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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about the brand new Dune Rule of Fate event plus some additional rewards that you might not have known about for season 2 reloaded. I'm really proud of my team for covering absolutely everything, with the launch of our mid season 2 update got all fortunes keep Easter eggs rounded up into a single article and by doing all seven of those you'll get a brand new Mastery blueprint for the S SOA subverter, it's actually a nice looking skin for our brand new battle rifle but we also got plenty of coverage for zombies as you can see got loadouts how to get into the second dark ether Rift, zombie loadouts patch notes and of course even more as you can see here with our Dune rule of Fate event there's been so much to cover over the last 24 hours and honestly the job's not finished I got a little bit more still want to do before I head to bed but I got plenty of articles also coming up for you guys over the next couple of days sincerely appreciate all the support on my recent content but when it comes to our new playlist in MW3 multiplayer as you can see the smallmap.

New playlists in s2 reloaded

New playlists in s2 reloaded

M pit is back, and we have ship Miss, which has replaced the MW2. Version of shipment permanently confirmed by a sledgehammer; we also have DOS House 247. Our reimagining of that Vanguard map bounty has been added; that's a mode they got introduced to. I believe in Modern Warfare 2019. They actually play it on a number of different maps.

You'll see some nice gameplay of that in an upcoming article game, War Molde, still in the 12 vs. 12 MOS pit. Cutthroat gunfights, ground war, and even invasion There will obviously be even more playlists added in as of next week, but I covered.

The jak burnout amp is broken

Something really interesting in my recent classified battle pass sector article when going through these challenges was that, for whatever reason, while recording that amp, it did have a little label next to it saying that it wasn't yet available inside of Modern Warfare 3.


Not sure what was going on with that, but the Jack burnout kit has now been added to MW3 in the war zone, so for whatever reason there was a delay from the start of the midseason until I think it was 3:400 p.m. Central when they finally added this bad boy into the game, but ladies and gentlemen I've heard a lot of different things about the brand new Hogar 26.

After the market part, this is the Jack Burnout Kit, which I personally believe has one of the craziest levels of recoil that we've ever seen. Just check this out. This thing's ridiculous. Look at that. That absolutely no accuracy whatsoever is pretty crazy to have. Le 60, rounds, off the rip—I mean, this thing is really cool-looking; I mean, I think it catches on fire; that's how hot it gets, hence the name, But.

Up close, this will definitely do you some good, but long-range It's not going to be your friend unless you're playing hardcore. Yeah, just look at that. Look at that spray. My God, so for those that were a bit confused with my recent article about the classified battle pass seor challenges, for whatever reason there was a bit of a delay with the release of the classified sector with the launch of this specific amp, but yeah, there's some really cool amps that have already been released in this game, with many more on the way now.

While on the topic of the Dune Part 2 collaboration with Moder Warfare 3, I just want to mention there is the brand new Harinen Tracer pack, which has gone live for 2400. Cod points again, if bundles aren't your thing. I totally respect that this is just a part of the news for those who are interested.

I just want to go ahead and cover that because, as you can see at the bottom left corner, there is a Dune collection reward. This is one of the first types of offerings like this inside of MW3. So if you guys go ahead and purchase both the Pait Treaties bundle as well as the new Hekken and Tracer packs, you will receive a third skin for free that you can see right here.

So with this other Paul skin, which got leaked out a couple of weeks ago, there was speculation that maybe it would have been a free unlock for doing an event. We don't live in a perfect world, hence why that didn't end up being the case, so you do have to buy two bundles to get this third skin, similar to what we saw for raids last year in mod Warfare 2, where if you beat a raid and botom bundle you would get a third skin for free, which was wild, but in this Harkin and bundle you can get an operator skin for Riptide, and you also get a blueprint there for the hoger 556.

And this does have spice tracers; you also get an underbarrel flamethrower. We also see a cat AMR blueprint, and with those spice tracers, let's take a look at those tracers real quick just to get a nice preview of that. Hopefully, that little bundle overhaul releases soon, where you can actually.

Pick up the blueprints for yourselves in the firing range, even if you don't own the bundle. That would be pretty cool. Overall, nice traces also have a blueprint there for the new Soul render melee weapon. For those who don't want to do the classified sector challenge to get it, you can just buy this bundle and get instant access to the new sword.

We also have the oppressor, an animated calling card, and a large decal.

All dune rule of fate xp event rewards

All dune rule of fate xp event rewards

A charm and even an emblem, but folks When it comes to our brand new XP-focused event, this will only last another 6 days at the time of uploading this article. This is a cool little crossover event to kick off the launch of season 2 reloaded, so as you can see here, there are plenty of cool dune-themed rewards.

As a part of this new crossover, if you run the harken in the Hunter Riptide skin that we just went over, you will get a 2500. XP boost per match. You don't need the skin for the event, but if you guys want to get through everything a little bit faster, then that will definitely help you just a tad bit, but you can play any game mod of your choice.

There aren't any actual challenges you have to do in any of the modes, but as you can see, we have the emperor's arrival weapon sticker, and we then have a double XP token, the Ocean of Sand weapon sticker, followed by a double-weapon XP token; it's consumable. We have the ceremonies and the blade weapon charm.

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And then we have the Imperial tent weapon sticker, followed by the house Corino emblem.

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