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So today, not only do I have the top five best guns for you guys, but I also have the top five guns that I use the absolute most in this game. I'm going to show you guys right here my combat record. I'm not lying; these are actually my most-used weapons. We got the SVA 545 on number one; obviously, I love that gun.

We got the WSP Swarm on number two, my favorite SMG, and we got the MCW, number numble, number three, the Rival 9, and the Amr9 guys. Let's get into this topic quickly, guys. Before we get into this article, if you like any of those five guns that I just mentioned, make sure to drop a like on this.

If you guys are new around here with those noces or not, we're going to get into these class setups because I don't want to wait any longer. I want to talk about them and my favorite one, which is us. We're going to start with the SVA 545. The reason it is my favorite gun in this game is that I'm all stuck here.

Why can't I leave? Maybe I have to use my mouse. I don't know. That's weird that's really it; it's not letting me do anything, all right? yeah, the reason it's my favorite weapon in the game is for two reasons. Reason number one is that it's the SVA; it's just that you get it and unlock it really soon.

best class

It's easy to use; it's nice to use, but number two is that it actually shoots really fast for an assault rifle, and some people were telling me that if you actually turn this into a burst weapon rather than a fully automatic weapon, it's even better, so I'm going to try that out eventually, but for the time being, let's get into the SBA 545.

I always update my classes a little bit, but this one is one that I don't think I changed, so if I've given you guys this class before. I'm not sure if many things have changed on it, maybe one or two things, but for the most part, we got the NT quiet suppressor. I don't normally suggest a suppressor like this for you guys because it does give a lot, but it takes away bullet velocity and range, which is something you don't want to lose too much on an AR, but if you look at these stats right here, you're losing 20%.

best class setup

Now you got to kind of think: is it worth losing 20% of all that to gain all of these speed adjustments that you guys can see right here, so we got 4.4% for movement speed all right, maybe not that worth it? Crouch movement speed: 5.5. Again, it's all right, but then we got the ad movement speed, which is 7.4.

That's when you're aiming on sights; you could still move kind of fast, and I like strafing when shooting and stuff, and that's when you're moving left and right because you're a harder target to hit, so to me, that's kind of worth it. You got ads speed almost a 10% increase and Sprint of Fire over a 10% increase.

I think it's worth it. I'm not going to be going for long-range too much. I kind of rush with this gun, which kind of defeats the purpose of an AR, but it is worth using it as a rushan class, so definitely go ahead and do so. The underbarrel in this one is going to be the x10 Phantom 5 hand. This gives you guys even more Sprint to fire even more ads, but the best part about it is that you get those two amazing Pros, but you also get vertical recoil and gun kit control, which is really weird to get all of those together, but it is what it is, so it's actually really nice.

best gun

The only negatives are horizontal recoil at 1.4 and then some hipfire and tactical stance stuff that I don't really care for. We're getting 8.5 sprints of fire. 8.1 ads 3.9 gun kit control and 4.6. For the vertical recoil control, I think it's worth it. 45-round mags, we got to run it, and then we got the demo 650 grip right here, which gives us a lot of stuff to help with accuracy.

78 for vertical recoil, 7.3 for horizontal recoil, and 10 for gun kick control. Not only is this gun really good up close, but it's actually a laser, so if you are going for those long-range shots, it's going to draw people in insanely fast, and we got the main V6 stock right here for gun kick control and recoil control as well at 21%.

10 and 10 or 12.2 are bad, so it's kind of like we're losing some Sprint of Fire for 4.6, but we already have so much that I actually don't care if I lose that. Let's be honest, but let's move on to gun number two here, which is the WSP, Swarm. I know I have the class somewhere; there's no way I would delete my swarm class.

best guns

Here it is, guys: the WSP Swarm, one of the better SMGs in the game. I'm not going to say it's the best; we're saving that one for last. I don't think the WSP Swarm is the best. Actually, I might not put it last. I might put it next class or the class after, but this is the second-best SMG, in my opinion.

If this is your favorite SMG, use the one that I'm going to tell you after this as well; you're going to love them. Both, so we got the pestilence barrel for this one. This one gives us recoil control gun kit control quite a bit of it as well, but at the cost of a lot of ads, so we're getting 177% recoil gun kick control.

We're getting 16.2% horizontal and 15.9% vertical, but we're losing. 21.8 ads␔that is crazy. That's a huge amount. We're so lucky that this is the smallest SMG in the game. It weighs nothing. It is what it is. Man, you could already have ads really fast, so it doesn't matter too much. The underbarrel is the WSP Venom grip.


By the way, guys, if you hear any yelling in the background, my wife is playing with my son. They're playing Mario Kart. They always do it. It's fun it is what it is. In this one right here, we're losing Sprint to Fire by 2 points, per who cares, and we're getting recoil gun kick control at 1.1%.

Not much, but we're getting horizontal at 10.9, and this gun has a lot of horizontal kick to it, so definitely throwing this on is worth it. 100% We got the VK laser. I normally don't run an underbarrel and a laser together, but in this class it just seems to work, so this one right here is for aiming stability, ads, and Sprint of Fire.

We're getting quite a decent amount of it. The ad is 5.2, and we're still kind of negative 15% on that ad, and then we got the 9.4 for Sprint of Fire, so we're positive on Sprint of Fire at least, and we're going to be negative again with it right here because yeah, we got 50 round mags; it's worth running 50.

class setup

I recommend it, but yeah, we kind of need that gun kick control, recoil control, and firing aim stability. Attacks spread every ative to movement possible practically not much though 1.7 ads, 1.5 Sprint speed like really low stuff The highest one is sprint to fire at 6%, but look at all that recoil control we're getting: 28%.

Recoil gun kick control is 22 horizontal and 20 vertical. This gun is actually really solid, and the reason I don't mind losing a lot of movement speed, ad speed, and all that kind of stuff with it is because this gun is already so small; it's already so fast. We don't need to worry now; the next weapon on this list is going to be the MCW.

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