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So season 3 of Modern Warfare 3 finally came out. We did end up reaching iridescent last season, so I did end up getting dropped back to Diamond One. My God, after all this time, you hit it. I hit it. Let's go. But with the new season coming out, that means they dropped a brand new update, and with the brand new update, that also means they messed a lot of things up; they just screwed with our guns a lot, all the meta weapons, and that has been the big topic of discussion for the past few days on Twitter with the whole Pro scene for the MCW.

They decreased the headshot damage multiplier, and you can't for shot kill with the head shot anymore, so it's basically like there's no headshot multiplier you're going to need to, get probably like two or three head shots landed in a row on someone to end up killing them fast, and it takes like seven bullets to kill at super long range now, and it's pretty annoying.

You could really feel a difference in the gun; they just straight up Nerf this gun to the floor; it feels like you don't have this MCW. This is my favorite one to use a lot of the pros. Use this one; you could take a screenshot, or just listen to me; it's still the same one as before; it's just the difference that they nerfed this gun, so it's going to feel a lot different barrels.

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The MCW. Cyclone long barrel, the optic I like using a red dot I just can't use, the other one, the MK3 reflector. I don't know what it is, but when I use the MK3 reflector, it just feels like my bullets aren't hitting as much as they are when I have the Slate reflector on. I don't know if it's a mental thing to run the RB.

Precision heavy stock, the RB claw PSL grip, and the DR6 hand stop. You should probably already have this on. If you don't, then here it is right now, and you can try this one out if you want. My number one tip for trying out new guns is don't go into a rank game right away and just try to use this gun.

Go into a private match and load up the bots. Shoot like over 100 bots, see if you like the gun, and try to get used to it because you're not going to be like Dashy right away and beaming everyone just with a brand new class. You do have to get used to the gun, and for the Rival 9, the barrel is the Rival C clear shot long barrel, the muzzle is the Purif fireal muzzle, and the underbarrel is the Dr.

best class setups mw3

6 hand stop The rear grip is the Rival Vice assault grip, and the stock is the MTZ Marauder stock. Like I said, it is the same one. I doubt this one is going to change, but since the pros think the Rival 99 is so much more OP than the MCW, now I think they're trying to take off a muzzle to try to make this gun less OP, so I don't know what's going to happen.

Apparently the votes didn't go through; it's a whole bunch of gentleman's agreements. So basically, the pros it's a whole bunch of g mean gentleman agreement so basically the pros, they all vote on what they want and don't want in the game and they come together and make a gentleman's agreement and whatever they don't want in the game they could remove it, so I'm thinking that they're going to either remove a barrel or the muzzle.

But like I said, I would try these guns out in a private match first just to see if you liked them, and the next gun I'm going to show you is actually the WSP. Swarm, the only thing about this gun is that it did get GA, meaning that the pros found it too overpowered, and they all agreed to not use the gun in pro matches.

best meta classes in mw3 ranked play

That's because the pros G8 them, and they're basically too overpowered, and none of them want to use them anymore, but this gun is crazy if you want to have fun in rank play. I would suggest using this gun right here. The barrel is the wsp, reckless 90-long barrel. Under the muzzle, I had the L4R flash hider, and under the barrel, I had the Kumara RY N03 vertical grip.


The rear grip is the marauder grip, and the stock is the FSS, rampage, tactical, and this gun is crazy up close. I feel like it just deletes people; it shotguns people. They fired this gun so fast. It's like they couldn't compete against it like imagine this gun on a Rio running three of these it would be actually insane, but what I don't get with this whole GA and this whole Pro thing is most of the maps are catered towards ARS, so in my head I'm like why don't you just let these guns in and the ARs are still going to be fine no matter what because most the maps cater to ARS, except for Rio that's literally probably the only one that doesn't cater to a AR but at the same time like I guess it's different when you're playing against simp and a bey running around with wsp, swarms you know but I mean they know what they're doing more than we are but I would like to see a multiple gun meta like Back in Black Ops 4 they were running three guns at the time but that's it for the wsp.

Swarm, the next one is the striker. 9), so this gun has been available to use, but the Rival 9 has kind of always been better than it. It's kind of just been like the second-tier gun you can use if you do want to use it. Here's this is actually shoty, Clash right here, and I know a lot of you guys are shotsy and optic fans, so I would suggest trying out this one at least.


Like I said before, if you use any of these guns in a match, try them out in a private match to see if you like them or not. But the barrel is the striker's Recon long barrel. The muzzle is the L4R flash hider. The underbarrel is the DR6, the hand stop rear grip is the sacken ZX grip, the stock is the RB kadus, the assault stock, and this gun it's like it's kind of like a not do with all gun, but it's better at long range than the wsp Swarm.

I still feel like the Rival 9 is better just because it shoots; it just shoots so fast if this gun shoots a little faster. I think it would probably be used over the Rival 9 in a lot of the matches, but it just shoots really slow, like the WSP Swarm shoots really fast too, but it doesn't kill fast and long range like the Rival does.

So the thing about the Rival compared to these guns is that it also has like no recoil; it's easy to control it, so when you're going up against good players, they really make you feel how overpowered the gun is, but it's like I was iridescent, so a lot of the iridescent players could literally map you with the Rival 9 if they have really good shots.

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And sometimes you're sitting there in shock, like, say, the top three on Karach with the AR, and you're shooting a guy across the map, and they just beam you with the sub, and you're just sitting there in shock, like, what did I just witness right now? That literally made no sense to me at all, and I'm sorry, but for the WSP Swarm.

In todays video im going to be showing you guys the new meta classes after this horrible update we just got after they nerfed the two best guns everyone uses. Although we still use the same guns they got incredibly weaker.
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