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Well, I've got you covered in today's article because I'm going to be showing you the top five loadouts you should be using in War Zone Mobile. Drop alike subscribe, and let's hop straight into this one. Coming in at spot number five will be the combo of the SVA and the. Amr9, the SVA is an absolute Supreme weapon that has very low recoil and high damage.

The attachments that you're going to be rocking with are a barrel, the STV Precision Barrel, along with a muzzle, which is the VT7 Spitfire suppressor. You want a 60-round magazine and the Coro Eagle 2.5x scope, along with high-grain rounds, to increase the damage and velocity on this weapon. Now you'll be rocking the Amr9 SMG.

With this, you're going to be running the tectonic Herald Light Barrel along with a 50-round magazine. In the rear grip, you'll be running the Saen Z ZX grip on the optic. This is a personal preference. I like the Nidar Model 2023; it has a nice field of view on it, and it feels like the assist always hits better with it.


Now the stock is the demo D50 buffer tube; this build is built for fast ads and a high inbound, now coming in at loadout number four. This would have been a lot higher; in fact, it probably would have been the number one loadout on this article, but they just released an update earlier this month that actually nerfed the ram, so it still is a top five contender and is a very fast ttk weapon.

This weapon is the Ram with the Ram 9 SMG. Now, starting off with the AR, then the ram, you're going to be using the muzzle casus breake along with the underbarrel of the DR6 hand stop a 60-reality magazine. the HBS, 3.4, pad stock, and then the barrel. You're going to be running the Cronin headwind, long barrel, and then, with the SMG ladies and gentlemen, the Ram 9.

This is a very low recoil fast ttk weapon, so you're going to be running the armor stance light barrel with a muzzle, which I never can pronounce this one, the Zan 35 compensated flash hider, the underbarrel, the DR6 handtop, a 50-round magazine, along with the Hunker five stock pad. With this load out, you're going to be sure to be able to have long, medium, and short-range gunfights, and these weapons will literally dominate.

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UAV, Coming in at loadout number three, then you're going to be running the MTZ battle rifle with the most overpowered SMG, the HRM 99. Now the MTZ just had a little Nerf, but it still is a number three contender on this list, so the attachments that you're going to be rocking with this are a muzzle, the casis break L along with a 30-round magazine, the underbarrel is the Brewing Heavy Support Grip, the stock you're going to be running the Exf.

Close Quarters assault stock, and the barrel is the MTZ, Precision Black Thorn Barrel. Now, the SMG, like I said, is the most overpowered SMG in the game currently, so don't run around with one of those swarms. Now, like I said earlier, the HRM 9 is the SMG that you're going to be rocking this bad boy with.

Now, this SMG is the most overpowered and broken SMG that has a very fast ttk. When it comes to taking down your targets, the attachments are as follows: You want the muzzle as the AL for the flash hider. The barrel is the 90 barrel, the underbarrel is the D R six-hand stop, and the magazine is a 50-round drum along with the stock, which is a folding stock.

This weapon will be for sure one of your favorites in the game currently. Now it is up to you ladies and gentlemen, because if you do want an optic on the MTZ, you can get rid of the underbarrel, but if you get used to this weapon and it's iron sight, these attachments I've given you on the weapon are crazily overpowered.

But if you are going to put an optic on it, you're going to want to put a 2.5x on it and move the underb, as I just did. Coming in at load-out spot number two. Now this one's going to be for the sniper. Mainly out there, you're going to be wanting to use the cat sniper, and with this cat sniper, you're going to be wanting to use that overpowered HMR 9 SMG again for the sniper attachments; these are the ones that you want to be using on it.

The barrel is the Zang 3, for barrel. The muzzle is the Sonic suppressor, XL, along with the ammunition you want, the 50 cal high velocity ammo. This will allow your bullets to make a direct impact on the targets a lot faster, and you don't need to lead your shots as much now. The bolt you're going to be wanting to use is the quick bolt, which is the EMI quick bolt.

The optic you're going to be wanting to use is the SPX 0.6.6x scope. This is one of the most traditional scopes to use in war zone and even in multiplayer on any Modern Warfare 2. Modern Warfare 3, and even war zone mobile, and it's got one of the cleanest reticles that you can use on the sniper now with a submachine gun.

Pretty similar attachments to the last one; the barrel is the 490. Barrel the muzzle, the L4R flash hider, the underbarrel, the DR6 hand stop with a 50-round magazine, and a stock, which is the folding stock. This loadout is definitely going to be one of the most used ones on War Zone Mobile. There are other snipers on the list that you could potentially use, such as the XRK stalker, but unfortunately.

War Zone Mobile attachments are a little bit broken right now in War Zone Mobile, so Cat Sniper is definitely going to be the best sniper on the game right now. Be warned, ladies and gentlemen; you're going to come across a lot of cat snipers. Mainly, you got gas inbound, relocated, and came in at spot number one in the latest update, ladies and gentlemen.

The Brun MK9 light machine gun just had a huge buff, making it the fastest ttk lmg on the game and, in fact, the most overpowered weapon you're going to be using ever. In this update on the Launcher War Zone Mobile, you're going to be using the SMG, the WSP 9, alongside it, or you can replace that with a HMR 9 to have one of the most Overkill loadouts on the game, so with the Brun MK9 attachments, you're going to be running the 23.

In xrk. The Horizon V2 barrel with a muzzle is the VT7 Spitfire suppressor. Under the barrel are the boo and heavy support. You want the 60-round magazine. Ladies and gentlemen, do not use the 200 mag because the 60 round has super fast reload speed for an LMG. Believe me when I tell you this, and then for the optic, again, personal preference, but the Coro Eagle 2.5x is by far the most superior one to use now, like I said for the second weapon, which is your support weapon, the SMG.

You can use the HMR 9 that I've shown you already on the previous loadouts, or you can use the WSP 9, which is an absolute overkill SMG. With this, you want to be using the WSP Reus 90-long barrel. The muzzle is the Zen 35 compensated flash hider, and the magazine is the 50-round mag. The optic slate reflector is by far the best one for this weapon, and the stock is the WSP Classics battery stock, and like I said, ladies and gentlemen, this brein has incredible time to kill.

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