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Mw3 season 1 reloaded update cancelled!

Mw3 season 1 reloaded update cancelled!

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to talk about a big portion of the Season 1 reloaded update actually getting cancelled and changed. DMZ coming back into the war zone, as well as many other topics that you definitely need to know about, so I'll have all the details covered in today's article.

Also, just a reminder, I did post a article covering yesterday's update, so if you want to know the patch notes, the weapon balance changes the new content that we received. A quick word from our sponsor, the messy modding store. It's a store that provides any and all Call of Duty services. They can even get you exclusive operators and bundles, such as the nuke operator.

They also unlock all the cosmetics in a legitimate way without using unlock tools or mods. Check out messy modding.

New tracer pack bundle store update

We got a brand new store update today that brought in a tracer pack, and this is called the Blighted Earth. This pack brings in two different weapons that will have tracer animations.

cod dmz

This pack is going to cost you $2, 000. Cod points No operator is available in this bundle, so it is a little bit more expensive. The first weapon blueprint is going to be called the BR for the FR 5.56. This will have a tracer impact and death effect. One is called Arbor, and the other is called Rebirth.

This is a showcase of what that animation will look like, and then the second weapon blueprint that we have is going to be for the Rival 9, and that one is called the Putrid. It does have an animation where it starts glowing and a skull appears within it. You get a brand new vehicle skin that comes in, and then you get a new loading screen, an emblem, a weapon sticker, and a weapon charm. Unfortunately i don't expect another bundle to be added within these next couple days because we have the mid-season update that's on Wednesday, and I believe the last bundle is the augmented human, which is that Tracer pack, and that's probably not going to be available until like around Monday or Tuesday, as the last operator bundle that's going to release before the mid-season update , but Call of Duty League is now back at it after the holiday break, and from this, you can actually get some rewards just by simply viewing it; they are currently live, as I'm recording this over on YouTube, and they will be throughout the weekend.

Free viewership rewards in mw3

Free viewership rewards in mw3

I believe they go live on Thursday. Friday. Saturdays, and Sundays every week, and you can get free XP for viewing it, so as long as you watch it every hour that you watch, you will get 30 minutes of XP, and then the second hour you watch, you'll get 30 minutes of double weapon XP, and this will keep repeating an unlimited number of times, and you can continuously rack up these XP tokens.

Make sure before you start watching, you head on over into your YouTube settings, click on that you go to Connected Apps, and you make sure you connect your Activision account and log into your main account to the YouTube account you're going to watch on. That way, you can get these viewership rewards added to your account later on, towards the end of this month, like the 25th.

That's when we're going to start seeing some actual rewards, such as weapon blueprints, calling cards, emblems, stickers, and much more. But for now, you can get these unlimited XP tokens, so be sure to take advantage of that. Speaking of the Call of Duty League, they have officially announced their Call of Duty Challengers Cup, so this is going to be a challenger season that they did sort of like with MW2.

New cod x little caesars promotion & reward

New cod x little caesars promotion & reward

Going on to , The next thing that we have is a collaboration going on with Lil Caesars and Call of Duty right now. They said it would start on January 2nd and go all the way until March 29th. All you have to do is buy a pizza or meal deal to support the endowment, and you get to unlock an in-game calling card for Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, and this is what it will look like.

The calling card that you will unlock also sends you to the official website, and it seems like it's not the standard Lil Caesars menu item, so for example, you get a hot and ready pizza that's like $6. I don't think that counts towards this calling card; you'll need to order meal kits, of which I believe the cheapest one is around 20 something dollars, so if you do eat at Lil Caesars often or if you order something similar to this, this might be something that you might be interested in, but just taking a look at some of these, it showcases the different prices and the different things that are available with it.

cod dmz back

That's the current promotion that we have.

Season 1 reloaded content removed

Going on, let's go ahead and talk about the major topic we got with today's article, which is a portion of the Season 1 reloaded update getting cancelled. One of the biggest pieces of content that we were expecting with this update was for War Zone, and the majority of it has been removed.

Raven has posted about it, and here's what they said: over the last few days, we've seen your feedback about the cover XFI feature and have decided not to launch it in the standard Battle Royale with the season 1 reloaded update next week. Originally, we were supposed to get this in the standard Battle Royale modes.

cod mw3 season 1 reloaded

This was going to be available at the buy-in station. There were going to be a maximum of five of them available at the buy station. And for a very high price, you would be able to buy this. This would call in an x-fill helicopter like we saw with DMZ. Throws down smoke, and you would be able to leave the match; it wouldn't necessarily count as a win, but it would definitely shake up the current system that we have with the war zone.

Maybe for the better, maybe for the worst. but with all the feedback they received it seems like it was negative and they decided to remove it but they ended up saying we believe that cover xfill and the gameplay Loop it provides, paired with the weapon case will make for an exciting addition to war zone that said we'll instead launch both of these new features, in an upcoming dedicated mode we're looking forward to the new challenges that these features will provide and to your continued feedback once the mode is available, so now what they are saying is that it's not going to be in Battle Royale but this will be in its own separate mode which is oddly familiar and that exact mode that we saw in Modern Warfare 2 it had a weapon case it had an opportunity to xfill.

MW3 SEASON 1 RELOADED UPDATE CANCELLED! DMZ Mode BACK, Content Removed MORE! - Modern Warfare 3.
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