News - Dmz Could Be Deleted Very Soon



DMZ could be deleted very shortly, and we are so hoping it is not going to happen. This is all based on pure patterns. Now when I say DMZ could be deleted soon. I'm talking around October of this year 2024, and the things that are making me think this are the fact that Caldera, a very loved and very well-known map and a very well-known area for war zones, was very popular.

Look at me, Head Shots; it had more people, had more players, had a bigger fan base, and it had far more money pumped into the game mode. It had more money pumped into the game mode and into the game and the map itself, and they still canceled it. Following that, they canceled it about a year or so after they released it.

cod dmz

This is when it started to die off, and that's when they brought in Modern Warfare 2. Following that pattern, DMZ came out just about a year ago. If we are right, which I hope to God we're not, they could be deleting it around October. It matches up at the same time. Same time frame that they deleted Caldera after it came out and was released to the public.

This is all speculation, and hopefully we're all completely wrong about this, but I want to know what you guys think. Do you think they're going to stick to a pattern? Do you think so? They're going to remove DMZ and shut down the servers even though they said they wouldn't, and even though they said there were no more updates or support, they've been giving it; they've been giving small support, and they've been giving little updates to fix slight bugs and glitches within the game.

What do you guys think? Do you think they're going to get rid of it? Do you think they're going to completely cut off the servers and stop people from playing it? I don't know, but in light of that news, I wanted to show this gameplay footage I came in Solo. These guys picked me off with no problem whatsoever.

As you can see, they picked me off, and they were actually a really good team. We had great communication, and we ended up making it to the final Xville, so enjoy sticking around if you do have a good time. Me, yep, three PL He's on that roof, Blue. Roof stuff, enemy, location He's back in the water.

Of course, he is as determined as Mech is. I don't particularly feel like [__] around here for the next 6 minutes is near your location. One B That's fair, .

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