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If anybody is like me, I don't know my way around Building 21 because I have never been there. I've been there a couple times, but you know I like my maps, so here's a map that's on the screen. I can't just get rid of it now. I say this because it's a bit more complicated than normal. There are three levels.

You have a ground level, which is D1, which is basically a car park and a garage there's a middle level with the courtyard with the bik station is and then there's an upper level where the Armory is now these, all kind of come hand in hand well the bottom level and the top level do as you can see on the map on the bottom level there is a data center on the right with all the little green squares that is to hack into, a server which unlocks the armory on level three.

I'm about to show you that, but before I do, this is just very complex.

Armory/weapons case

Armory/weapons case

First up, this is the server room, or the data center, as they call it. It's the server room you come in here, and one of these servers will have like a little press or hold F to hack it. It should be right around here somewhere, where you go once you do that, you hold that, you hack the security system, and you'll be allowed up into the armory.

Do be careful; there's bots, there's other people in here, and if you do go down, it's like any other map; when the gas starts coming in, you can't play. You're screwed now you can see I've successfully hacked the data center. Now you've got to come up the stairs and go all the way to the top to number three.

Once that's open, this will be the armory room. Check the map. Double-check the map. There are four stairwells. On each level, in each corner of the level that you're on, which kind of keeps me a bit grounded and lets me know where I am depending on where you come up. Which stairs you come up will depend on where you are in rotation with the armory.

Once you're in there, you've got this safe. You drill the safe, and that's where you get one of the access cards. Some weapons, some goodies, and in the weapons case, people will come after you, but that is where the weapons case is. There's a hostage in here for a later mission, and there's also some Intel and other bits and pieces.

Now, do be careful because there are other people, and there are a ton of bots in Building 21 that you don't want to go down to.

Velikan & wheelson

Velikan & wheelson

On top of that, you have two bosses, one of which is the wheelson, otherwise known as Wally; he always roams around level three regardless of anything; he will always be on level three, and he just rolls around a couple thermites, and he's taken out now; he drops an encrypted USB hard drive, and I believe, a black access card.

Now the second boss, if you make it to the last 5 minutes of Building 21, is the Velican. Now you do need to kill him for some upgrades and B bits and pieces, but he always rocks up at one of the elevators. In the last 5 minutes of Building 21, he drops a stealth vest and an RGL. Another access card and a gold bar These are clutch if you can come in with a teammate and you know what you're doing, but he'll always drop them regardless.

Coloured access cards


I'm sure by now you're all wondering what these access cards do. If you look at the map I referenced earlier, on level one there are a couple different little areas that are colored green, blue, and white, and then on level two there's another one colored red. Now these all correspond to the cards you're getting, and if you remember the data center on level one, if you go straight out of these exit doors, straight across the hallway, and then into this room, clear the bots, but to my left, you can see the blue door.

Naturally, blue cards go to the blue door. Once you open this, there's a ton of loot. There's loot in all of the doors: the red one, the blue one, the green one, and the black one. Blue cards go to the blue door. The green card goes to the green door, the red card goes to the red door on level two, and the black card goes to the black door.

Now this is the green door. There are three different green doors; they all have loot in them. This was the black door; somebody had already come in and looted it prior to us getting there, and then this is the red door; this was the only and is the only door. That sits on a different level than the others. All of the rest are on level one in the garage, and near the data center, red is the only one on level two, but they will have a ton of loot, and you'll be absolutely fine running around in here.

Courtyard & outro

Courtyard & outro

Now coming up next, we have the courtyard. It doesn't seem that important, but it is the only place that has a buying station.

It's the only place that spawns the buy station, so if you want to get anything, you will need to get into the courtyard. As you can see, gas does start rolling in after the timer goes down, just like any other map in the game, so do be wary, be cautious, and you will have to run to an Xville. I've not stuck around long enough to find out if there's a final or if you just die, but I'm sure they have something figured out for that one.

Other than that, look carefully. Run in with a team. Don't go in with anything. I'd suggest, for my first couple times, just go in and learn the layout. Like any other map, you would get your head around it. Get some teammates in there and have some fun. There are a lot of people in here who are very sweaty, but you will have to come in here for some missions.

b21 dmz

At some point, one way or another, a lot of people run shotguns. A lot of people run LMGs. It's pretty brutal, to be completely honest with you, but go in and have some fun. Remember, at the end of the day, this is just a game; it's just pixels on a screen. You'll absolutely be able to get everything back if you lose it.

Just enjoy yourself. We play these games to relax and have a good time. If I can do it, I will.

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