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Don't forget to drop a like, as we're going to have tons of content coming out for you guys, especially when we get the new midseason patch with the new schematics coming out. If you guys are looking for a Discord to join, make sure you do join my Discord. Tombstone, and all of that good stuff, so with the first glitch coming up, let's go ahead and get started in today's article.

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Be sure to use code EER for 5% off. Act fast, all right, so now that we have our Tombstone crumbled, all we're going to need to do is make sure we have another Tombstone to drink. What I mean by that is that you're going to want to make sure you have that Tombstone perk ready to go. I would recommend having one in your bag so that way you have a perk to keep popping up every single game, if that makes sense if you don't have any Tombstone perks.


Do a couple contracts; you might get lucky and grab one; if not, you'll just have to buy one every single game. By now, you should know what the tombstone icon looks like, but we'll go ahead and show you on screen really quickly. Now that we made it over to a tombstone icon, all you need to look for is a little skull icon on your map, and you can see right here that it says Tombstone, so we'll be prone to getting some extra points, and then go ahead and purchase our Tombstone.

mw3 tomsbtone glitch after patch

Now all we need to do is show you guys how to start this. Glitch now instead of using the Aether Portal right here to Scorch her out we're going to go straight and show you guys another way to do this completely solo, so you're going to run straight to the hotel and as you can see and now from here I'm going to throw a decoy grenade so I get left alone, we're going to go ahead and run straight through these double doors then we're going to run straight through another set of double doors we're going to cut right cut left we're going to go straight up these stairs to the second floor you're going to see that there's going to be a portal right here and you're going to need a th000 Essence in order to activate it I'm going to put the code on screen right now but it's going to be one.

Then it's going to be two. And then it will be three, and then from here you need to spend 1, 000 point coins in order to open that portal, but that is going to allow you to open up the portal. Now all we need to do is get back up the portal. All we need to do is get back up and rinse and repeat this, and we'll show you this here in a second.

So once the portal is set, you're going to need to drop a weapon, and I'm going to drop my scorcher because having your fist out is going to be the easiest thing, so from here we're going to run all the way back to. Portal, now that we are in front of the anomaly, we're going to go ahead and hit guests at the same time as running through it, then we're going to go straight to the hotel.

mw3 zombie tomsbtone

Once we're at the hotel, we're going to run straight through the double doors right here in front of us, then through another set, and then lastly, a third set of double doors. Once we get to the third set of double doors, we're going to cut right and left up to the staircase, up the second set of stairs, and teleport through.

You'll see that we still have about 6 seconds left. From here, we're going to run straight to the border, and then, at 2 seconds right here, we're going to go ahead and vote. Yes, you will see a countdown go down for about 7, 6, 5, 4, 3., and 2, and now we're going to get onto the teleportation screen.

SL eliminated screen, we're going to let the timer go down, and we should be getting the eliminated screen, and you hear it right there. Close your game out, load back in, and we will have all of our items for our duplication, and we will still have our tombstone. We're going to go back into the game to show you guys that we have all of our items, and then we'll fly back in to show you guys that we still have our tombstone in the game.

mw3 zombies glitch

So as you can see, we just loaded back in, and with my test kit, we have our load out still sitting where it should be. We obviously used our decoy grenades, and we had our fist out for our other weapon, but we still kept our insured slot weapon. And we kept all of our items that we can take and put back into our stash no problem, over the stash limit now once you guys do go over your stash limit that you had in the beginning of season 2 it still won't work but you can see we put all of our items away we still kept our load out so now let's go ahead and go into a new game and show you guys that we still have our Tombstone to rinse and repeat this over and over again and this is going to be great for you camo Grinders and great for you guys that just want to sit here and play the game and have fun, let's go and put a decoy Grenade on and we'll be right back, now loading into our next game you can see already we have our Tombstone on screen so all we need to do basically is rinse and repeat this glitch all over again we'll go and make our way over to our Tombstone Showing you guys that we still have all the same items that we just stowed away in our stash and that you guys can keep rinsing and repeating this glitch over and over again is going to be very key to doing it with timing.


I've done this a couple times now, and I have lost Tombstone, but I have kept everything in my stash; what that means is that everything in my rucksack that I put away I would have had for the next game, and I would never lose my inner weapon, so this glitch is a very good glitch to test, try to get timing down, and there are different portals you guys can take, like I said, in order to get out of the map, but we're going to go and make our way over to our Tombstone, show you guys we still have our items, and then let you guys.

mwz best glitches

See and now we're at our tombstone, and it's always going to be in this Cemetery SL Church area, and if we go ahead and open it up, we can see we have every item in here once again. Just make sure you crumble it. Now all we need to do is rinse and repeat, so we can play the game out, get the camos, play it with friends, and do whatever we need to do, but we need to make sure we buy Tombstone before we go back and rinse and repeat the whole method with bad signal SLV, portal.

I will try to answer him as best I can. Now that the first glitch is going to be the portal method, we're going to go ahead and talk to you guys about the second method on screen here in a couple seconds. This is going to be a different Tombstone method that you're still able to do solo, so let's go ahead and hop in.

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