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Welcome back to a brand new article. I hope you guys are having a great New Year's. With the start of a brand new year, you're probably wondering what type of content and what type of updates we're going to be seeing in Modern Warfare 3. This will be a very big year for Call of Duty, with so many different updates lined up and so many events coming in.

There's also a very popular map making its way back into the game. I'm going to cover all that probably in tomorrow's article, but today I want to talk about the next big update for 2024. Is there going to be content to expect now before we even start talking about the future, and what's going to come months down the line before we get into today's topic?

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cod 2024 update

With today's store update, we actually got two new items that were added, the first being The Horseman, the operator bundle, which is an ultr skin, and a tracer pack. This will cost you $2400. Cod Points will feature the horse operator skin for Swagger. This is what it looks like: Included with this bundle is the Demonic Call for the Bass B, which will have Tracer rounds, and these are the Tracer effects being showcased.

Unfortunately, this is the only weapon blueprint that is included in this bundle, so there aren't usually around two to three that are added, but this time it's only one. They're charging you 2400 Cod points. The rest of the bundle will consist of things like calling cards, weapon charms, emblems, and a loading screen, but that ended up sparking a big debate over on Twitter because a very similar bundle to this came out during Call of Duty: Vanguard, and it cost the same amount, which was $1,999.

cod modern warfare 3

USD, or $2400. Cod points but this bundle actually included a little bit more, so you ended up getting a brand new operator skin. You ended up getting three different weapon blueprints, one for an SMG and one for an SMG one for a melee weapon. You also got a brand new operator finishing move, a highlight intro, an emblem calling car charm, and a spray for the same exact price, and on top of that, the operator was an ultra skin.

The weapon blueprint did have Trac around, so it was the same exact thing that we have right now except there was a lot more content involved and it cost the same amount, so that raises the question: are these Call of Duty bundles starting to get way too expensive? This is the first time we consistently saw operator bundles costing $2,800.

Cod points We have, I believe, three right now, where you have the anime bundle, you have the zombies ethereum Ultra skin, and then you also have the Mastercraft bundle with Doc. Those are all going to be 2,800. Cod points And that's from only one update anyway. This is a free gift that you can claim in the store right now.

cod mw3 content update

It usually lasts around a couple days before ending up being replaced by something else, so make sure to redeem that anyway. Let's talk about the brand new update that we are going to be getting this week. This Wednesday, January 3rd, is going to be the next update that we will get. We haven't gotten any brand new content for a couple weeks now, mainly because the Call of Duty developers were off for their holiday break, and now that they are returning, this is when they're going to start pushing out these updates.

Many of these updates are going to consist of bug fixes, so for example, there's many glitches in the game. As of right now, there's actually a new movement mechanic that allows you to run as fast as the Flash, and people are taking advantage of it in zombies as well as in war zones, and it's pretty overpowered.

I mean you if someone if you see someone running like this, you'll automatically assume that they are a hacker. So it is something that could get player Shadow banned or completely banned for taking advantage of this, but something like this and other different glitches that are currently going on in the game are probably going to end up getting fixed this Wednesday.

cod mw3 patch

I know many of you guys can't even see the event tab, so hopefully we might get this brand new update fixed, and then you also have the aftermarket parts you're currently not able to equip; that's a known issue as well, so that's probably going to end up being fixed. At the same time, you can also expect some weapon balance adjustments and changes.

Maybe there's a couple weapons that are too overpowered that need to be tuned down, or maybe there's weapons that people just aren't using at all that they need to buff. You also can't forget about the snake-shot ammunition. As well as the Melstrom Dual Trigger, those were disabled, so whenever you put them on and you jump in the game, the attachment would actually be disabled, and you wouldn't be able to use it, so they still haven't fixed that yet, and they'll probably end up doing that with the next big update.

cod mw3 update

Not to mention, we are receiving a big event this upcoming Wednesday, and that's going to be the Vortex LTM. I have already covered the details multiple times in multiple articles, but the major thing that you need to know is that this is going to be a brand new event that's going to be added to the game along with a brand new playlist update.

There's going to be a ray gun added to multiplayer with different map variations. Think of it like the holiday event that we have, where it updated and added two different map variables for shipment as well as highrise, and then it added a different unique playlist for that LTM. And then the event tab got updated with the challenges and the rewards that you're able to grind out for.

first new year update mw3

It's going to be the same exact way here, depending on how much time they have. If they do plan on adding an actual update, there may be a download required, and that will include the patch notes. The weapon balance changes all the details I talked about earlier. If not, you can expect a small playlist update where all you have to do is load up the game; it'll say the app requires a restart, and then the playlist, the modes, and the content will all be added and available, so there's definitely new content to expect with this brand new event that's going to be added to the game after this event is over.

The continuous updates are going to come in. We have brand new events that are going to take place every couple weeks. We saw all these different camos that were revealed, and I'll go ahead and showcase just some short clips of all these different camos that are not tied to any operator bundles, as we saw from the preseason of MW3.

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