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I do hope that you had a great New Year's, and I do hope that you guys reach all of your goals for 2024. In today's article, I'm going to be giving you guys an updated version of the duplication glitch within Modern Warfare 3 zombies. I did this article already a few weeks ago, but a few things have changed since then, and there's been a lot of questions that you guys have had, so I'm going to answer those questions in today's article.

Now this duplication glitch is really overpowered; it's going to allow you to duplicate all items in the game. You guys are going to be able to duplicate rare acquisitions, stuff like that, and schematics. You guys are also going to be able to get an unlimited AA blade as long as you guys pop your AA blade one time, and then you're also going to be able to get unlimited Essence.

mw3 zombies duplication glitch

I'm also going to show you how to get this to work for every single platform, such as PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. And it's really easy to do, so first things first, you guys are going to want to bring in all the items that you're going to want to duplicate and make sure you have Tombstone perk active, and then pretty much just go down by the zombie IES anywhere around the map where you want your Tombstone, to be once you die by the zombies, pretty much just give up, wait till the plea timer gets to 16, seconds just to be safe, and then leave the game, so essentially, you've gone in game with all the stuff that you want to duplicate, you've drank your Tombstone perk so that it's active.

You've gone down by the zombies, and then you leave the game. It's that simple. As you guys can see, when we come back in the game, we have nothing, but that's all right because we're going to go back and get everything in just a minute at this point. If you guys didn't put a large backpack on your tombstone.

Switch to an operator that has a large backpack, and also if you have a blade case, this is going to be the time when you want to put it in your backpack, ready to go in game because you're going to be able to use it one time and have it forever, just from this next game, so once you guys have that set up, you're pretty much going to want to load into the next game.

mw3 zombies glitch

Go back to where you died. You guys will see your tombstone there, and everything you died with in that first initial game is obviously going to be in your tombstone. At this point, you guys pretty much want to take everything out of your tombstone and make sure that the tombstone breaks. If the tombstone doesn't break, this is not going to work, so as you guys can see, I took all the items, and the tombstone broke.

It's really important to make sure you guys do that, so essentially, that's stage one complete. Now we're going to move on to stage two, which is actually duplicating the items, so in order for you guys to successfully xfill with these duplicated items, the only way to do this is to xfill. Via a mission xfill now, this can be the Act 4 portal, or it could be any of the Act 1, 2, and 3 Choppers, but it has to be one of the mission xfills.

mw3 zombies glitches

If you guys try to xfill normally through one of the normal xville Choppers, you guys will not duplicate your items, and you actually might go ahead and lose your Tombstone. As well, just make sure that you're using a mission fill. Now for all platforms, you're able to go ahead and use the Act One mission, and the timing is going to be the same every single time, so that's the one I'm going to be showing you guys first, but I'm also going to be showing you guys how to do it on the Act 4 portal as well, because the Act 4 portal is a lot easier to get to and it just works a lot faster.

The only negative about the Act 4 portal is that the timing for everyone is a little bit different, so if you're on Playstation or Xbox, the timing is going to be a little different from PC, but I'm going to show you guys all the timings, so don't worry so essentially once you guys go to one of the ACT Choppers you just got to call in the chopper wait for it to load in and then once the screen goes black you guys are going to want to disconnect your game so if you're on PC, you're going to want an all-F4 to close down your game if you're on Xbox or Playstation.


Just simply close down the app, and then when you guys load back in, all your items will be duplicated. It's really that simple, guys. Now, once you guys have closed down your game, you don't have to load up the game instantly. If you need to go out or whatever you need to do, that's fine; it will be there when you come back, but if you guys are playing, then just load up your game straight away, and then when you get back in the game, as you guys will see in just a moment, you guys will have all of the items that you X filled with right there in your back pack.

mwz dupe glitch

Now sometimes, if you have odd items like you guys can see here, I have the self-revive. Just break that item because when you go back in the next game, it's not going to spawn in with you; it's just going to disappear, if you put it in your stash you're just going to be wasting stash space so you might as well just break the item but as you guys can see everything else we pretty much X filled with and then at this point you're just going to want to go ahead and put them all in your stash so if you guys can see I have about 46 or 47 items in my stash, and I'm just going to overwrite all of these rewards that I brought out that game with my purchase items and my rewards that's currently in my locker.

And then I'm going to swap them out, and then that's going to allow me to put all of those items. In my stash, allow me to have way more than 10 stash slots, and as you guys can see, I also have the ray gun plans, which I was able to fill with, and also my AA blade. Now, my AA blade and any schematic that you guys fill with will stick when you go back in game, so in the next game when we load in, we will still have those ray gun plans there, and we will still have our AA blade.

mwz duplication glitch after patch

So just to show you guys that this works every single time we've loaded into another game, we've changed the operator because we do have that large backpack in our Tombstone. So I want to go through all of my operators and make sure that they do have that large backpack. But as you guys can see, we spawn in with the two Ray gon plans that we left with last game, and we also spawn in with our AA blade, so you guys can go ahead and do this every single game, and you guys already know that I have another two Ray gon plans in my Tombstone from last game, so now I have four different Ray gon plans that I can drop out to four different people, so you can pretty much keep on doing this over and over again and have a full backpack of ray gun plans.

MW3 Zombies Easy SOLO DUPLICATION Glitch UPDATED 2024! Unlimited Essence, Schematics, Acquisitions More! SEASON 1 GLITCHES IN MW3.
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