News - The Tombstone Glitch That Caused The Downfall Of Warzone 2 Zombies


I actually think the Tombstone glitch caused the downfall of modern warfare-free zombies, and I'm going to be telling you how to do that. I think we need to go back to the beginning, when the game first came out. Players that would go into tier 2 and test how the zombies were, then you had the players like me who thought they were invincible, deciding to drive straight into tier 3, quickly realizing shortly afterwards what mistake they made [__]], themselves running away and dying over and over again.

Now for the most important part of this article, I think they designed this game so looting was very important. Making you feel like anything you picked up was a big reward, scared that if you died you would lose everything in your backpack and have to start all over again running as fast as you can to the xfill Choppers, just so you don't die.

So what I'm saying is that the loot in the game that you would acquire was actually worth more than it is now, and I think the Tombstone glitch ruined this. The Tombstone glitch got released, and it was as simple as drinking the Tombstone St. soda can down in yourself and then leaving the game. As soon as you go back in the game, your money and essence that you had on you will double, and not only that, you can duplicate.

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Any item you had in your tombstone and kept doing this over and over again caused everything in the game to become less rare as everything was getting passed around the community. People would do this glitch to get unlimited items; they would literally have an unlimited stash glitch as well. Now the unlimited stash glitch itself is actually gone, but when it comes to the Tombstone glitch, anytime it got patched, guess what?

We found a way around it. It got patched again. We found a way around it. You'll never guess what got patched again. We found a way around it, and now, because mostly everybody that plays the game has everything, a lot of people are just finding it boring. Then there's people mourning when the Tombstone glitch gets patched, and then when a new one comes out, nobody's ever happy because it's not as easy as the original.

I don't know about you, but I just want room base back, like, come on, look how cool the Tree Ark articles used to be, Be. Jesus Christ, all seriousness. Though the times were the best, that doesn't mean Modern Warfare 3 zombies aren't good, nor does it mean that they don't have any potential. I think overall that it actually wasn't a bad idea.

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Just the fact that loot is not as rare as it used to be means that dying doesn't matter as much as it used to. You don't really care if you die or not when going to an Xville, but sometimes you still do. It's just when there's nothing to grin at; there's no real huge challenge, and it's not as fun as round-based.

The Easter eggs aren't as fun as the round-based zombie games. In my opinion, the game's just overall boring to me now, and I think that's the case for a lot of other people as well. One of the positives that came out of this Tombstone glitch, though, is that I have noticed this zombie is one of the best when it comes to the community teaming up together.

You would go into games and see people dropping Essence for others, and for no reason, people would be dropping schematics. I could go on all day, but these articles take so long to edit. To put it simply, nobody actually appreciates Loot anymore or simply doesn't care any more.

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