News - Ravenov Is Hiding A Secret. Warzone 2 Zombies Easter Egg (warzone 2 Zombies Ending Cutscene)

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I'm Black Ops amazing. It gives us a little bit of new information and some stuff to think about. To be honest. I haven't been paying that much attention to the story; I don't find it super interesting, but there are a couple of things to keep your eyes on and a few characters that we are familiar with, like Saman the Maxis, who, as we'll see in a minute, could start to play a bigger role in the story.

But anyway, before I explain it, we first need to watch it, and just in case you haven't seen the previous AXS, to get you up to this point. How did you break the locks on a few C-case CIA files from a CIA terminal—not exactly a challenge you're making a mess with that gives it? Here you were. Requim, yes, what happened to you?

Maxis sacrificed herself to end the outbreak. We promised we would find a way to rescue her, and when we failed, it was a blow. Some of us took it very hard. We vowed never to let this happen again, so you're zero for two on those promises, but I am still here. Am I not Dr. Johnen i am still fighting, and here's the thing you shouldn't be doing that was done 30 years ago.

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Look at you. I have good jeans. That's a Croc, and you know it. What was the focus of Ream's ethereum research? Dr Johnson AA Perhaps when the outbreak is contained, we will talk of the old days. If that's how you want to play it, if you won't help me, I'll find my own. So we see once again as our characters return from the dark ether.

Renov comes back with an injury, and he's sewing himself up. AA then walks into the room and asks him why she can't find any information on him; she wants to know why the CIA terminal doesn't have any information. Renov's past is what he's done, and she then begins to stitch him up. They start having a conversation, and together she says to ROV that you were part of Requim.

As he's sliding across members of Requium on the screen, we see Carver and Dr. Gray, both of whom are deceased. Maxis, who is classified. AA asks Ranov what happened to Requim, and he tells her exactly what we saw in the Forsaken ending cut scene where Maxis sacrificed herself to end the zombie outbreak, where she plunged herself into the Forsaken, trapping herself within the dark.

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Kea Revov reveals to AA that he promised to rescue Samantha and bring her back, but they failed. I'm assuming he means him along with Weaver Grey, and so once they couldn't rescue Samantha, they vowed to never let another zombie outbreak happen again, but of course, here we are; otherwise, we wouldn't have Modern Warfare 3 zombies anyway.

AA wants to know what exactly the focus of Ream's ethereum research was, and Revov completely closes that off and says. When the outbreak is finished, we can talk about it, and that's when AA walks out of the room before she says. Sure. If you won't help me. I'll find out my own answers, and then Revov looks at his computer screen and says your parents would be well; they are very proud of you as he looks at pictures of Requim.

Himself. Maxis. Gray, and Carver, so there's a couple of big things that happen here. First off, a semi-reveal of who AA's parents are. Now we actually know, and she knows it herself, that her mother is Dr. Gray she already revealed to us that both of her parents were ex-nationals. But those were actually hers; I guess you would call them foster parents, because it is actually Dr.


Gray, who was her real mother when AA was just 3 years old. Gray handed her over to the adoptive parents and then never saw her again, so we already know that, back in 2006. AA found that out as well that was actually the reason why she got into all of this in the first place in 2006 when she did a blood test she found out that her DNA didn't match who she thought were her parents so she went home trying to find her birth certificates and stumbled upon a CD ROM that was marked with Gray's name and then after a bit more research she found out that yes gray was her actual mother which because of Dr gry's work on ethereum, made AA fascinated with it and was driven to exceeder but we didn't know and she doesn't know who her father is, however we see in this cut scene when revov says your parents would be actually, they are proud of you and looks at pictures of requim well we already know her mother is gray and since Dr Gray is dead we see that in the Modern Warfare 3 intro cut scene her lying around the table along with stal car and Weaver that rules Carver out not that I thought he was aa's father anyway something tells me she's not which means either ranov.

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Or Maxis is her father now? The obvious answer is ranov since Samantha Maxis is a woman, unless she got too stiff. You know, the two don't make sense, but we do know that in Cold War Zombies, it was revealed that Samantha had feelings for Dr. Gray, so Samantha and Dr. Gray had somewhat of a relationship.

Now, of course, the two still can't have a baby, and since Gray is AA's birth mother. Samantha can't be her birth father, which means the obvious answer is ranov, and Gray is AA's parents, and you can kind of tell by the way they act by how Revov puts his hands on AA's hands and says to her. Dr. John, and then corrects himself to AA, almost reminding herself that she is his child, not just his work colleague, why he hasn't revealed this to her.

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I don't know, there's obviously a good reason, and there would have also been a good reason why Gray gave her away in the first place and why they both did what they did, so that's the first big reveal that Gray and Ranov are her parents, but we also hear him talk about how Maxis sacrificed herself to save the world and how once she was trapped in the dark, they promised to find a way to rescue her, but they failed.

Now, how exactly did Ranov and I'm assuming Weaver Carver and Gray and Strauss plan to rescue Samantha? We don't know, but could it have something to do with what we see take place in the intro cut scene, where we have our characters lying dead around the table since they vowed to never let it happen again?

I'm assuming that it isn't the reason they are dead unless they attempt it again, but that's another thing we still haven't learned: why Weaver Strauss Gry and Carver were dead around this table with these ethereum vials in the middle? Could it have something to do with them attempting to save Maxis for a second time?

mw3 zombies cutscene

And the other big question that we're still left with in the story is: who is the entity? We've seen it a couple of times now in. I think, season one act 3, and we also saw it in the previous act to this one as well, the first time when the entity appeared out of a rift, pulled AA towards her, and then threw her back before disappearing.

RAVENOV is Hiding a SECRET! MW3 Zombies Easter Egg! Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Ending Cutscene Explained Act 4 Season 2.
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