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after patch tombstone glitch

Hey, family, it's your last breed here, and in this article, I'll show you all the working Tombstone glitches. So the very first method is the Buddy method, as I like to call it, where you will need your teammates to revive you so that you'll be able to set a tomb. The first thing you need to do is scrumble your tombstone if you already have one set up, and if not, you need to come in with all the items that you want to keep in your tombstone.

Drink a tombstone. Fork and kill yourself. Give up completely and ask for help. Make sure you are in a team while doing this. After you ask for help, ask your teammate to revive you. When your teammate revives you, your tombstone is set. Make sure you have your Tombstone perk equipped. You, so now that my tomstone is said, I can drop all the essence.

I can drop all my items. My friend can do the out-of-bounce glitch so that he can duplicate these items and set his toon. Also, after you're done dropping the items, make sure you leave the squad and just kill yourself. Make sure the host always leaves the game at the end; if not, your Tombstone might get glitched out and it won't spawn for the next game, so make sure whoever is the host leaves the game after you are dead completely after you're out of the lobby, so I left the squad.

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I'll kill myself My friend was the host here for this lobby, so I will just kill myself and leave. Cave, there you go. Now you just give up completely and don't play for help. Wait for the timer; it will completely run out and you will see everything on the XP screen there, and when the game asks you to leave the match, you will leave the game.

When you go back in the lobby, you won't have anything; you will lose everything—your gear, everything—but when you come back again in the next game, you will have set up all those items that you just bought. Now, as you can see, once I was back in the game, my tomb is set there. At the same location, I can quickly go there, and I already had a large backpack here, so I can just equip it and crumble my tomb with every item.

And now I'll show you the second method that still works after the season two reloaded update: the out-of-bounds glitch founded by Silent 9 It still works; they have not patched it, so you can keep rinsing and repeating this. Make sure you drink a tombstone. Fork, and don't forget to drink a tombstone.

mw3 glitches after patch

You will need that for every round, so you can also like Store a tombstone fork in your tombstone so that you don't have to go and buy it now. Make sure you go to the building that is next to the bad signal. Portal. I use the water tank mod, so like the water tank location, if you are using that location, also make sure, in the same model, activ right now, so I'll just run every obstacle you can use decoys to save yourself from zombies who are running around here.

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You need to run directly to the bad signal portal, activate the bad signal portal, and avoid all the obstacles. Avoid all the zombies, as I say, go back to the rift portal that you just activated there, make sure you have like th000 Essence on you so that you can activate the portal and drink the, for, now you need to go inside, the location will be glitchy like that, don't worry just make a jump parachute your way through the end wot when the timer is at 2 seconds and you need to go when the timer is between 5 seconds and 7 seconds, you will get the Bal screen and you will get the squad eliminated screen, so for me I need to close my game when I see the launching screen, that's how I save my ether blade and all my weapons.

I closed my game at the dark ether screen there, so I was not able to save my gear there, but I got all my items, and my tombstone is still set, as you can see once I'm back in the game. My tombstone is at the graveyard after doing the out-of-bounds glitch, so now I'm free to use all my items. As you can see here, I'm using all my items.

Please make sure you drink the tombstone again. I don't have cash here, so I'll quickly go and double my tombstone so that I get enough GH to drink the tombstone. As you can see, my Tom is here, and I crumbled. Everything is now done. Now make sure you go and drink the tombstone perk again. There you go, Tombstone.

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So now I'll show you how you can do this. This will be very easy and very quick. Just go to the portal and activate the rift. Portal, make sure your scater is pack-a-punched so that you are able to utilize it. Enter the water location, like the water tank location code, in the exact order. I don't have a gun here, so I'm using my e-blade.

You can do that too. Take time now you activate the you go up you go up at the top, and, game like my scater was not that high, my like, my scat launch was not that high there, but you can like do a full launch there he gets the building. I still have enough time now; you will do the same thing. Go there wait for the wait for the timer, and when it says 3 or 2, that's when you vote.

Yes, and now you need to go at seven or six, like six is The Sweet Spot; that's what you want to hit every time six, seven, six, and five all. So now again, I have to close my screen at the dark ether location, but what I will suggest is that you guys wait for the launching screen and close the game now.

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As you can see, once I was back in the game, I could still use all the items in my Tombstone is still there. I will drop all these items because I have these items in my tombstone, and now you can go back again. Crumble your tombstone and drink a tombstone. Yep, I was just like taking Elder sigils so that I could do the dark ether glitch.

Also, now make sure you drink another tombstone so that you don't miss anything. So now I'll show you how you can still activate the Tier 4 portal as it's been bugged after the season to load the update. When you come here, you need to look out for this big bush right here. I'm jumping on this big bush, and you will see these three little plants.

Okay, these are these plants, and you need to look out for these two if you stand on top of the right one, which I'll do right now. You see, you will get this plant right here. You'll get this elder sigil prompt every time. Okay, this is the sweet spot you're looking for, guys. If you want to go into the old dark ether, get the items from there, or like, just do this glitch to keep your Tombstone and do the successful xfill.

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The new dark ether is kind of difficult to do; now you need to go back to the building and activate the portal using the same exact code or any location that you are friendly with. With, activate the portal, make sure you have a sper back up on sper, activate the portal, go back at the top of the building, charge of this sper, make sure it's 100% charge, and you need to reach the island as soon as possible.

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