overall mobility.

I was moving and sliding with this attachment. And for the rounds, you definitely have to use a 48-round mag. I think 30 and 25 bullets are way too little, and then the Ripper light stock just to continue flying around the map. I think these are the best attachments, so in season 3, so far, I have really enjoyed the new emergency map that came out.

Sledgehammer has been doing a very good job of releasing new maps. I think they're the best company so far for maps for multiplayer. The small maps are just what 6v6 is needed for Modern Warfare 3. I have not played the other map, Six Star, yet I heard it has beautiful scenery and beautiful colors.


The ambiance is really good. I did hear, however, that the map might be a little too big, so 6v6 can be a little slow. I think that was a downfall with a lot of the Modern Warfare 2 maps. Some of the maps are way too big, and you would finish the game with the whole lobby having under 15 kills. Come on, no one wants to play 10 minutes just to have 15 kills; that's almost a kill and a half per minute.

Just introduce 8v8 and 10v10, just like how Van Goed had AKA Vanguard. Vanguard had some of the big maps, like red Star Berlin, but some of those game modes went up to like 14 versus 14, and I believe when the game first came out, it was almost like 20 versus 20, and surprisingly, a lot of people were moving.


I mean, with every game, you're going to have the occasional campers. You know camping in corners with snipers or lmgs. The way would remind me of piercing vision, if you know you know. But I think the small maps are definitely aw so far, so they got to keep this up, one complain, and I've tweeted at them, or I should say ask them on, you know X.

They need to add more ground-war maps. I don't really typically upload ground-war gameplay, even though I go for high kill streaks. I try to go for high-kill gameplay, so I'm using it like this. I swear I'm using the AC130. I'm using something like the V tool or the support Hilo. I'm trying to go for over 100 kills, and I've gotten it.

I don't upload those game plays because I know a lot of people don't play Ground War, so I'm not sure unless you guys want to watch Ground War game plays. I've dropped some nukes, and I have some game plays where I drop nukes. However, in that game mode, you have to play a little bit slower and more conservative, just because with the spawn Hilo, which is ass.

battle rifle

And you know, sometimes for nostalgia, I would watch Re Boy going for Breaking High. Kill records and model for the 2019 man. Ground War in 2019 was great, and I think that's what they need to do. I think that's what made a lot of people from Battlefield transfer over to the Call of Duty series for Ground War and keep them there, so I think they're neglecting that huge population of players who prefer large-scale combat and War Mode that's not ground war, so don't get it twisted.

And have you guys tried out the new Mor Sniper in Moder Warfare 3 so far in this season? I haven't tried it, but I've seen some insane clips. I know a lot of the quick scopers are enjoying it; they did a lot of the sniping. That you know, with these snipers like the XRK stalker and the long bow, they made the ads speed a lot slower, which for some people can be a w cuz they hate you know easily getting one TA by a sniper, but for the sniping community who loves quick scoping, it's definitely an L for them.


I was F with it, with it how it was before and with it how it was after. I'm not a huge sniper. I do like to snipe here and there, but I do feel for the sniper community, and man, I did enjoy a lot of the lobbies. I was playing with some of my friends, shouting out to HT Dean. Alex, we were playing some lobbies, and we were getting some easy bot lobbies because it was a free Tri weekend, so people were just playing multipay for the first time.

This might be even their first Call of Duty, so we had a lot of bots playing literally. And I couldn't shoot, but I did die off of nukes a lot because they were just hiding in like a New York City subway R in the corner, but for some reason I haven't played multiplayer in several weeks. If you guys know.

I was going for the mod Warfare Zombies Mastery grind, which requires 36 weapons to have 3, 000 zombie kills with a different Mastery camos, and that's finally done, thankfully, so now I can focus a lot more on multiplayer, which is my bread and butter, and going for these insane game play, but like I said in earlier articles.


I'm just a completionist if there's a challenge and it's a hard one. I'm going to try to complete it, but I definitely enjoyed it. It was tough, it was long, and part of it was boring, but it was satisfying at the end. I'm not sure if you guys have seen other content creators, but there was a dev call talking to a lot of content creators, and I've talked to Lego Unlock.

He's a big YouTuber that does a lot of content on Modern Warfare and Call of Duty in general, even from mobile to PC retro Call of Duty games, but he was able—I'm not sure if it was him or somebody in that call was able to ask him if there's going to be rewards for completing Grand Mastery—and they said they're looking into it and they will try to implement something in the coming seasons.

Let me be there. A lot of the content creators are confused because they think that if you unlock Borealis and Interstellar., you will get an additional reward. No, they meant Grand Mastery, meaning the 1, 000 kills per weapon for Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer Grand Mastery and then the 3, 000 zombie kills for Moder Warfare 3.


Zombie Grand Mastery, and they haven't mentioned their differentiated, if you needed to get all four of them done. Moder Warfare 2 multiplayer mod Warfare 2 zombie Grand Masteries. So there's no specifics yet, but they do want to implement more rewards for that, so I'm assuming they're going to give us a calling card with the emblem like Modare 2 had for the multiplayer Grand Mastery.

I'm okay with that. I just want to show it off. I want to flex it. I want to show that it was grinding so people can tell me just to touch it. That's okay i do think that they should add a war zone Grand Mastery, so if you unlock the camos, maybe get like 200 kills, and then you're able to get some sort of reward.

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