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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

so the iso 9mm is one of the more requested SMGs from Modern Warfare 2 here on the channel and honestly I got absolutely Fried by it one day and decided you know what I need to make my own setup and figure out what I can cook up for you guys and that's what we got today the iso 9mm is an extremely aggressive fast firing SMG, that has quite the extreme damage range drop off but for smaller size maps with a lot of Close Quarters engagements, you guys should have a ton of fun using this one but again keep in mind it does have that damage range Dr off and if you get into a gunfight that's a little too far ranged you're going to definitely notice those effect it's going to essentially become a peashooter at close range though I'd put it on the same scale as the wsp Swarm it doesn't have the highest damage r or damage, profile.

But the fire rate itself makes up for that lack of damage.

Best class setup

best class mw3

So we're going to be starting here with an optic; this is going to be a preference. I have one gameplay where I was using the Slate reflector, and I have one gameplay here where I'm using the Jack glassless optic, so I would recommend choosing an optic that you prefer, preferably a reflex site in my opinion, but of course it's going to come down to preference.

I found the most success actually using the Jack Glassless Optic here, but choose what you want in this scenario. For a rear grip, I'm going with the a30 Stout to control some recoil. The weapon definitely does have some, so you're going to need this attachment; it's 7%. Straight across the board, to all of your recoils in gun kick for magazine, we have the 50-round drum, and just like the WSP.

Swarm. I like to maximize the ammo count because of how fast the weapon shoots; you do need those extra bullets. If you're going to be playing Super Aggressive, you're going to want as many bullets as possible to get as many kills, reload quickly, and jump right back into the action for underbarrel.

best class setup mw3

I go with the SL skeletal vertical grip here for in-sight speed vertical recoil control along with sprint to fire speed, so this is going to not only help your recoil control but also help you with your aggressive style of play. 7% to the gun kicks, 8% to the vertical recoil, 6% to the aim-down sight speed, and then 5% to the sprint to fire speed.

This is the perfect attachment for this style of weapon, and our final attachment is the purifier muzzle break that's going to give you horizontal recoil control and fire aiming stability. So on this particular weapon. The recoil tends to shake side to side a lot more than it does vertically; it still does kick vertically, but the vertical recoil is much easier to control than the horizontal, and that's why the purifier muzzle brakes kind of just fit the build perfectly here, so you got 18%.

With your horizontal recoil control at no sacrifice towards your aim downside speed, sprint to fire speed, or movement, you are going to take a little bit of a tank there of 10% at the damage range, but with how you play with this weapon, that damage range loss doesn't really seem like a massive deal to me, as always there's all of your attachments on the screen.

I highly recommend copying this one down and jumping into one of those close-range engagement-type maps. Whether that's me, Marcato, or Rio shipment meat, whatever your style is, put it on these attachments and give it a try, and as always, there's the whole load out for you guys on the screen. We're going to jump into a couple of game plays to feature the ISO 9 mm.

Rio game 1

Rio game 1

I hope you guys enjoyed loading into Rio here with the ISO 9 mm and, as always, when we got these SMGs. We want to get up close and personal with it; obviously, a nuke is something we want, but I find that if I just feature the weapon being super aggressive, it ends up being a more entertaining experience, so will I get upset if I choke a nuke?

Probably a nuke is necessary, but the lead has to stay moving and can't keep challenging the same angles. That's always how you. The one thing I really wish I could get was more small maps, or not small maps, but medium maps, added to the game because all the additions that they've added to the game so far with their DLCs have been like even departures, which I would consider to be like medium range maps, and I think medium range maps are actually super This game works super well because of how fast the movement is and how aggressive the game is.

best iso 9mm class

It's not like modern warfare too, where you're kind of just holding head glitches. My swarm didn't kill me, but it also just saved my life, so surprised is not the word I'm looking for. We'll just stay here for now while my swarm's doing its thing, and there's no reason for me to run. Now I'm on a Brutal.

They're spawn-trapping my team at the moment. On the perimeter, he's weak. Yep, we're going to take a different approach than the squad. We're going to go all the way around this way. Okay, let's need the window. I missed just trying to sneak through; yeah, I really slowed down the pace more, teammate.

I don't know why they're running at me; this doesn't really make sense, but it's okay. I think they see me like they spot me, and they just get so tunnel-visioned that they're like, We've got to get him. I don't like the positional positioning of my squad, and I'm very concerned about it. One lit up.

I didn't mean to hit this. I wanted to hit the SW, but it is what it is. We're going to have a second game anyway, but I'm disappointed that I kind of choked that there with the second swarm but featured it well. I really slowed down the pace. I was freaking out a little. Bit 65 kills for game number one; there, game number two is incoming. I'm thinking maybe if I can find a small map like me shoot house or something like that, maybe even rust would be a good one.

Shoot house game 2

Shoot house game 2

So in the first game, I was using the other, the Slate reflector optic, and at the time of recording it, this optic wasn't out yet, so we're using this one for the second game.

It's not going to be too much different; it shouldn't change anything theoretically with the weapon; it's going to be the same thing with a different reflex site. I wanted to try this out though because, like I said, it really shouldn't make a huge difference, but I still wanted to try. If we're going to get super aggressive over here on Shoot House and we're going to try to get a swarm, even though the swarm is a little funny on this map, I think that was an enemy.

I hope that's on a teammate breathing all heavy in his. That's super unlucky, my friend, because that was a shotgun like Point Blank. I actually don't know how I'm alive in that scenario. This optic is pretty cool. Obviously, an AW optic in a modern Cod is a little strange, but not the strangest thing I've ever witnessed.

Goodbye WSP Swarm, Hello ISO 9MM! Best ISO 9mm Class Setup -Modern Warfare 3.
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