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This Striker class is a guaranteed game changer with its awesome recoil control and accuracy, and the FJX Loadout definitely packs a punch for mid- and close-range single-shot kills all right. Let's get into it. Starting off, we're going to use the Lockman Recon series stock, which will increase recoil control for those aim-down sight shots.

Next, we're going to add the Cronin Mini Pro Optics. Personally, I think this is one of the best optics in MW2 and 3. On this particular build, we're going to skip over the laser barrel and muzzle for the underbarrel. We're going to use the TV record grip for better accuracy when aiming while walking and hitting fire.

Next, we're going with the 45 Auto over-pressed ammo, which gives you overall better damage than any other. Ammo, we're going to go in with a 48-round mag for this build. It gives you just enough to take care of business but doesn't slow you down on that reload speed. All in all, you can't go wrong with this Striker build for close to mid-range shots.


Now moving on to the incredible secondary weapon build for this, we will be using the fjx, Imperium. We're going to use the blueprint heavyweight. I'll go through the attachments used for this for those of you who don't have the blueprint, but this build has great accuracy, range, and recoil. Control Heavyweight uses the Drexam Prime 90 optic, which is an incredible thermal scope.

It also uses the SOS 29 barrel, the BVM 338 muzzle, and the skull 40 rear grip. For the rest of this weapon class, we're going in with a tactical flash grenade for the lethal, going in with the Simex, and going in with the Munitions box field upgrade because, as you know, sharing is caring, and we're going in with the Marksman gloves for better aim-down sight control.

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We're also going to run the bone conductor gear to reduce combat noise so you can hear where the enemy is. Don't forget to apply the Gunner vest; this is my personal favorite. not only allows you to carry two primary weapons, but it also increases your reload speed. You should give this custom Class A try; it's definitely a game

Custom "STRIKER" Class MW3 Best STRIKER Class Setup Modern Warfare 3.
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