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Yo yo, yo what is going on ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another war zone mobile article and today we've got some news for you because there's been some updates in the last 7 Days in fact there's been two major updates and we're going to be covering them in today's article so drop a like subscribe and without further Ado let's hop straight into it so if you haven't watched my previous article I highly recommend that you do so because I did mention a topic about streaming, textures into the game and instead of actually streaming textures into the game they should have a menu just like Call of Duty mobile where you can just actually just download the textures yourself manually which would result in better texture performance in game you don't need to like have good internet to stream the textures in it would fix, a ton of issues Now that being said, there's a reason I'm explaining that to you, because anyway, on the 9th of this month, they actually released an update, and as follows, this is what they actually changed, so they've reduced the overall memory usage for Android to elevate crashes.

They fixed graphics corruption, which caused misses and textures on Android devices with the adrenal gpus. On certain devices, with the I believe this is the Mali. GPU chip, they fixed a bug where players would get stuck at the finalizing, install, and stage. They also fixed a bug with the streaming indicated that would persist on the main menu and would cause graphical corruption in the adrenal 660 730.


Mali g7a, and the Apple 4 core gpus. That's a lot of fixes. I'm not going to lie they also fixed a bug where purple UI images would appear in game so certain textures would just be like a purple pink color we've all seen them it happened it happened quite a lot but they fixed that as well and they've also fixed lag spikes on devices with the adrenal 650 gpus when rotating the camera and they fixed the bug with the weapons and attachments would be locked, now that was a huge W because I have no idea how this bug even happened and it was super annoying it stopped us from actually playing the game because we would could only play with default weapons or with the previous SE seon weapons which it wasn't really that fair and but anyways the Survivor perk has also been replaced with high alert for the support perk package they fixed the bug where input would be lost.

After exiting the loadout drop build upgrade menu with a controller, there's some controller fixes; they also fixed a bug with the UAV Towers in Rebirth Island that would sometimes not appear, and also a bug where XP tokens were unlocked incorrectly. General fixes, then they got various UI bug fixes and improvements.

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They don't explain exactly, but anyway, they fixed the bug where controllers would stop working. After exiting the loadout drop-down upgrade menu as well, another control upgrade. Now that was their fourth update, and that was on the 9th, like I said to you, so it was like early on in the week. Well, last week, should I say, but they've actually just released another update last night, and a lot of people are saying that the game is actually running so much more stable again, just like it did in the soft launch.

But anyway, this is what they've done. They made various adjustments for more efficient asset streaming. Now let me pause it there real quickly before I go into any more details on the patch NOS. Now, like I said at the start of the article, if you watch my previous article about being able to download all the resources in the game before actually going into the match rather than streaming them live and waiting for them to render in that way, it looks like they're actually looking to implement that option.


Now I did see on Twitter somewhere that it has been said in their Discord channel that they're looking into options to be able to download textures and assets just like you can on C Mobile and all the other mobile games out there. Anyway, if that's true, then that's absolutely crazy good. But anyway, they've also fixed a bug where the streaming indicator did not appear even when a user was streaming an asset.

They've corrected a default graphics option for the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max to improve faal. Now, gameplay-wise, they wise then the fix a bug where the sa killstreak explosive effect would clip through objects during multiplayer matches. They fixed certain camos and decals that were not equipped correctly in season 3 legendary weapons.

Another bug where the MCPR 300 was dealing too much damage—hey, no, it wasn't—they removed the Survivor per from the NPC loadout, and another bug where the select game mode menu was not saving user preferences. Another bug was that the audio of certain messages on the day cards would be too loud.

I got that all the time and fixed a specific crash for the Pixel 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S21 devices that were connecting to the WSP Swarmer Kimball. Ah, strange anyways, they've got another bug where at times double kills were not registering in multiplayer games. They've adjusted the weapon loot spawn and V variety.

I can't ever pronounce those word tables in the game. They've adjusted the available weapons table for the goag, thank goodness matchmaking rules to allow people to get into games faster, and they've added images and time limits to mold selections, which again is just a UI over-polished, should I say, so overall, you should see some significant, like, improvements within your game, and again, if you do not, then please leave the feedback down.

I will forward that to the developers, and if you don't want to do that, head over to their official Discord channel and head over to their bugs and feedback section in the Discord and leave it there, but this is there: how many updates have there actually been? Now 1 2 3 4 have five updates since launch, so for anyone who's still saying that the Debs are lazy or they can't do their jobs, five updates in just over a month and a half, Like.

That is crazy. That's a crazy amount of updates. That's a lot of work that they're putting into the game. Now, we're all aware, and you know that it still needs more fixes, bug fixes, bug issues, and optimizations. Now, one of the things that I'm going to suggest right now is that if the developers are watching these custom games, people keep crashing.

In these custom games, we're trying to host tournaments, scrims, and events, but we just can't do it because, say, 100 players. 25% of those players are crashing immediately, like as soon as you get into the game, they just crash, which is super annoying, so if you could look into that for us, that would be amazing, but yes, keep on to the optimization; just keep the ball rolling.

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