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Secret mw3 operators revealed!

Secret mw3 operators revealed!

Welcome back to a brand new article today. What I got for you guys is that we're going to go over some brand new operator skins that were just revealed. In the latest Call of Duty update, we're going to go over the bundles for these operator skins and how you're going to be able to get them. We're also going to talk about some other upcoming operator skins and everything you need to know about them.

I really do appreciate the love and support lately. I'll try my best to not let you guys down, and I'll be sure to keep you up to date on everything that you need to know in regards to Call of Duty and their updates.


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Double xp event & weekly challenges

leaked operator skins mw3

For those of you guys on Playstation, Double XP is now running live starting today for those of you guys on other platforms.

This event will go live starting tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time right now for PlayStation; it's only double XP. Once the event kicks off tomorrow, it's going to be double weapon XP, double player XP, as well as double battle pass XP, so it'll help you across the board if you're trying to complete challenges, level up, or complete the battle pass.

The next thing is that we have received our brand new weekly challenges for week three of this season. This means that all these challenges are now available for you to complete, and there will be a reward, which is going to be the Jack Beholder rifle kit. This is going to be for the tire, and by putting on this aftermarket part, the tire and pistol will turn into a brand new rifle.

You only need to complete five out of the seven challenges in any mode. I just wanted to remind you that weekly challenge is now available for you to complete.

New operator skins & bundles revealed

New operator skins & bundles revealed

But going on to the next major topic that we have for today, this has to do with the new operator skins that were revealed in yesterday's holiday trailer as well as in the blog post with new photos. These are operator skins that have not been previously leaked.

Usually, when we get a brand new big update, the first thing that is leaked are the operator skins, the bundles, and what they contain. We've already covered this in past articles where we talked about mastercrafts. Ultra skins, and we even had an in-game showcase of what these operator skins look like, but a couple of them we are barely seeing now for the very first time 3 weeks into the season 1 update.

One of the first operators that they ended up revealing was this brand new bug-themed bundle. This is like some sort of blue beetle-type operator skin. We saw him in this official photo from Call of Duty, so this wasn't even a leak. Call of Duty posted this themselves in the blog post that we covered yesterday.


They just threw this operator skin into this holiday update and thought we wouldn't notice, but this is a skin that we've just never covered before, hasn't ever been previously leaked, and will come in with weapon blueprints because this is going to be a store bundle, oper, skin. The first weapon blueprint is going to be for the DM 56 Marksman rifle, called the battle Beetle definitely follows the theme of that whole Beetle Bug Bundle type of style going on that they got with it.

They also mentioned that there are going to be tracers and impact rounds, which are called toxic insect tracers. The second weapon blueprint is for the MTZ 556. and this one is called the bug hunt colors that you see on it are a part of the weapon blueprint, so one of them is like a light green type of color, and this one is a blue purple color, and it also has the same exact Tracer rounds, meaning that it will be a part of the same exact bundle, and because this is a tracer pack bundle, it will probably cost you 2400 Cod points.

mw3 beetle bundle

As of right now, we don't know the exact release date. Usually, with store bundles like these, we get a photo of what it will look like in the store so we know how much it would cost for everything that's a part of the bundle. We haven't gotten any photos or any of those articles yet, meaning that in the next update they will probably finish it off and add it so that way it could be brought into the store.

This next operator skin is the same exact way we saw it for the very first time yesterday: a new update as well as the blog drop. We got to see it in quite a couple of photos, so they did advertise this operator skin a couple of times. The mask that he's wearing resembles the face of a bull as well as the horn, so like a skeletal version of that, it also has glowing eyes.

mw3 blue beetle bundle

I can't imagine this being a free operator; more than likely, it will be a part of a bundle. I'm not entirely sure which weapon blueprints he might be coming along with; we also saw him in the marketing for the Vortex LTM, which is going to be the next event that takes place after this holiday one, and because of that, it's safe to assume that he will probably be releasing at some point during that LTM.

Once again, we will probably need an update for them to add the remaining rest of the cosmetics and items that will come along with the weapon blueprints. The store icons Everything, like that next operator skin that was teased, is the ghost Jawbone operator outfit from Modern Warfare 2019. I saw many of you guys recognize instantly that this was from MW 2019.

And this is not an outfit that we currently have in the game, so the question is: why did they do that? Are they teasing us? Did they just want to reuse it? They could have used any hundred OP operators that are currently available for them to use, but they decided to use this one for this render.

mw3 bundles

It brings up the question: will we see The Return of This Operator Skin in Modern Warfare 3? We did see an El Secution make its way back into the game. We have occasionally seen them bring cosmetics from the OG War Zone to this newer version because the cosmetics couldn't carry on over, so it could make sense for them to bring this skin back into this new era, but the question is, will they actually do it other than this photo?

We have no proof that it will actually happen. This could be just for rendering purposes, just for nostalgic feels. There could be a number of reasons, but as of right now, we have no proof that it will actually come in. There's no mention of it in the files; it hasn't been leaked or anything like that.

NEW MW3 SECRET Operators REVEALED! Blue Beetle, Ghost Jawbone, MORE! - Modern Warfare 3.
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