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I hope you're doing great, and I do believe that old chubby cheeks himself. Phil Spence Renon has perhaps implemented some changes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 because the game in the last week or so has completely changed. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is definitely not a sweatfest right now, for at least last week or so, and playing multiplayer has been the most casual experience of having Call of Duty.

It reminded me of 10 years ago Call of Duty because I can get into lobbies on a regular basis, not just like one good game, and then I'm going to get punished for the next three or four and then get another good game. No. I'm talking back to back to back pretty easy lobbies—well, not easy, but like nons super sweat like just people playing Call of Duty, they aren't playing their ass off like it's a million dollars.

cod mw3 2023 multiplayer gameplay

Prize or like their family is going to be waterboarded if they don't happen to get a win, and I think that Phil Spencer. Has this turned around? I think Phil Spencer's Microsoft's acquisition has changed, or maybe the community is so upset and mad with the skill-based matchmaking. And I think they started off the game with super strict skill-based matchmaking to run it to see how it played out, and they backlash, and the anger from the Call of Duty Community has been so great that they've had to tune it back, tune it down, and put it back to what would be a more reasonable matchmaking system, or this now.

I don't know about you guys. Honestly, I'd like to know your perspective on it if, I mean, probably a lot of you have even played this game. I get that no one wanted to pay $70 for a Modern Warfare 3 DLC. Of Modern Warfare 2. Dig it; you guys are smart. I find war zones are always super sweaty, but that's the point I'm going to get to, which may we may, may.

we, we miss Maybe. Why is the actual multiplayer less sweaty? I just had that thought when I was making the beginning of this article, and I'm going to tell you why I think it's not just Phil Spencer coming in and changing things around, but you tell me when you're playing multiplayer, not War Zone.

cod mw3 multiplayer

Have you noticed fewer sweaty lobbies in the last week or so? Now there's a bunch of reasons as to why this may be I personally think that Sledgehammer Games is getting some kind of different information coming in about how their skill-based matchmaking is actually, for the first time, really hurting in the game, and they've had no choice but to dial back to try to make the game a little bit more playable and a little bit less sweaty and insufferable.

But there's a couple things here. First of all, it has been a free weekend and a free week, so perhaps there has been more of an influx of noobs. Because I said This Modern Warfare 3 didn't sell so well, they tried to make it sound like it sold a bunch of copies. When the new war zone dropped and the new war zone map came out, when the new movement system came out for the new war zone and they all migrated over to that, and also when the more casual dudes were left over to play actual multiplayer, that could be it.

cod mw3 multiplayer gameplay

My personal take is that, though that's Razer, Is that Phil Spencer watches my YouTube articles and has said that you know what? This guy knows what he's talking about; he's smart. I'm going to listen to him. His community is the best studmuffin Elite game in Call of Duty. You know the demographic that plays this game or has anything to do with Call of Duty, and I'm going to listen to them.

I'm going to make the game a little less strict and a little less sweaty. I want skill-based matchmaking to be at a 10. I want to bring it down to about a five or a six so that people can actually enjoy themselves without having to have an aneurysm just trying to get 10 kills. One thing I do want to say is that I want to get off my chest.

This bit of something that really is grinding my gears is ridiculous, so they got rid of the meat. I love meat. I love meat. I just love to eat meat. Put it in my mouth. All my orphans say meat, 247 playlists. They got rid of it, and they put rustman with rust and shipment. Rust is the most overrated map of all time.

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It was fun back in the day for 1V one-sniper battles when you were a dork and didn't know what you were doing. Shipment has been played since the original Call of Duty for 17 years, and then they're like, okay, we're going to add meat to this playlist, meet rust and shipment, and they get to vote on maps, and when a vote comes up between shipment and meat, always, these people select shipment.

How can you pick up a shipment of meat? is one of the best maps we have had that is new in the last five years—six maybe all time. It's one of the best small maps. It beats rust, it beats shipment, and it beats skid row. It is the most fun small map and best designed, chaotic short map that actually still has a little bit of running gun and a little bit of strategy involved, unlike [__].

We just run around like chickens with our heads cut off and blast people. You know, here's why I'm going to rank it right here. I'm going to rank it right here, but anyway, my point is that before I get into ranking that, sorry, I got ahead of myself again. It happens that's what she said. Boom dab on them, haters.

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The Call of Duty community is filled with morons. How are you going to pick up a shipment of meat? That was my point; it's just stupid, like meat is superior in every single way; it's new, but no, these guys want to play a shipment where it's just stupid and boring, ridiculous chaos where you don't even get to have any kind of fun.

Hey, I got a kill boom shot in the back. Some shot spawns behind me were blown up by someone using a rocket launcher. It's dumb, and you know what? I'm going to rank it right here. Here's the map. Here it is, one being the best, three being the worst. The best, obviously, is meat. What comes in second rust?

What comes in the last shipment? Shipment sucks; it is compound sand, no bueno, boring, dumb. 17 years of the same crap; I don't like it. I don't know. I guess people are grinding for camels or whatever, which isn't okay. Listen, I get a little bit of that. I do a little grinding for it, but dudes that go all out and finish all these camos, Man, I don't know what's wrong with you; I don't.

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