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Mw3 season 3 godzilla x kong crossover event

Mw3 season 3 godzilla x kong crossover event

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we got early footage of the Godzilla Kong crossover event as well as all the upcoming operators. The details you need to know about the event include what the rewards are going to be, the new Beast Gloves weapon blueprint that's only available for a limited time, and so much more.

I did also post two articles yesterday; one went over the entire road map for MW3, and the second went over the battle pass, so if you missed that article, you want to see what the battle pass operators are going to look like, like the prices.

New mw3 rebirth island trailer & showcase

I ended up dropping off two brand new trailers today. The first one went over Rebirth Island, showcasing the different pois.

cod mw3 bundles

What it now looks like in the remastered version is that they also did an update to Modern Warfare 3. Now that it actually appears on the playlist, there's a little countdown until season 3 and when it'll be accessible, but this is the trailer where they showcase all the different POIS and the points of interest.

They also ended up showcasing a bunch of different photos, surprisingly, and all the trailer footage doesn't showcase the prison much, which I feel is one of the main points. It would also give us an idea as to which version of Rebirth Island they're going to be using; is it going to be the one where the prison has a crater on it?

we saw in the trailer that there was numerous occasions where the prison was completely destroyed, but they mentioned that was only because of infill streaks we then ended up getting a blog post where they showcased a bunch of different photos and the prison was among these photos and it looks like it's completely, intact they keeping it true to the way that rebirth Island originally looked they're not changing it up all too much I mean obviously some things are modernized, remastered and Polished, but overall it looks like it will give us the same exact experience that we had previously.

Do you think this remastered version of Rebirth Island does justice to the original?

Mw3 godzilla x kong: kong bundle operator showcase

Mw3 godzilla x kong: kong bundle operator showcase

But anyway, let's talk about some other things that are coming out, and that has to do with Kong Godzilla. If we received a new store update earlier today, this brought in the Kong Tracer pack bundle. We've already showcased this and talked about it before, but I'll just go ahead and showcase it one more time just in case, but this is going to cost you $2,400.

Cod features the armor Kong operator skin. It's now available in the store along with this bundle. I'll go ahead and showcase what that looks like. shout out to Austin 6 for the footage, but this is the entire finishing move set, so if you are interested in getting it, you know exactly what the finishing move will look like anyway.

Anyway, here's where the new information comes in.

Godzilla, skar king, & shimo operator bundle gameplay & showcase

cod mw3 season 3 bundles

This is going to be one of four operator bundles that are coming in from the Kong Godzilla crossover. The other bundles have a release date of April 4th, and season 3 goes live on April 3rd, so the next day after that, these operator skins are going to come in.

Along with that, there's also going to be an event that's going to be starting. I'll talk about the details, the rewards, and what you need to know about that in just a second. Cod dropped a trailer earlier today around 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time when the Kong bundle dropped, and they also showcased the other operator skins that are going to be coming out, and in specific, they showcased the Scar King as well as Godzilla.

cod mw3 shimo

And in my opinion these bundles look a little bit better than the Kong armor one you can see that the Godzilla one looks like it's going to be a fully animated, skin they showcase the finishing move for that operator, they also showcase some of the weapon Blueprints, and you can see that they all look animated, which in my opinion already looks a little bit better than the Kong armor one that they have in the store so before you pull the trigger on that Godzilla skin if you're not 100% sure I would wait until these other ones come out because they are releasing April 4th which is just a couple days from now the Kong armor skin is not going to go away it'll stay the same but here's what you can expect so it says right here the racer pack Godzilla Kong New Empire scar King Bundle will come with the ape operator skin, two different weapon blueprints, a charm, a loading screen, a large decal, and the Whiplash Unleashed finishing move.

cod mw3 shimo operator

We know what the finishing move looks like already; they now showcase the operator; it looks like he's holding one of the weapon blueprints right here in this photo, and then they also showcase a little bit of gameplay footage within the trailer. More than likely, the bundle will cost you $2,400. Cod points This is an early look at what the scar King's face looks like in the little mask that he's wearing; he's also holding a weapon blueprint, which to be either for the I think looks like the Ram 9, not the Ram 7, and then it's like it's fully red with white stripes on it, and at some point when he's shooting it, there's blue tracers coming out, which doesn't really match the color of the operator's skin or what he looks like, but these are tracers that are going to be available nonetheless.

And then the next bundle we have is going to be the Godzilla Kong Tracer Pack Godzilla bundle. This will also feature the Godzilla operator skin, two weapon blueprints, a charm, a loading screen, a large decal, and the field's Heat Ray finishing move. Here, what makes this bundle interesting is that it starts off blue.

You can see that when they first introduce it, it's blue, and then as the trailer progresses and goes on, it ends up turning into a purple color. I believe that's what actually happens to Godzilla in the movie, so it seems like the skin might be reactive depending on how many eliminations you get; it may end up evolving.

Maybe there's two versions of the skin, two different color variations, and then you see the weapon blueprints. When you pause it right here, you see that there are like purple stripes coming down, and the tracers are purple as well. I can't point out exactly what that weapon is. At the very end of the trailer, they showcase or tease at one other operator skin, and that is going to be the Tracer Pack Godzilla Kong New Empire Shimu Bundle, which will feature Shimu operator skin, two different weapon blueprints, a charm, a flash grenade skin, and a loading screen large decal. 2, 400 but honestly, I won't be surprised if they try to charge you $3, 000 for the Shimu bundle.

NEW MW3 Godzilla x Kong Operator Bundles EARLY GAMEPLAY! Shimo Skar King, Godzilla Season 3 Operator Bundles Godzilla x Kong Event Gameplay.
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