News - Wow. Activision Is Selling A "100" Camo Now. And It's Just An Old Reskin. Warzone 2 Gold Cheetah Drama


Activision banned 58, 000. Yesterday on Call of Duty accounts, a lot of people were using unlock tools to unlock whatever camos and cosmetics they wanted. What's kind of funny about this is that a lot of these people are using non-legitimate cosmetics. They are using them in their articles and their live streams.

Can you believe it? It makes no sense. Activision has said in the past that unlocking tools is a banable offense, so it should come as no surprise that people using these tools are getting their accounts shut down. But here's where things get really funny. Have you ever wondered why Activision has never really enforced these rules before?

Isn't it weird that people have been doing this stuff for years and Activision has always kind of just looked the other way? Well, the reason why they may be cracking down on this now is because of this camo right here, the gold cheetah camo. It's brand new to Modern Warfare 3, although it does look incredibly similar to the gold cheetah camo that we could earn.

cod dollars80 bundle

Back in Call of Duty: World War II, kind of weird if you look at it that way, but regardless, this camo here, in case you're wondering, is usable in Modern Warfare 3. It's usable in the war zone, but it cannot be earned; it can only be purchased. You get this camo for spending. 100 or more dollars within the official Tod merchandise shop, so you go get yourself some hoodies, some official Cod shorts, and some official C deodorant, which doesn't even work; it just compels women even further.

If you go buy $100 worth of that stuff, you will get the Cod World War II camo reskin, here from Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone. So in essence, now that there is a 100+ dollar camo available for people to get, Activision is suddenly cracking down on the unlock tool cheaters. It's kind of weird right now.

Look, I'm all for them cracking down on people who are exploiting the game. If people earn things in the game legitimately, then that shouldn't be dirtied and sued by people cheating to unlock the same stuff that's even playing Ground here. Let's have a little bit of dignity here, as much as we can anyway, in the game of skill-based matchmaking.

cod drama

But still, it's funny to me that this stuff's been going on for years and they never really cared, but now that suddenly, when they're selling, in essence, a $100 reskin camo, they now just take the rules seriously, it's just kind of crazy. If you ask me now, obviously not everybody who was banned within the last 48 hours or so was banned for using unlock tools.

There are reports out there that the new Rico Chad anti-che update actually banned a bunch of innocent people because of something with the colonel-level drivers. Man. I don't understand this stuff, but apparently, sumon instant people are being banned, but even then. Activision has claimed that there is no such thing as a false, permanent ban, which honestly to me sounds like a lot of That's got to be [__].

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There's no such thing as a perfect system, let alone a perfect human being, so there has to be false permanent bands that happen; there just has to be false permanent bands that happen; there just has to be, but who knows? All I know is that if you keep your nose clean and don't download a bunch of nonsense to supercharge your controller, whatever that means, or lower your latency through some software you download, or basically just get anything that's going to give you an advantage outside of the game itself, you'll probably just be fine, until you aren't again.

This is the Activision and Team Rico chat we're talking about here, but ladies and gentlemen. There you have it. 100 camo is now available to purchase within Modern Warfare 3 in the war zone. Just one day after the $80 melee weapon came out, I told you guys this stuff would happen. The floodgates are opening, and it's only a matter of time until this stuff just becomes a mainstay in the Cod franchise.

They're going to try and become freaking Apex Legends over here with $300, knives, and [__]. Like that. I think those are just whales who are just too far gone when it comes to buying every microtransaction known to man, and I think those people are delusional. It's not just a bonus; it's a melee weapon for $80 and now a camo for $100.

dollars100 camo

You can look at it however you want, but it's something you can unlock in the game by spending an obscene amount of money. Whether you look at it as a bonus for spending $80 on bundles or you look at it as an $80 melee weapon that comes with extra skins, it's all the same, and that's also true of the new reskin of an old Cod World War II camo that they're selling for $100.

Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. There's the current Cod drama going on. Have a wonderful day.

Activision is really out here just banning people and selling 100 camos and 80 melee weapons.
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