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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about the free trial for MW3 season 2, the new weekly challenges, and some other surprise changes. Drop a like, and also, as a reminder, we have plenty of brand new content going up over on Detonated Docomo. As you guys could probably notice, I'm losing my voice.

Yesterday was enormous in terms of season 2 marketing and season 2 coverage. It was a lot of fun on stream with you guys breaking everything down. I posted several articles as of last night, and I have even more for you guys on the way. Over the next few hours, today should be a triple upload as well.

We're going to be talking more about season 2 bundles and more Easter eggs for Fortune.

S2 reloaded & season 3 release dates

S2 reloaded & season 3 release dates

Keep later today, But As a quick FYI, it's officially confirmed now, thanks to the in-game battle pass timers, that March 6th is going to be the midseason update for MW3. And even in War Zone, we're getting a very normal-length season this time around; even though season 1 wasn't that long, it just felt the way because of the holiday break and the fact that the season 1 update ended up dropping earlier than we all thought it was going to, but season 3 should end up dropping on April 2nd.

Unless there are any delays, I'm sure there won't be, and then we should be seeing a pretty reasonably long season with a bunch of content spread out over the next eight or so weeks. I have high confidence that every week will feel like a bit of a refresh for MW3 and War Zone.

New season 2 cutscene revealed␦


But as you guys probably saw or maybe you didn't, there is a season 2 intro cinematic cut scene that is supposed to play every time you boot up the game for the first time following the installation of a new title update, such as a brand new season, and this intro cinematic doesn't really give us much; it's ghost narrating all the new content for the second season, and it applies to just multiplayer.

Really, there isn't really any mention of Fortune's Keep or War Zone anything for zombies. It's really a multiplayer Centric and black cell Centric intro cinematic cutscene, which is a bit odd, but if they're following what they did last year with Modern Warfare 2, then that means the first two seasons.

We have these kinds of filler intro cinematics, which don't really give us much, but then from season 3 to at least five or season six, we end up getting actual post-launch cinematics, which progressed. The narrative that was left off at the end of The Game's campaign I know people are frustrated with the fact that Cold War flawlessly did a post-launch story that beautifully picked up where the campaign left off and did six amazing cutscenes, kind of setting up what is likely to be Black Ops 2024.

Hopefully we get an actual story with the next season of cinematic I'm just surprised that season 2's intro wasn't even based on Fortune's Keep, or maybe it could have even shown Rick Grimes, but no, it was about Ghost and Multiplayer, which I really just didn't expect. Now before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {517}, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3.

These guys do not use unlock tools or any other common methods and will actually help you play the game. Mitch Cactus is also supported by Trust Pilot, with over 10,000 fight reviews. You can use Dynamite for a limited time to save 5% off your order.

Well. i wasnt in that tunnel

Well. i wasnt in that tunnel

fortunes keep ranked rewards

Now speaking of Task Force 1 14 one I wanted to mention soap real quickly since as you guys are probably aware a new skin for soap did release with the season 2 black cell bundle and for those that are like wait how are we getting more skins for soap when he died in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, well there's actually a little description on the black cell soap skin which does say and I quote well I wasn't in that tunnel and that's a reference to a now popular meme that's associated with graves's return, and Graves obviously came back during the shadow Siege opening cut scene in Modern Warfare 2, and within that cuts scene Graves is like well I wasn't in that tank when Alex and far end up questioning how he was still alive, so with that Meme it looks like they're doing something similar with soap here even though I don't think this is referring to the fact that soap is still alive he's not it's just a nice plan words to kind of hit at the fact that yeah although his character is dead they're still going to be releasing skins for his character, over the course of 2024.

Play mw3 season 2 for free this weekend

Now, just like , as we see with every new season of Call of Duty, a free trial is set to release, and this time around season 2, the free trial is going to be at the very beginning of the season, and it actually begins later today, so from February 8th until February 12th, there will be a really extensive free trial for nearly all of Modern Warfare 3.

modern warfare 3

So in regards to multiplayer, you're going to get access to nine different maps—we're talking high-rise rust meat shipment. Stash House, a brand new one, is part of season 2, and we also have Termino Rio, a brand new map that just came out with season one reloaded, Karachi, and even Scrapyard. Now on those maps, you can play the following five game modes: Team Deathmatch hardpoint domination kill confirmed an even team gun game a new mode that also just came out with the start of the second season but for those wondering what about zombies yes the full mwz, experience will be available with the season 2 free trial meaning you can hop in play ekhan do all your act missions do side Easter eggs and even enter the dark ether to unlock even more schematic so it's a pretty extensive free trial for those out there that don't own the game maybe only play war zone and this free trial should be going live, as of right now when I'm posting this article in the next you know 2ish hours I think no later than 10 a. M pacific which is 12:00 Central and 1:00 Eastern, for those out there that downloaded season 2 already I do believe the way it's supposed to work is that right when the free trial begins and if you have war zone installed you should be able to jump right into, the free access part of multiplayer, but at the very most if the free trial hasn't already been bundled with the 22 GB season 2 update then there should be a smaller update going live later today which really won't be that big in terms of file size which will contain the limited access to multiplayer, and even zombies Now, when do we get the specific file size for the season 2 trial?.

Download not working? what to do!

Download not working? what to do!

But like I said, it's also possible that yesterday's bigger update already includes this trial. Now, something I also want to mention considering what happened with season 1's free trial is that, for whatever reason, the free trial doesn't become instantly available when it's supposed to today at around 11:00.

THE MW3 SEASON 2 FREE TO PLAY DOWNLOAD Full Multiplayer Zombies Access.
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