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I hope everybody's having a great day. We are here on mod Warfare 3 today, and we are going to be giving you Shotti's rival 9 class setup if you guys want to use this in rank play or even in HBS. I have been using this rival 9-class setup for the whole season, and I did hit iridescent using this SMG.

Rival 9 class setup

Today Here, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to go ahead and get into the class before we get into Rival 9. I do use a retti in my back pocket, and of course you can build it the way you want. We have stung Grenade with the Frag Grenade Trophy System and assault gloves. Assault gloves are going to help you when you are running and jumping.

best ranked play class setup

Your ads will be improved so it's not going to be that hard to do so if you do like to jump a lot your accuracy is going to be good while using assault gloves these are my go-to gloves, we have convert sneakers on of course in rank play people like the sound horse so this is really good to have on and then EOD padding a lot of people throw grenades you're either going to use EOD padding or you're going to use Tac mask if you get stunned more or if you get hit by nades more it really just personal preference what you think you're going to use but ladies and gentlemen we're going to go ahead and get into the class set up here the very first attachment, is going to be the Rival SE clear shot Barrel, this Barrel is going to give a lot of boost to your range Your recoil control is helping out the horizontal and vertical recoil.

We want to turn this thing into a beam and be able to shoot at pretty far ranges because, as you see in some of those Pros, they are beaming people at very far ranges who are using assault rifles, the MCW, and still getting smoked by an SMG. The Rival 9 is an insane weapon when you know how to use it and are very accurate with it.

best rival 9 class setup

Mobility and accuracy are going to go down a bit, but again, it's still a really fast gun in the game, and you're not even going to notice some of these slow-down things. The second attachment is going to be the purified muzzle break. We have horizontal recoil firing aim stability, which is going to be boosted here.

The range will go down just a tad, but not to worry; this thing still absolutely deletes the enemy competition that ranges. Pretty far, for our third attachment, here we have the Dr. 6 hand stop. This is going to boost your mobility. This is going to give you some of that speed back for running and gunning handling, as well as speed all of that stuff.

This is a really great attachment for all of that. The fourth attachment that we have on the list here is the MTZ Maritor Stock. This is one of those things that will really increase your recoil control on the weapon. Your recoil gun kick is going to go down minus 10%. It's going to help out a ton, but with this attachment, it is going to make the gun heavier, so your mobility and handling will go down just a tad again.

You're not going to really notice the difference. The final attachment on this weapon is the Rival Vice assault grip. This grip is going to help out your recoil control tremendously; it's going to boost up The recoil gun kicks horizontal and vertical recoil, making this gun an absolute beam, and that is going to do it for the five attachments we show in the firing range.

Here, you can see how well this thing hits. On some of these targets, even the back target, most of the time you're not even going to shoot the back target, but you could still hold down your trigger and hit that guy pretty, Easily. That is going to do it for the Rival 9 class setup. Go ahead and get right into it.

Rival 9 nuke gameplay

Rival 9 nuke gameplay

all right I get to try out the Rival 9 on some Stash House and see how this goes. I haven't really played a lot of pugs on Stash House yet, so this might be a little crazy. Join up in a bit, maybe when I open Lobby Search. AFK There it is. I got it, even though it wasn't. I was trying to do with the RI, but I kept running out of ammo with it, so whoever MCW this is, thank you.

I just got the nuke with it. GG's got just SP on my.

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