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Modern Warfare 3's rank play just got a massive update they added a bunch of new guns absolutely changing up the meta so today I got youall with the new best setups to be using right now I guarantee you this hoger 556 is going to be the first gun to remove from rank play I think it's definitely way too strong takes over all the other guns it excels in medium range engagements, and at long range it doesn't do the best but since the MCW is so weak this thing is going to be dominating and so I would definitely use it while you can keep in mind the skin I'm rocking right now is the iridescent skin so I think I'm pretty qualified to show you what's good and what's not that good so for the first attachment we are going to be maximizing the range on the weapon since there really isn't any cons we're only going to be getting a lot of benefits look at the headshot damage this thing is doing 54, damage up to 44.2.

M that is dumb broken I don't even know why they brought it back I'm happy they did for a variation, but like it's not going to stay for that much longer we also get a lot of recoil control making it a lot easier to use that range and then to bring up some of that mobility, that we are losing for the under we got the dr6 hands stop keep in mind if the gun is a little bit too balancy maybe you're in like gold rank and below you might want to run the x10 Phantom 5 for me I am an iridescent.

cbass cod

So I usually like to have a little bit more mobility since I'm pretty good at controlling the recoil next to the muzzle. I do see some people rocking the casses break this one's going to be one of the best muzzles to eliminate that side to side bounce overall though I really like the compensate, flash hider so personally I'm going to be running that flash hider then for the optic you don't really need the optic I don't like the iron sights and I do a lot better with an optic but if you really do like the iron sight you could go over to the rear grip and then you could add the M grip this adds a lot of flinch resistance making it easy to stay on target if the enemy gets first shot on you but you know I would rather have an optic over that then for these stocks the best one for recoil, control is going to be the adult assault stock, we get that gun kick control whenever you're building your own build makes sure you have a lot of gun kick control that's going to severely.

Reduce the bounce on the gun, and then we just get overall base recoil control without really losing too many cons, so if you guys do want a screenshot, there you go. This thing is meta; you have to rock it. By the way, if you are stuck in rank play and want to boost, then I would check out my long-term sponsor.

Guapi; they will play in your account legitimately, boost your rank, and they can also unlock anything you wish on the game. You can scour the internet, and you won't find a single negative review. For the next gun, this is going to be the HR M9. I don't think it's going to be too popular; it does kill very quickly, but you guys can see that the bouncy recoil is going to make it a little bit inconsistent at long range, but if you're up in the enemy's face, you're going to be frying.

Like this thing is a little bit op, when you're up and close with the enemy, so to reduce that bouncy recoil, we do have the comve flash hider. You guys are going to see that a lot of the builds are pretty similar; this is going to be one of the best muzzles in the game. Another pretty good one is going to be the purifier.

Overall the flash hider is going to do the most, for the under if you don't mind a little bit more bouncy recoil then I would run the dr6 hand stop you're going to get over more mobility, and handling making it a little bit easier for rushing but I don't really like the bouncy recoil so for me I'm going to run the Phantom 5 and then for the next attach we are going to be adding a optic if I don't run an optic I'll quickly show you guys this thing is pretty bouncy, like it's just a little bit you know iffy in rank play like War Z Zona doesn't matter but for rank play it's a little bit iffy so it actually feels like there's a lot less recoil, if you do run an optic you don't really need a magazine or Barrel if you are going to run a barrel run the princeps long barrel is severely boost up that damage range.

I just don't think you need that much damage range; if I were to run this, it would just be for the bow velocity. Since the higher the bow velocity you have, the better the hit registration you have on the game, and then to add a lot of recoil control, we got the folding stock. This is going to be one of the best attachments for this gun if you want recoil control, and it really doesn't hurt the weapon whatsoever.

This is going to give you a lot of horizontal recoil control as well as fireing, stability, and reducing that vertical as well. Yes, we are going to be losing a little bit of our range, but just trust me, those pros are going to outweigh those cons. You're going to see all the pros running basically this exact build; they do run the DR6 hand stop just because this one does give you mobility and handling; they're pretty good at the game to the point where they don't need that much recoil or control.

I tried it out, and it wasn't bad, but, like you know, at long range or medium range, if I needed to pick those fights, I was struggling. Phantom 5 really does help, and I think the majority of you guys would like the Phantom 5, especially if you know I'm in Irides and I like the Phantom. You guys will probably like the Phantom as well.

If you want to get better at the game, or if you don't want to get better, you don't have to do that. So next attachment, to severely reduce that side-to-side bounce, we got the hvs 3.4. As you guys can see, we are aiming for auto stability, which is going to reduce that initial sway, making it easier to hit the first shot, and when you hit the first shot on the enemy, it's going to be easier to land the rest of these shots, allowing you to get a very fast time to kill.

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