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Hey, welcome back to another MWZ article. In this article, I'm going to be bringing you the new Tombstone duplication glitch after the patch. This way, it does require a bit of timing, but I'm going to show you another way. If this way works for you, feel free to try it, so let's dive right in. First, you're going to have to equip yourself with a Tombstone soda.

If you already have a tombstone coming into the game, that's even better, but make sure it crumbles so you can just continue the process. You will still need to purchase one or already have a tombstone soda equipped. Second, you're going to want to go to the bad signal, Xville, but you want to go to the building in front of it.

Now I want to mention that having a stamina soda will help you a lot due to the fact that you're going to have to move very quickly to do this, so it won't hurt to have one, or you can buy one of those also. Now you will need a minimum of 10,000 exes to do this, so you can complete a contract or two just to have enough.

Now, once you get to the building, you're going to go through these doors. You're going to run up through the building, run straight through it, and then follow up on these steps and go to the part of this wall. Now this wall is going to display a pattern that is actually a teleport, allowing you to travel to different parts of the map.


Now I'm going to show you on the screen what three symbols you would need. This is the essence: you're going to need it after you hit the correct symbols; you're going to have to interact with it, but don't stand really close or you're teleporting. Now this is the best route to go, and like I said before, it's all about timing, so you want to try your best to avoid any zombies because this ain't going to do anything but slow you down.

Now, once you get to the Xville, you're just going to interact with it and then immediately turn around and head back to the teleport on the wall. Now this part is the most crucial and is making it back at a certain time. Now you want to try to make it back to the teleport with at least 10 seconds left on the boat countdown.


Now this is where having the stamina soda will help, and having no weapon in your hands is obvious as the way to go, so you just want to make your way back up the steps. And then, once you teleport, it's going to put you here, and when you do, you just want to jump straight through the window and run straight out of bounds.

Now wait till the timer gets to about 2 seconds, and then vote. Yes, you would then see them warp on your screen and then the eliminated screen. Now, that's where console players close out, and for PC players, you just wait for the black screen and then close your game. Now, when you replay your game, you will see that you have successfully duplicated all your items.

Keep your Rook sack and your insured weapon. You can repeat this process over and over, but this stash glitch is still patched. You can reuse the items in your tombstone, or you can share them with your teammates or whatever; that's actually the duplication part of this. Now, for the other way, it's going to be the same steps as before: you have to equip yourself or buy a Tombstone soda, then you want to head to the bad signal X fill, and when you get to the wall like before, just use these symbols.

how to do tombstone glitch after patch

You want to do the same thing as you did before, or activate the bad signal and run back towards the warp on the wall. This time the warp is going to want to put you here on the map, and once you appear here, you just head towards your right against the rocks. Now, once again, you're going to vote.

Yes, when the boot countdown gets to two seconds and when you go out of bounds. You might want to just wait around 6 seconds for the war to countdown. You would then see the elimination screen, and after that, at the black screen, you want to close out the game. This way is much easier for me. I done it on my first try.

I will have a separate article on this channel.

This video shows how to dupe your items without losing your tombstone in MWZ. This is after the water glitch patch.
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