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I'm going to show you guys how to keep your Tombstone, everything on your person, as well as Aether Blade your weapons, not lose any of your weapons at all, duplicate your items over and over again, and keep your Tombstone every single game. Don't forget to drop a like, and let's get on with today's article.

As you can see right there, off of rip, I popped an elder cital, not the triangle one but actually the circle one. This is going to be needed for the glitch to keep your Tombstone while going through the new dark portal. I'm going to go ahead and show you guys all of my guns right here so you guys can see that I am not going to be losing any of my insured slots, so let's go ahead and start this game and show you guys what to do.

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Be sure to use code EER for 5% off. Don't forget to act. Fast, all right. So we just got into the game right here. The only requirement that we are going to need is an elder sigil, and if you don't have one of those, you can obtain them in the new portal, which is super easy to obtain. They are RNG and kind of luck-based, but if you are playing with any of your friends or maybe randoms in the game, they might not want the elder sigil, so you can go ahead and snag those and start stacking them up and storing them in your stash.

Now you can see them on screen right here. The only thing else that I needed was to grab my scorcher, obviously from my rucksack, and then I put a Pack-A-Punch on it. It can be anywhere from Tier 1 to Tier 2 or Tier 3. I just had a couple extra Tier 3s, so I figured why not just throw it on for myself to make flying a little bit easier instead of saving up $5 for a Tier 1 Pack-a-Punch?

mw3 tomsbtone glitch after patch

Now, from here, all I need to do is find where Tombstone is, because that is going to be a necessity. To start this glitch, you're going to need to buy Tombstone every single time. Once we have purchased Tombstone, we will show you guys what to do next. Now that we are making our way over to our tombstone, we're going to go ahead and squirt your fly across the map, making it 10 times easier.

If you guys want to go ahead and practice before actually taking the portal to do the glitch, definitely go for it, but this is a great time to tell you guys about my Discord. I have over 5, 000 awesome members in my Discord that drop schematics, do the new bosses, do campaign missions, and help tons of people in the zombie community.

It's a free Discord for you guys to join and take advantage of schematics, set up Tombstone, and just have fun with a great community. So now that we are all set to do the glitch, maybe you just got done grinding for camos and you want to go ahead and go into the dark ather or the new portal, or maybe your friends are needy and they need some new schematics, so you're like.

mw3 zombie tomsbtone

All right, fine, let's do it, but I don't want to lose my Tombstone. This is going to be a great method for you guys. As you can see, we have Tombstone, we have that scorcher, and we have a pack-a-punch. It doesn't matter if it's Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3. We have all of our items in our rucksack that we wish to not lose, but if we had some schematics in there, we could actually unlock them and keep our Tombstone.

So this is going to be a very good glitch for you guys to do, but let's go ahead and make our way over to the new portal once you guys have gone in for the first time. Whether you use the gloves or all of the items, it doesn't matter; you will have them unlocked in general, as you can see on the map.

mw3 zombies glitch

I am pinging the spot where you guys want to fly out of the map at and we will show you guys step by step on how to do this, so you can see I'm just flying my way over here, then it is going to get a little bit picky for you guys but we're going to walk you guys through it so you can see we are walking up to the new portal and to put the new sigil in it's actually going to be on the back of the portal so you can see right there we can enter to put our key in, and the spot is going to be right there but where I pinged at is where we need to get out of the map it's going to be G1 more on the leftish side and you can see right there on screen.

I held the axe, turned around, and started charging up my scorcher all at the same time. Even on the console, it works. From here, all you guys need to do is boost up three times in the air to get that little infinite parachute glitch. Then, every 3 seconds, you're going to charge your scorcher up to 50%.

And then charge and push, so 1 2 3 then we're going to go ahead and charge and push, and then when the timer on the left side of our screen gets to 2 seconds, we want to go ahead and accept the mission, and we want to try to be out of bounds at 6 to 5 seconds. If you get to 6 seconds, it's going to be a lot easier for you guys to keep all your items.


If you guys hit it at 5, it can be a little iffy sometimes on keeping your insured weapons, but right here, we're actually not going to leave the game, and you saw for a split second we got the eliminated screen. If you guys got the eliminated screen, you guys are good to go. You guys will have your tombstone for the next game.

If you guys do not get the eliminated screen, you guys are perfectly fine. As soon as you get to this black screen and you have no eliminated screen at all, close your game out, whether it's on Xbox, PC, or Playstation. You guys will keep everything in your rug sack. I've done this a couple times and messed it up on timing, and I still kept all of my items over and over again.

Now that we are loading in, you're going to think to yourself, Well, I did all this, but now I want to be able to unlock stuff or play with my friends without losing my Tombstone. Well, that's what that Squad Eliminated Screen was for. When you guys hit that Squad Eliminated Screen, you're actually going to be able to save all of your items once you leave and keep your tombstone, so you can see everything I have is right here.

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I have a squirt. I have all of my items; now all I need to do is find an exit because I'm obviously doing this for article sake. I'm not going to sit here and play in the new portal area, but we're going to go ahead and show you guys what to do and where to go, so there's going to be a portal right there for you guys if you want to take it out to get out as fast as you can or if you want to just have it in your mindset for later on if you're ever in the portal, all you need to do is just make your way over there; it's super easy and super self-explanatory.

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