News - New Warzone 2 Content Update, Patch Notes & Season 2 Dlc Leaks Revealed



A new MW3 update just went live. Let's break down the patch notes that get us ready for the reloaded update content in the game right now and much more. Be sure to drop a like on the article.


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New updates live in mw3 right now

Quickly, for playlist updates, here we have Hardcore Quickplay Rustman. 24/7, All or Nothing Returns The war check is still here. 10V/10M pit War Mode Gunfight, Cutthroat Ground War, and Invasion are pretty standard playlists.

Here, and for our new store update, we finally have the Royal Flush Bundle. Now in the store, it comes with a by-line cash flow operator skin, which looks pretty solid in this preview. Here, we have some more stuff. Two weapon blueprints, one for the DG58 LSW, No tracers, but the camo is solid; another for the DG 56 as well.

Not a bad look, but no tracer kind of stinks here. Zombies acquisition: Napal burst ammo mod. I don't know about that, but it is what it is: a con card, a large queen decal, and an emblem as well. So again, you're mostly buying this for the operator skin.

All new modern warfare 3 multiplayer patch notes & updates

All new modern warfare 3 multiplayer patch notes & updates

But now for the patch notes here, these are fairly important. Some good changes here for multiplayer, uix. Bug fixes adjusted several attachment descriptions to better reflect their true effects. Resolving issues causing the player to be unexpectedly kicked back to the multiplayer menu in multiple scenarios, viewing the after-action report, equipping a conversion kit on a blueprint, and utilizingmment filters address an issue causing the incorrect weapon model to appear while selecting a blueprint in the gunsmith for gameplay updates.

Weapon check animations will no longer play upon respawn in the small map playlist, and that change already went live on January 4th. For progression updates, click here. Corrected unlock requirements displayed for the throwing star equipment; corrected unlock requirements displayed for multiple attachments, including the Ravage 10 Stock The Rival 9 compensator muzzle resolved a spelling mistake in the King Slayer Kills Challenge.

modern warfare 3

Kills bonus challenge completions will no longer appear as challenge names missing in the notifications tray for a bunch of MP map changes here with Afghan first added additional spawn points to increase the quality of spawn selection in TDM and domination. That's interesting the invasion increased operator lighting to address poor visibility in certain areas and adjusted spawns to prevent unnecessary spawn flips while the bus station captured Point P3 is active in hardpoint for meat-adjusted spawns to prevent players in the garage from killing enemies upon respawn.

Rust increased consistency of quality spawn selection spard, players can no longer become stuck upon respawning in storage terminal-adjusted spawn points near security to prevent unfavorable spawn conditions in TDM and domination for modes, and Gun Game removed a placeholder image found in the stats tab of the scoreboard.

Operation spearhead War Loadout drop field upgrade will no longer destroy the tank and cause a stalemate. For weapons and attachment updates, click here. SMGs the amr9, Once unlocked, the Jack Edin double barrel kit attachment can now be equipped, and the WP9-compatible hybrid optic attachments can no longer be equipped for handguns.

the tyr, Once unlocked, the Jack Beholder rifle kit detachment can now be equipped, which is finally officially fixed for equipment. Mine tactically reduced explosive damage to one to prevent lethality in hardcore modes. Note that this change does not apply to core modes. F kill streaks here, remote turet; positioning the T will no longer cause it to become more vulnerable to incoming damage than intended for customization here.

All new modern warfare 3 zombies patch notes & updates

All new modern warfare 3 zombies patch notes & updates

Improved white accent color coverage of the Atlanta phase 2024, camo now for zombies changes here for weapons The Ether Blade first addressed an issue where players would lose their ether blade if it was thrown at or hit by a harvester orb, which closed a duplication exploit associated with ammo caches.

That's interesting; gameplay changes Weekly challenges for week four address an issue that prevented the destruction of five vehicles with a recommended weapon. Challenges from tracking General address an issue where the maximum reserve ammo for some weapons was inconsistent between the ukan and the dark Rift uix.

Weapons addressed an issue that prevented the gutter knife from appearing correctly in the weapon select menu; progression changes here for camos. MW2 completionist Camos addressed an issue where some players were unable to progress. MW2 weapon camo challenges after the MW3, season 1 update, and stability added various crash and stability fixes, and for zombies overall, hopefully they also fixed a bunch of the issues to which we talked before in previous articles.

You would use a bundle weapon and an operator skin, no matter what it was, because the bundle just wouldn't work properly in zombies and also when you would fill. Sometimes you would just lose; your exfilled items don't matter what they were; you would go back to the main menu and you would have one less item, so hopefully that is also fixed very soon, or maybe they did fix it in this update now for war zone changes here.

All new warzone patch notes & updates

All new warzone patch notes & updates

Global bug fixes fix an issue preventing CDL team bundles from unlocking properly when purchased from the store.

fix an issue causing event progress to not track properly on the front-end menu fixed an issue preventing emblems from being awarded properly for prestige level progress fixed an issue causing some soap operator skins to not have appropriate menu imagery and text for war zone weapon changes here. weapon adjustments Please note that additional weapon adjustments will be going live with the season 1 reloaded update, which is going to be released next week on January 17th.

Of course, sniper rifles include the MTZ Interceptor. Max damage was reduced to 85, down from 95, and min damage was reduced to 78, down from 84, but based on what people are saying on Twitter, the MTZ is still super overpowered. Ammunition, snake shot This attachment will be re-enabled with the scheduled playlist update live right now.


Damage propell it at max range reduced to 12 down from 34. For a bunch of additional bug fixes, here are more fixes. Collision issues with various elements across Ekan: Allowing players to exploit Peak and shoot through them makes an issue of allowing players to duplicate loadout drop markers. fix an issue causing the Dead Silence icon to unintendedly appear in the killcam.

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