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New solo Tombstone dupe glitch after patch yes this is completely solo completely brand new and make sure you drop a like And subscribe because I have even more OP glitches for you guys, so the first step is to go into MW3 and unlock schematics for a cheap price. Check out silent services. We also offer bot lobbies where you can get Interstellar camo, as well as hard camo unlock and nuke skin services.

Here are the reviews; they absolutely love it. To make this as efficient as possible, you want to go into the game with two scorers. And you want to have the Tombstone; soda can, as you know, be an item in your rug; and then, when you're in the game, you want to get the items you want to duplicate.

If you don't have two scorcher cases, you can go into the game and just get the scorcher by different means, like the mystery box and all of that good stuff. Just you need a scorcher and you want a case in your rug sack while you have The Scorch in your hand, and that's because every game you're going to need to have the scorcher and Tombstone, and if you have those in your rug sack, then you'll be able to load up into every game with the duped scorcher and dupe Tombstone, and you won't have to buy anything or waste any like items because you'll always have one, so you want to go into the game.


activate your scorcher, then buy yourself a tombstone, but like I said, keep a scorcher case in your rug sack and keep the soda can in your rug sack. With all the other slots, have somebody drop you items that you want to duplicate, or get the items yourself that you want to duplicate. People that will drop you guys items and money for you to duplicate all right guys now when you're done with that you want to Pack-A-Punch your scorcher at least once now the way you can do this is by heading over to this cave then going to where this light is at and just look where I look and then boost with the scorcher and continue to move forward you're then going to boost on top of the light at this point you want to look to your right then boost and look and push towards, this part of the cave now you want to boost for the second time then you'll be on top of the cave at this point you want to follow me all the way over to where this spot is on the map you want to be careful that you don't go too far to the left or too far to the right because then you're going to fall off the map and die so once you guys are right here you want to go prone then look down you will see that there are going to be chests, and you want to Simply collect these chests; in these chests, there's going to be gold bars worth $3,500.

mw3 glitch

There are guaranteed two of these, and you want to pick them up because they are going to total over $5,000. And that is enough to pack a punch. That's how you guys get enough to pack a punch. Each game is quick and easy without bringing in a pap-tier-one crystal. If you're on PC, hold it, move to the right, and it's going to push you through the ground.

Then you want to follow where I go and mantle on top of these chairs. Once you're there, you're done. You want to head to the buy station to sell the gold. Pack-a- Punch, your scorcher; at this point, you're going to be doing a fly glitch to perform this solo Tombstone duplication. After patch, it's really, really easy to do, so I recommend you guys practice before you do this next step.

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Here's me practicing. You want to hold down the boost ability for your scorcher, and just keep on holding it down until you do three boosts. This will let you parachute and will start, you know, having you freeall, you want to parachute, then let go for the parachute and use the scorcher, and look at the ammo in your scorcher on the right here and when it says 50%.

You want to let go of the boost, then you are going to be waiting for 3 seconds, 1 2.3 seconds, and then do it again. You want to hold down the boost until it hits 50%. Then let go and wait 3 seconds (1, 2, 3). Again, keep on doing that. You want to wait 3 seconds each time to really get this glitch because if you do the boost too much or try to parachute, it won't work, and now once you guys practice that and have that down, you then want to head to the ACT portal.

mw3 zombies after patch tombstone glitch

You want to make sure you have the Act 4 portal activated. Most of you guys probably already do, but if you don't, just before you load into the game, just go into your missions and activate Act 4. Once you guys are done with that, you want to. Look where I look and hold down the boost. And while you're holding down the boost, activate.

The act for portal: you want to jump like I do to get on top of this higher part, then boost three times and keep on moving forward while you boost three times at your third time, you want to go into Free Fall. If you don't go into FreeForAll and it messes up and tries to boost you for the fourth time, just simply open up the menu, press no, and then try again.

Once you try again, it should let you boost and go into FreeForAll. At the third boost, once you're free, you want to pull your parachute, cut your parachute, look at the weapon, and boost 50%. Then wait 3 seconds, 1, 2, 3, and boost again once it hits 50%. You want to let go of 3 seconds, 1 2 3 seconds.

mw3 zombies glitch after patch

You want to do this, like I said. After every 3 seconds, you want to make sure that you keep in mind at the timer that once it hits about 2 seconds, that's when you guys want to quickly open up your menu and teleport. Then, just like I said, keep doing the boost until you hit the warning barrier.

At this point, you will be in the warning zone before it teleports. You want to make sure that you hit it when I do. If you hit it too late, it won't work, but when you hit it and you do properly you will see that when you're teleporting, it is going to kill you. You are going to get an elimination screen.

As soon as you get the elimination screen, close your application if you're on the console. Then that should work for you. Like I said, as soon as the elimination screen closes your app, if you're on a PC, you may have to wait for a black screen. If it works for you if you close your app when it says eliminated, but once you guys are done with doing those steps, you want to head back into the game, and it is going to be just like it was yesterday.

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The items will be in your gear, but when you go back into the game, your tombstone will be there with the items you have successfully duplicated. After the patch, at this point, you will have a scorcher in your tombstone and a tombstone can in your tombstone. Well, you will also have a scorcher in your gear and a tombstone in your gear as well, so every game you're going to always have that tombstone and scorcher to start off and to do the glitch, and you'll have one in your tombstone to dup to use in your next game, so hopefully everything makes sense and you just want to simply rinse and repeat this glitch.

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