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This is DK Dynamite 4. Some breaking news here for you guys tonight as to what's going on with everybody's accounts over in Call of Duty for those out there that were panicking today because their progression got wiped, game modes were inaccessible, and features had been disabled. But as you guys are aware and as we discussed on the Bomb Show podcast earlier today, everything broke in Call of Duty on Friday, February 23rd.

All servers for MW3 and Wars One went down. It's also Ed Modern Warfare 2, and I believe a couple of older Call of Duty titles as well. All progression got reset, customization got reset, classes got reset, and skill-based matchmaking wasn't working for those that were still able to play matches of War Zone or even MP.

People noticed it because their progression on their accounts had been reset; the game wasn't matching them up with other players they normally would get matched up with now, as we talked about before thanks to an exclusive thanks to an exclusive scoop. Excuse me according to Activision, the matchmaking process in Call of Duty isn't just based on skill; it's about connection time to match, platform, voice chat input, recent Maps modes, playlist diversity, etc.

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It's about a little bit more than skill but skill still plays a role and because this one component got disabled today or broke with all the servers that went down matchmaking was all over the place so we could have all crossed our fingers that when things got restored for Call of Duty they would have forgot to turn back on spmm but it's just not that simple that's not how it works but about 10 hours after the server issues occurred, people noticed that player progression got restored they were able to jump back into matches on all platforms, but there was no XP gain and other issues were being discovered with Modern Warfare 3 in war zone so clearly it was an issue that was more severe than we all could have anticipated.

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I mean, I don't know what happened this week with the world, but something really hit Call of Duty hard today, and I know you guys are probably thinking of a triple-A game; it's unacceptable. What happened listen, stuff like this happens every now and again. I know for a game we paid money for, we're going to be obsessive about issues like this, but never has it happened ever in Call of Duty history where people out there got their accounts re-set for this franchise, whether that means their level, whether it means their classes, whether it means their bundle Locker being disabled for the day, or whether it means they bought the battle pass and they can't see it or can't progress.

It has never happened where it wasn't fixed within a number of hours, right? Everything always gets restored. If this wasn't an AAA title, if it wasn't Call of Duty with millions and millions of players, then there could have been a reason to be concerned where you're like, maybe I won't get my stuff back, maybe things won't get restored the way that I remember.

It's Call of Duty though, and right now, never has it happened where people got completely scammed or robbed while playing this game, so I just want to reassure everybody that if you lose anything or things look weird, everything will be reversed relatively quickly and you'll get everything back, as you probably saw yesterday on Thursday, but as of now, it looks like everything has been restored in terms of game modes and player progression.

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Call of Duty updates did provide some more information over on their Twitter, and they're tweeting every now and again, which is awesome for transparency, but there's still an issue with controlling the cruise missile after deploying. I'm not sure what happened there, but we can check the trellis board.

Additional fixes are being worked on right now, but the progression tracking fix has rolled out across all platforms. In addition, players will now receive double skulls in the Horde hunt collection event, and double XP weekend has been extended until 8 a.m. on Tuesday. February 7th, so that's awesome because what are the odds that when everything broke today we just got the release of an XP event, so you should be getting double player level weapon level and battle pass XP progression?

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For even the crypted boot camp event and certainly for the mimic collection for Hord Hun, luckily things are being restored to what they were and are being improved on top of that. Usually Call of Duty rewards us with something whenever servers go down, so we have to be thankful for their quick transparency in terms of what has been going on, but yeah, it's looking like Call of Duty is up and running right now for those wondering what's going on with Champions Quest.

What about ranked play? We'll take a look at that in a second, but yeah, the bundle shop should be working. People are making jokes that, yeah, even though servers went down today, they still released a new bundle in the item shop, which is hilarious. I mean, the bundle shop wasn't affected by coincidence, but actual servers were, so take that as you may, but multiplayer looks like it's good to go ranked play.

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I believe; it looks like you can go ahead and deploy there even when I'm uploading this article. If rank play isn't working for you guys, restart your game and restart your platform. Considering that progression has been restored on people's accounts and other modes are working, rank play will be back up shortly, as will Champions Quest over in War Zone, so all that should be good, but again, just take precaution.

For the sake of just keeping the integrity of the experience, good to go so nobody out there is getting lucky with you, Sr., or free wins. Modern Warfare zombies were also down today. So for those out there who were like, Hey, I can't even play zombies, yeah, for the first time ever, I think for this game.

I mean, typically we see issues for multiplayer or war zones, but this time around, zombies were broken, which is absolutely insane, so luckily you can hop back into that. Now that people out there have been tweeting that they've been jumping back into matches, progression is working. But today was one of those Fridays where it's like that.


Just go out, touch some grass, do something else, play another game, and wait for Call of Duty to be restored over the weekend. Everything will be fine, so it's looking like everything's okay, which is awesome to hear, but also something I forgot to mention in a article that I posted earlier this morning because I got a bit sidetracked with all these servers that went down.

Pretty cool information here about War Zone Mobile, so we have a new teaser site that has gone up, teasing that the release date is going to be revealed relatively soon. I mean, in the Cod blog, it's mentioned that Wars Mobile's rolling out; at some point in early spring, I mean, that could still account for season two.

BREAKING MW3 Accounts Restored, NEW Event Update 2XP Extended Ranked Play, Progression SBMM.
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