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Back at it with the brand new Modern Warfare 3 article here guys, and this article is how to get all your long shots with all your weapons to complete all your camo challenges, and thank God in this game you do not have to get long shots for all weapons like the last game, you only have to get long shots for four specific weapons.

The retti The sidewinder is the hoger (556), and the striker is 9 before I pretty much show you the best maps to play on to get your long shots. Let me just break down the distance of a long shot. For pistols, a long shot at least has to be 20 m; for SMGs, the long shot has to be 30 m; and for assault rifles and battle rifles, it has to be 40 m.

That's about it, guys, for all those categories. And thank God we do not have to get long shots for all of our weapons because that took a hot minute last game, but guys. I'm pretty much going to be showing you every single thing I did to get my long shot. So first off, guys, the first thing before anything is that you have to play hardcore to get these long shots.

modern warfare 3 camo challenges

I'm showing you a series of clips right here of me getting my long shots, guys, and showing you the specific distance that you need to get these long shots with your pistols, battle rifles. ARs, and also SMGs. You will enjoy these clips. I'll be showing you some classes to use to get your challenges done too, and the same classes that I used are: friendly, on, losing, and hostile eliminated.

First off, guys, let me show you the pistol that you can use to get your long shots. You can use this renetti class right here; it's really perfect to just spray down lanes and hit everyone down lanes. Second gun to use here, guys. You can use this to hold your 556, Class; this is perfect to get your long shots, as you can see here.

I didn't really get my long shots because I completed all my Forge challenges already, and overall I already have Interstellar and Lock, so I couldn't even work on this challenge, and pretty much I couldn't work on this challenge because the first challenge was like glitched out; it was fully glitched, and I couldn't even work on it, so I skipped this gun.

modern warfare 3 longshots

The side-winder class that I used is right here, guys. This is perfect down the lanes, as you saw me spraying out within those articles, and last is the striker 9 class. This is also perfect, as you saw what I sprayed out in that article. This will hit them down. No problem, guys. This is the fastest way to get your long shots done to complete all your camo challenges for the four categories.

The battle rifles, the assault rifles, the SMGs, and also your pistols. If you just follow this method that I told you, you should have no problem. We'll be breaking down every single thing in Modern Warfare 3.

This Video Is On How To Get Longshots With All Weapons For All Camo Challenges In MW3, The Only Guns You Have To Get Longshots For Is The Renetti, Sidewinder, Holger 556, Striker 9.
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