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We just learned a couple of days ago that the sales numbers for Modern Warfare 3 are down 38% compared to last year with Modern Warfare 2, and right before that news came out, we started to get some leaks and rumors in regards to Cod 2024, which is try's next game, which is likely going to be Black Ops Golf War, kind of weird how that works out right most of these leaks or a lot of these things that happen I do genuinely believe that a lot of it is just very clever marketing on the part of Activision, but regardless, we got some new details, and we're going to cover that here in today's article.

So, like I said, lots of weaks and rumors have been coming out over the past couple months in regards to the Black Ops golf war from industry insiders, places like Windows Central. Tom Henderson, as well as the game files themselves, for War Zone Mobile So here's basically everything we know because we haven't really talked about this game in a while, and I just want to kind of give a quick breakdown of all we've learned so far.


Try's next game, which people thought was Black Ops 5, Black Ops 6, whatever. It's probably going to be Black Ops: Golf War, and most likely it's going to be set in the 1990s. During the golf War it's going to have more of a traditional, military vibe to it right it's going to be Old School Technology, as compared to what we're used to with the Modern Warfare Series right now and because it's going to be the Gulf War there's also going to be a bunch of relics from like Vietnam and stuff that was used in Black Ops Cold War because of course that game was set in the80s it's going to be a direct sequel to Black Ops Cold War, some Black Ops maps from what we've heard are going to be returning the two that were leaked a while ago are wmd, and grid but is said that the game is going to have a whole bunch of original Maps but year two is going to be different like activation has this new.

Mentality, at least for right now. I mean, you know, back when we had the advanced movement games, we're like. No, is it going to be an advanced movement forever? because we had three straight advanced movement games, but of course that wasn't the case. They tend to go on these little streaks of trying out different things, and they run with that for a bit, and then they get a new idea, and they jump to that, but when it comes to Cod D 2024, it seems like they're going to basically be doing what they're doing right now with Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3.

black ops gulf war

It said that Black Ops Golf War is going to have a year two, again similar to what we have right now, where Trar is going to release their game in 2024. And then Trar themselves, or possibly another developer, are going to handle 2025. Game, which is going to be a direct sequel to Black Ops Golf War, now what we've learned so far is actually really interesting.

It sounds like they're really going to be copying and pasting the entire idea of what they're doing right now with the Modern Warfare franchise because right now it's said that Black Ops Golf War is going to come out; it's going to be in the 90s; it's all going to be fantastic; and what not, it's going to be kind of a throwback Treyarch game, more like the old school like the original Black Ops, which sounds cool, and then in 2025.

black ops gulf war multiplayer

They're going to release another game, but that game is said to have no original maps at launch; rather, they're going to have all the Black Ops 2 maps returned and have them remastered. That would actually be pretty interesting, so we're going to have a game called Black Ops Golf War set in the 90s, but then the year after that, all the maps are going to be from Black Ops 2 and in my head.

I thought to myself. Well, that doesn't really seem to make that much sense. Like, how could they possibly pull that off unless we're doing a massive time jump? Then we have, like, half the game being carried forward with content from the 1990s and 1980s. Technology and weapons and stuff like that, and then we jump up into, like, the 2020s, which is just like 30 to 40 years.

It's kind of weird, right? But I really don't think it'd be that hard because, just looking at some of these maps right here—I mean, Black Ops 2's maps weren't crazy futuristic. I mean, the game itself had some kind of weird technology back in the day; some of it was semi-futuristic; a lot of the guns at the time didn't even properly exist, but the game was still futuristic because we were all the way back in 2012.

black ops gulf war verdansk

You know things are definitely subject to change, but it said that round-base zombies will be returning with Cod 20124. And there's going to be two round-based maps available at launch when it comes to war zones. We just learned this the other day, apparently, according to industry insiders, when War Zone comes out for COD 2024.

It's going to be Verdansk. The return of Verdansk, which has a lot of War Zone fans, is a really big deal, and they're all pretty excited about that. Now, one other thing we've learned recently is that, well, this is going to be like an ongoing article series as we get more details and more information about Black Ops Golf War, but it's said that right now Activision is going to be leaning towards a very heavy pre-order bonus with that game, and I'm not talking about crazy Juggernog refrigerators or anything like that.

cod 2024

Apparently, what they're going to be doing is pre-orders, which are going to allow players to have several days of early access to the multiplayer games and then maybe even weeks of early access for the other modes, like campaigns. And even zombies—they're doing that a lot right now. On the blizzard side of things, with World of Warcraft, it looks like they're going to be doing the same thing with Call of Duty on the Activision side of things, but keep in mind that Black Ops Golf War.

Black Ops 6, or whatever the hell they're going to be calling this year's game, it's going to be the first game that Microsoft is going to own right from the very beginning. Obviously, this game has been in development for like three or four years now, which means it's likely going to be the most complete-feeling game that we've had.

Freaking pretty much in the last five years, which sounds great, but Microsoft is going to be at the helm, and that's going to be nice. If you guys don't know, like that whole PlayStation exclusivity nonsense, it dies with Modern Warfare 3. Even though Microsoft is taking over, they've said in the past that there will be same-day content and feature parody in the Cod franchise going forward after Modern Warfare 3 is finished, so starting off with Cod 2024, no more of that exclusivity.

Black Ops Gulf War is said to be COD 2024 by Treyarch, and today we take a look at the leaks that have come out as well as new ones that just surfaced.
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