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With the ridiculous amount of attachment choices that we have here in this game, it can be difficult to find good class setups, especially when every single class setup article is like 30 minutes long. What we're going to do here today is just go through the classes that I personally use; a lot of these I found online; other ones I came up with myself; and without further ado, let's just go ahead and jump on into it.

A quick note on your actual CL itself Pick whatever you want for me personally in just about every single class. I run this setup right here, the infantry vest, because that gives me access to a tactical lethal. I get a field upgrade glove, boots, and a piece of gear. And My Perks rarely change; usually it's going to be Marksman gloves, along with the covert sneakers, and then on top of that, whatever I need for my piece of gear, whether that may be an EOD, ghost, or attac mask depending on the particular game mode or the particular lobby I'm playing in.

Your field upgrade is really up to you; your lethal; your tactical is up to you, but your secondary; it should not be up to you; you should definitely be using it. The retes—right here, the dual retes—are incredibly powerful. This is my personal setup. I'm sure you've seen them in like every single article I've posted since Modern Warfare 3 came out.

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You may remember watching me play with a striker a lot in my articles ever since Modern Warfare 3 first dropped, and here is going to be my striker setup that I found online. I did not come up with it myself, but I did find success with it right away, and it quickly became one of my favorite guns. Here within Modern Warfare 3, despite the fact that overall submachine guns feel pretty damn weak, within this game next up we have everybody's favorite gun, the MCW, the gun you see in every single lobby here in Modern Warfare 3.

What I have here is my personal take on a setup that a lot of people use in competitive play. Although some of these attachments cannot be used in competitive play, regardless, what you get is a gun that has virtually no recoil. It's really easy to use. You stay off the mini map, and it shreds people out of range.

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Obviously, one of the better guns of the entire game I try not to use it that much because it feels cheap, but yeah, very good MCW class right there. Next up, we have the Hoger 556, though for me personally. I like to run the conversion kit, the Jack signal burst, which will make it a four-round burst rifle, which is kind of akin to the old storage fish that we had in a game like Black Ops 4.

These are the attachments I run on it personally, and I really enjoy using it. I've been posting it in a lot of my articles as of recently, but if you don't want to run it with the burst fire, just simply get rid of the conversion kit and throw on whatever you want, whether that may be an ammo attachment, maybe you want to change up the barrel, or maybe you want to put a rear grip on whatever.

This is how I like to run my horse. I like getting into burst mode, though full auto is not that bad either. Speaking of burst rifles, here's probably the best burst rifle in the game, the DG 56. I came up with this setup a long time ago, back towards when the game first came out, when I was leveling up the gun, and I fell in love immediately.

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A lot of you guys are probably going to look at the 20-round magazine and say that is absolutely silly. Why would you possibly go about that? But keep in mind the DG 5617, And no time passes, and then you're ready to fire again. Of course, you do have that smaller magazine, but the trade-offs are well worth it, in my opinion.

You have faster aim-down sight speed, you have faster movement speed, and in general, it allows you to be more aggressive. With the DG and the gun already pretty damn good at that, that is one of my favorite class setups to use here within Modern Warfare 3. Next up, we have a relatively new gun in the form of the HMR 9 submachine gun.

I came up with this setup myself, and I freaking love it. Nothing fancy, nothing crazy, but this is one of the better Close Quarters guns in the game. It just feels so good to have the suppressor on there, bobing and weaving and fighting, then, of course, running the hollow point ammo to really annoy the opposing team, which is fantastic.

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I love this SMG, and in fact, I have a hard time putting it down, which is why you guys see it so frequently. In my articles since I got it back during season 1 here's a setup for the SBA 545, that I came up with back when the game first came out I had a really hard time making this gun good like it seemed like it had the potential to be good but I never could find the right attachments until I eventually found this setup right here which has this rifle shredding people at a distance and keep in mind the sbaa 545 or the a94, wherever you want to call it does have a really interesting Quirk where you can put it in two round burst mode and some people say that's really good but in general you just fire this gun and burst even while having it in full auto and it's also good and in fact you can actually empty your magazine Faster by burst firing this thing in full auto mode as compared to just holding down the trigger, while in full auto mode it's a really awkward gun in that sense, but it's also very fun to use, and that's why I recommend trying out this SBA 545.

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I fell in love with this setup, like you can just copy the attachments; you don't have to have the blueprint; just put the same attachments on, and you get the same result, and it feels really damn good. In fact, my personal best game of Modern Warfare 3 so far was playing Hardpoint on Rundown, using this setup right here, so again, it came from the battle pass.

I didn't make it up myself, but try this out if you guys haven't already, if you've been wanting to have a good class for the MTZ. Next up, we have the Lockwood 680. I don't recommend using shotguns in this game. You guys know me. I love pump-action shotguns. In general, pump action shotguns are typically at the very top of my combat record and virtually every single Cod, but whether it's the balancing that we have here in Modern Warfare 3 or the larger maps from the Modern Warfare 2 map remakes or whatever, shotgunning is a lot harder to do in this game, but this is going to be the best classup that I have personally found for the Lockwood 680.

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I straight up ripped this class from Sandy Ravage because I was watching him stream War Zone, and this was the gun that he was using, and it was tearing people up in War Zone, so I'm like. I'm going to try it out on multiplayer, and lo and behold, it's pretty damn good in multiplayer. As well, and then, of course, in war zones, you can overkill by default, so we overkilled that with a cat AMR sniper rifle, and I called it the ravage.

I used to do class guides a lot in previous years, so I figured I'd try it again here in MW3.
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