News - Pro Activision Shills Are Crying About Warzone 2


2019, it's just absolutely insane, guys. Call of Duty has gotten to the point now where even the bigger content creators are starting to get upset. I'm seeing them talking on Twitter mainly again, and that's the only reason I'm on Twitter, whatever you want to call it, just to see kind of what's going on in the Call of Duty landscape because Twitter Whatever you want to call it, it's just terrible.

It's full of absolute bells; you know what I'm talking about, guys. You just have to be a bit careful. So yeah, I'm always active on there again. If you want to follow me on there and just see what they might have, I talk on there. UAV, the bigger content creators, are starting to get a bit annoyed now because they're not getting views on the game, and they're kind of starting to Not so much doubt themselves, but they all hype this game up, and obviously the real people, like you know, a lot of people who watch my articles, a lot of people who just don't even watch YouTube, don't watch Twitch, the kind of casual player base, which again the skill based matchmaking in this game so I don't kind of understand maybe you know somebody who's viewing this article can kind of explain this to me in a way I well a way I can understand and other people can understand but the game's got skill-based matchmaking in it to make it more accessible for casuals.

cod mw3

Yeah, myself as a casual. I am a casual now. I wasn't five years ago; maybe five years ago, I was probably a top-5% Call of Duty player, but now I'm probably 50/50. I'm probably in the top 50% because I just can't be bothered to play the game anymore, and obviously skill-based matchmaking in all these algorithms doesn't really make me want to play the game.

I don't want to play the game. I literally go on to get footage to make a YouTube article. That's the only time I will go on Modern Warfare 3 now, honestly, straight up just to know that because I've tried making content when I'm talking about Modern Warfare 3 without Modern Warfare 3 gameplay in the background, it just doesn't work.

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I don't know if that's a view retention problem. I don't know if YouTube can actually tell that I've got a different game in the background, so it doesn't push it as much. Who knows you know, I'm never going to know that because YouTube isn't straightforward. You know, when they're telling us about how the algorithm works, obviously CU, then people would abuse it a bit, like skill-based matchmaking.

You know, we've got to the point now. The only people who are playing this game are the people who are going to play COD and nothing else. You know, all they are doing and talking about on social media is grinding camos. That is literally what Call of Duty is now; it's people bragging about grinding camos and doing all the challenges on social media and UAVs—nobody plays the game just to have fun.

Anymore, it's ridiculous the amount of stuff I see on Twitter now and again. Like I said, it's the only reason I'm on Twitter; otherwise, I wouldn't even know this. Myself is that they're just grinding the game because it's something to do, you know, lack of competition. Like I said, the finals have just come out.

cod mw3 multiplayer gameplay

Yes, I ripped into that game a couple of articles ago because the solo experience just isn't what it is, and I stand by that. However, the finals are a much better game from a gameplay point of view, and just about all the systems and everything now work better than Cod. You know this game, even though the bigger content creators say no, it's not; it's got too much content to be a remaster or a DLC.

Well, no, I kind of totally disagree with that. I think the general player base disagrees with that narrative from these streamers. A lot of people are upset because, ultimately, it's a 70-pound DLC. It feels pretty much like Modern Warfare 2; there's no real difference. You know what this game offers?

It's got a two and a half-hour, 3-hour campaign; it's got zombies, which, let's be real, I know a lot of people are enjoying, but I still think it's a downgrade on DMZ. I think it's a downgrade on round-base zombies as well, so that's not really content for me. You know the zombies are just DMZ; it's not new content; it's the same thing; it's a worse version of DMZ.

modern warfare 3

Let's put it that way, in my opinion. I know a lot of the zombies people are happy because they've actually got something to play, but DMZ was the only thing keeping me interested in Call of Duty, but obviously DMZ was taken away from the bread and butter of the war zone game mode, which I can't stand anymore, just like I can't stand multiplayer cuz it's too sweaty algorithms in the background.

Big YouTubers are complaining because they're not getting the viewing metrics they did before, even though they've all come out. Like, you know, the page shields what their Activision employee number is. blah blah, and you know they've all hyped this game up. Yeah, the viewer, well, the viewing public, In general, let's generalize this because I know there are people who like the game, but the majority are just bored of the same old game in Call of Duty.

modern warfare 3 gameplay

Duty doesn't matter how you package it, what you rename it, or how you rebrand it; however many anime skins you put into the game for the dweebs who you know for some reason like that you know there's grown men there's 30y old men on Twitter who are liking like that like what's wrong with you, you know 100%, not got a girlfriend boyfriend or whatever, it's absolutely insane guys, honestly.

I can't wait to have more anime skins in the game yet I'm near enough for a 40-year-old man. Are you kidding me? You know, that's kind of the way Call of Duty is going. It's ridiculous, but again, you know they'll sell loads of skins. I think it was a few years ago where they actually said the game's going to stay, the game's going to stay relevant to its time period, and then obviously when it pushes come to shove and all the investors want to make more money, they start putting anime skins and bunny rabbits in the game.

You know what I mean, guys; it's just straight up, but you know the only way this game actually looks fun now, and this will probably be the title of the article. Even though I've not started until the end of the article, there's a cheating epidemic in this game. It doesn't matter if it's VPN reverse boosting, whitelist straight-up hacking, cheating warax, or Aimbot when you see all these big streamers.

modern warfare 3 multiplayer

When you see these people getting 40 to 50 kills in a war zone game, you've got to ask yourself: Why are these people better than, like, Aade Shot at Call of Duty? How is it that some random 25-year-old streamer or whatever, within the space of 18 months, has gone from being a nobody to being one of the best war zone players the world has ever seen better than these esport.

So Modern Warfare 3 is a terrible video game which is already losing more players than ever before so now big youtubers and twitch streamers are crying about the lack of money they are making. BECOME A MEMBER to get access to perks.
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