News - The Definitive Dmz Meta. Best Loadouts For Commanding Your Lobbies

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and enb's. Welcome back once again to the DMZ. And we may no longer be getting updates, but we still have a fantastic community within the DMZ, so I thought it would be best to put together a article with all of the best builds for the absolute best guns within this mode for all of the maps.

This is going to cover everything from assault rifles and SMGs to your snipers and your best LMGs. I will be going over shotguns and such in another article. I have a couple plans for this series, but this one right here is the magnum opus. With that said, let's get into it, starting with number one.

By the way, none of these guns are in any specific order, but I absolutely love this gun in particular, and that is the Tempest Razer back. On the Tempest Razer back, we're going to start with the echoless 80 suppressor, then we're going to add the 13-in frenzy 9 barrel with the built-in OpTic Edge 47, grip the high velocity ammunition, and finish off with a 60-round magazine for an absolute phenomenal sniper support that can handle its own as a main AR as well.

You cannot go wrong with the Razer back on any map with this build, though if I were taking this into Building 21. I would run the covert V, where I would just throw the suppressor away and throw the rear grip with the recoil control on it. Next up, let's talk about a submachine gun, and that submachine gun is the ISO 45.

The ISO 45 hits like an absolute truck. The only problem is that it only has 45 rounds in the magazine. For this build, we're going to use the 6 in. Ax blade barrel of the VK, 7M, Laser, agent grip the 45 round drum, and we're going to finish off with the a30 Stout rear grip for the most stable SMG that you can get in all of DMZ.

This thing is an absolute monster if I am going into Building 21 with a team to absolutely decimate. This is actually my go-to gun for Building 21, not Doof the ISO 45. This thing is insane. Now for our third gun, I want to talk about what I believe to be the absolute best AR in the game, and the stats simply don't lie, and they do agree with me that it is the M13, or M13.

Bravo For this build, we're going to start with the FSS. Covert V suppressor, at the agent grip under Barrel the high velocity ammo in the 60-round mag, and then I use the Coro enforcer optic; however, you can use whatever optic you would like. The M13 is simply the best AR at range in the game, and it still shreds in close-quarter combat.

You're not going to beat submachine guns unless you absolutely get the drop on them, but you will beat any other AR in close range, and if you aim for the head, you have a chance to beat out submachine guns. The M3B is an amazing sniper support weapon but is also the best assault rifle in the game.

In my opinion, jumping back over to SMGs, we have to talk about the lockman sub because the lockman sub is just old Faith. While it gets the job done, it is absolutely insane, and with the 15-minute version available, it is a godsend. This gun is incredible. The MP5 is just it's the MB5, so for the build, we're going to start with the x10 R40 suppressor, we're going to add the Falcon 226.

Barrel, and then we're going to add the Ft Mobile stock, which actually gives us 28%. On top of all the mobility stuff, it says that this is an incredibly broken attachment that almost nobody knows about. We are then going to add the Lochman TCG1. Rear grip and I finish off with a 40-round magazine, but you can use the 50 if you would rather have the extra 10 rounds in instead of the faster reload and movement speed.

The MP5 is absolutely amazing, and speaking of amazing, let's talk about you because clearly you're still here, which means you like my content, so please, make sure to like the article because it goes so far. I cannot stress it enough, and make sure that you're subscribed. Hit that bell if you want to be notified of every article that's posted as it's posted.

I will be posting at least three more articles this week. Let's get back into it. The next gun on our list is the cast of 762, which is absolutely the yin to the yang of the M13, B the COV 762. I can say absolutely the same things about it that I did about the m113 V. It just hits like a truck and fires slower, but it has that 40-round magazine, so you have to pay attention to that.

The cast-off 762 is absolutely amazing, and it's my second favorite gun in the entire game. With that said, we're going to start with a husher 65 silencer, then, at the edge of the 47 underbarrel, use the high-velocity ammo in said 40-round magazine. Finish off with the Amop V4 or Optic of your choice.

This gun is amazing; I'm telling you cannot go wrong with it, and if you're going to run this in Building 21, I would swap off the optic for the rear grip. Now let's talk about the absolute best SMG in the game, and that is the bass P. The bass P is an absolute monster. You will fry everything and everyone within 25 minutes without fail.

This thing is insane. For this build, we're going to start with the 10 and a half in Brewin-Tyen Barrel at the VK, 7 m laser. Use the hollow point ammunition in the 50-round drum and finish off with the d37 rear grip. This is by far the best SMG in the game; it is so fast-firing; it's got that big drum mag; and it is just good in every single way.

Next up, let's talk about an old Seasons meta, and that is the TAC V. The TAC V is still an absolute demon, and nobody's using it, and I don't know why this thing fries; at every range, it's insane the damage this gun does. For this build, we're going to use the Husher 65, silencer, and Edge 474.

Grip the high velocity ammunition in the 50-round drum, then we're going to finish off with the Coro Rex Pro or the optic of your choice. I'm telling you to take the tag V for a spin. It feels like it did during seasons 2 or 3, when it was the absolute meme gun. It hits like a truck. It is absolutely incredible.

I would not lie to you about this. I love this gun and stick with battle rifles. Let me give you the absolute best sniper support gun in the game in the Cronin Squall, using the FR Titan silencer, the VX pineapple forgrip, the 68 composite ammunition in the 50-round drum, and then finishing off with the FSS Olav laser.

This thing has SMG speeds and battle rifle damage. It is absolutely absurd how good this build is. And now that I've given you the absolute best sniper support gun in the game, it's time to cover snipers. And with these builds, it's the exact same on both guns. But first, let's start with the McPr.

300 with the high velocity build using the Nilow 90. The 300 Mag High Velocity The Cronin Lion Stock, the FTAC locus SP, and the FSS old AV laser are the most steady head crackers you will ever find. Yes, this is a two-shot sniper, but you will have no problems hitting your follow-up shot. You do not need to hold your breath.

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