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In today's article, we are going to be discussing something that I haven't seen discussed too much in the community, and even some of you guys and girls might have forgotten about what is in MW3. It was a fail with the carryover system that, of course, brought over all the calling guards, the emblem, and all that stuff, including the weapons with your skins that you bought.

I'm more talking about the weapons themselves; I'm not too bothered about the player cards, the cooling cards, and, of course, the skins. The skins being carried over into Modern Warfare 3 were a great thing. It meant that those who purchased certain bundles, or the things that they've grinded and earned, you know, through the battle pass, maybe challenges, etc., got to keep and use their skins in Modern Warfare 3.

We, of course, know Modern Warfare 3 was supposed to be Modern Warfare 2 years later, so we kind of expected this. In the end, this was kind of something that needed to happen because we kind of knew the leaks and details of what this game was supposed to be. Obviously, MW3 got released as its own new sort of game; it has MW2 maps in it for a star, along with the weapons.

Now that we have maps currently in the game that you can play, a lot of things got carried over basically, but the weapons are something I wanted to discuss today because I feel it was a big fail doing this, and why do I believe this? So as far as being able to have the skins for your guns, camos, and stuff, that's great, right? Those who ear, you know, went, and I can't remember what the camo was called for last year, but those who grounded like the Grand Master camo basically that game, you know, you got to keep your camo your hard work paid off you kept it for this game and I believe also you can use those with your MW3 weapons of course, so that makes it really cool.

Mw2 weapons in mw3 failed

Mw2 weapons in mw3 failed

However, this is the problem that I find, which is that in MW2, weapons are so underpowered; in MW3, there are some that sneak through and are somewhat viable, but for the most part, and I'd say like 90%, of Modern Warfare 2 weapons are completely and utterly useless. Now the reason I was to talk about this is because I feel like it was like, What was the point?

You know, it's almost like I get why they've done it this way. I understand the kind of sales technique behind this and that, which is, you know, people playing war zone who have the MW2 weapons; obviously, they can use the MW3 weapons as well in war zone, but having a copy of MW3 to level up the best weapons, which are all from MW3, is going to be what they're trying to promote here.


They want you to go and buy MW3, to level up all your Modern Warfare 3 weapons, and use those weapons, because if the guns were just as good for Modern Warfare 2, you'd be buying Modern Warfare 2 or you'd be keeping playing Modern Warfare 2, and they obviously want you to upgrade and play Modern Warfare 3 and buy the new, you know.

Season Pass every time, etc. Get the cool new weapons that come in that as well that are typically overpowered at the start of the season, then they eventually get nerfed, like at the moment I see a lot of BP 50s, and I'm not sure whether that gun's overpowered or not, but you get the point, though MW3 weapons are vastly superior.

Two modern warfare weapons. You know, but the D damage—bullets, stff, fire, and all that sort of stuff—you know it—has changed how those weapons behave, and the model 2 weapons are just so, unbelievably, useless. It was almost like, What was the point? I'd rather the game didn't have them in the end, and I know it's going to sound controversial because there are probably some of you—a very small amount of you.

cod mw3

I imagine—who do actually use the mod Warfare 2 weapons. But I think half of it was kind of a showcase, and it was a good tester, right? Obviously, this is a kind of first for Call of Duty to have guns come from another game that weren't just, you know. Season Pass, like, you know, sort of like revivals of classics like when in Black Ops games when they go, ah, here's the Famas, from Black Ops 1 here in Black Ops 4 or something obviously that didn't happen, but you get the point right, they do that by bringing back the ACR or some sort of ACR in like MW 2019.

They bring back classic weapons because it's fun and people love it. This was kind of a taster, wasn't it? into seeing whether or not this would actually work in a full release. Game: bringing weapons from the previous game again, which was only done realistically because this gun This game was Modern Warfare 2 year 2; we know Modern Warfare 3.

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As it is now, it was supposed to be Modern Warfare 2, with the maps that it got to launch, which were, of course, you know, all that stuff and all the classic Modern Warfare 2 maps. It did come with its own zombie mode, though, which was really cool, whether or not that was something that was meant to be coming.

With year 2, Modern Warfare 2 would also have been interesting to know. I guess we'll never know now, but yeah, there was a cool, you know, a few things to that. I'm not going to discuss whether MW3 is worth it or not now because, as you know, I feel like everyone's got their own mindset on that.

Now, it's either you do or you don't. I personally feel it is worth it, but yeah, the model for weapons, how can this be fixed? It is quite simple, to be honest, which is that the developers just need to buff the weapons. I think at this point in the game's life cycle, in the war zone's life cycle as well, we do have to take into account war zone cuz, of course, weapon buffs and Earth do affect war zone, with modare 2 weapons if they choose to nerf them and buff them there.

modern warfare 2 weapons

I mean, realistically, I'd like them to be more usable in multiplayer, not overpowered in any way shape or form. But at the same time, I do think it's also a player-based thing, which is again. I don't know if you guys feel like it when you play a game for so long—a whole year, a year and a half—of Modern Warfare 2, and let's be honest.

Modern Warfare 2. I know some of you might say that the game wasn't a great one; it wasn't very fun and used Modern Warfare 2 weapons, which isn't exactly going to be a great reminder. You know, again, I haven't really used them in this game at all. I might have picked one up by chance, you know, in the first month or so.

You did have those people who were like, you know, trying to do something that I thought was going to be the big issue at the start of the game, which was obviously Modern Warfare 2: the TAC 56, the VASF—all these guns were the best meta guns. And for the first month of Modern Warfare 3, you did see people using the T56 and fast here or there, not a lot because you know a lot of people did get the game and you know want to actually use the new stuff, but those guns, obviously.

MW2 Weapons Need HUGE Buffs In MW3! Hope u enjoyed today's video discussing why I think the mw3 carry over system for mw2 weapons is a massive fail currently with next to no one currently using the mw2 weapons in mw3 and what can be done to fix modern warfare 2 weapons in modern warfare 3 and make them more usable and viable compared to the mw3 meta weapons and meta warzone 3 weapons.
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