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dark aether tomsbtone

I want to give a huge shout-out to A1 for finding out about this glitch. He did find this glitch a couple days ago, and it is working as told. It is a very good glitch, and in my opinion, it is much easier than trying to get timing down on the scorcher, and it's pretty easy. Once you learn how to do it, the only requirements you guys are going to need are Tombstone in every single game, and we are going to need the blood burner keys.

If you guys do not have the blood burner key schematic unlock, like I said, join my Discord or you'll find me live on Twitch streaming schematic drops dropping the blood burner keys, the mags of holding, and the vr11 schematic for you guys, so let's go ahead and get into today's article. If you guys are looking to unlock the new MW3 camos such as Interstellar Borealis hard unlocked or even play in bot lobbies where you can level up your guns and unlock camos rapidly or even the instant delivery pre-made accounts Be sure to check out {656}.

They include tons of legitimate services for Playstation, Xbox, and PC and have over 10,000 Trustpilot page reviews. Be sure to use code EER for 5% off. Don't forget to act fast. So you can see right there that we just spawned in our blood burner. Now this is going to be the key to the glitch. Once you guys do have your blood burner spawned in, you want to make sure you are over in the top right-hand corner of the map, as you can see over here.


This is where we are currently and we just want to go ahead and park it up next to some of these Pebbles or these rocks over here in this area this is going to help do the glitch, now that you have your blood burner in your Tombstone and you feel comfortable doing the water glitch where you are on the vehicle for example pressing X hopping right back in boom teleport straight back to where we are we're going to go ahead and take advantage of this with the Tombstone glitch what I mean by that is you can see I have Tombstone on my screen I have everything I wish to have in my ruck sack so this is all the items I'm going to duplicate I'm going to go ahead and keep my Essence and everything as well, so if we go ahead and go into the water one more time.

mw3 tomsbtone glitch after patch

Get it all set up correctly, go ahead and exit, hop back in, and boom. Bam, we are glitched right back on the map, so now you're going to go ahead and follow me in doing this super easy method of getting your Tombstone set up. We're going to go ahead and go straight into the water, and from here, we're going to make sure we do not touch any land.

You're going to follow this exact little line that I am doing on the map currently to make our way over to Tier 3, or where the countermeasures are going to be. We're going to go ahead and park our vehicle right here on the rocks, like I said, and this is going to make this glitch super easy to do.

We'll go ahead and show you guys the marker one more time before we go over there. We're going to want to position it just like that. So, we are going to make our way over to the water right now. We have started the glitch. What I mean by that is that we do not want to have our vehicle touch any land or anything on the ground.

mw3 zombie tomsbtone

We want to make sure you take it wide, take it out, and stay in the water, just so you can see me on the map currently. I am just making my way around, so go and speed this part up just so you guys do not have to watch me. Literally drive in the water. Now that we have passed into the Tier 2 Zone and we still haven't touched any of the land yet, we are getting near our marker.

You guys want to make sure you have some decoy grenades on, as it's going to make it super easy for you guys to go to Tier 3, so we're making our way right up to the little gravel pieces right here. This is where you want to place your vehicle. You're going to go ahead and just place it like so, and all we're going to do is run up to the countermeasures.

From here, we're going to activate it and run super fast back into the water. You can see right here that we just entered into the anomaly. We're going to throw another decoy grenade. Down, get all those zombies all happy, enter the blood burner, and then slowly let it go back into the water. Once it is back into the water, like so, and it's just enough of the way, press X to get out, press X to enter, and you can see we have teleported to the edge of the map.

mw3 zombies glitch

Go ahead and get your blood burner ready to go where you think you are comfortable. Go ahead and vote. Yes, now from here, when you get to about 6 seconds, you will be good to go out of the map. You can see right here that the timer is going down, and we're about to get teleported. And boom, the squad was eliminated.

I'm going to go ahead and wait until you get that black screen. Just like right there searching for a match, go close out your game, load back in, and we will have everything that we just had in our tombstone, as well as everything duplicated, in game for us. What I mean by that is that when we go back on to the main screen, you're going to see that we still kept our weapon, we still kept all of our items in our rucksack, and whatever extras we had on us, so if we go over to zombies really quick, you can see that we will have all of our items, and when we go back into a new game, we will still have our tombstone.


So if we check our gear, boom, we have all of our items. I messed up the glitch, unfortunately, for the loadout, so I did lose my weapon. You want to make sure you are out of bounds at 6 seconds on the timer. You do not want to do this, where I messed up trying to go super fast and messing up the glitch.

You want to make sure you are out of bounds at 6 seconds. I'm going to put it on screen right now for you guys. 6 seconds is key to keeping your load out, and as you can see, loading back into our next game, our tombstone is still here set up for us, and it's always going to be here every single game.

As you can see in our rock sack, we have all of the items that we did not use. Yes, we did lose our blood burner, so I would make sure you keep an extra one in your Tombstone to keep glitching it over and over again, but make sure if you guys do want to keep your weapons or your load out, you want to.


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