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In today's article, we're going to be talking about how everyone is getting banned in Modern Warfare 3, or at least it seems like it at the moment with this new wave ban that has gone through from Activision and Sledgehammer, etc. It's typically the same people you know who cheat, then make new accounts, and the cycle kind of repeats itself over and over again; however, this one was a little bit different because a lot of people would say they are legit and claim they're legit, and I'll put it in quotations because it's kind of iffy with this one but a new ban basically.

Why everyone is getting banned in mw3

Well, a new reason to be banned has now been pretty much come up with, and a lot of streamers have been called even actual Pro players because of this, and you're probably wondering. So what have they done? How come there's been like this huge band wave just this past week or the last like 3 days so far, over 58, 000?

anti cheat update

Accounts were banned in Call of Duty: Cross Wars and MW3. And the reason for this seems to be that it's not official from Activision; they didn't say it was because of this, but it seems to be the most plausible reason. The unlock tool is okay. A lot of people use the unlock tool, of course, to get camos, skins, and stuff like that.

They wouldn't normally have access to it unless they actually grinded the game, and a lot of people do this for many reasons. Of course, some people can't grind the game, so I do get that, but in my eyes, it's going to sound controversial. Using an unlock tool is cheating. Okay, you know you should have to play the game.

You should do so. You know, play the game, see how it's supposed to be played, and get the stuff. How you're supposed to get the stuff, like the reason those camos are really hard to unlock and are quite a long grind, is because they're supposed to be prestigious, so those people who do go out there and grind the game and get those camas, etc.

bam banned live

I'm not really sure myself; obviously. I've never used an unlock tool, which is why I never got affected by the bands, and I'm sure many of you watching this article didn't get affected by the bands either, but a lot of streamers got caught by this, a lot of like Pro players and professional Call of Duty players who were actually apparently using the unlock tool on their professional CDL accounts, which is quite interesting, so it's interesting to know whether or not those accounts got banned.

I imagine they probably got rescinded though, obviously activation. I want those Pro players to be using those Pro Player accounts; otherwise, it's going to be a massive PR thing, but they did say a statement from an Activision rep saying to be wary of bold claims made by cheaters trying to sell subscriptions to their Wares # team rochet.

Target has been launching a series of Target cheat vendor enforcements, resulting in over 58, 000 detected accounts being banned yesterday. More banned waves are expected, so there's more to come yet, but they said basically, you know, they've found more; there are different cheaters, of course, that provide different cheats in different ways; they all have different ways of, you know, servicing their cheats, and Activision has, of course, you know, found out how to ban or detect these cheats, but the likelihood it seems to is that they are targeting people who are using unlock tools, and again.

Mw3 unlock tools being targeted by mw3 anti cheat

Mw3 unlock tools being targeted by mw3 anti cheat

I am on the side of where this should actually get targeted because it just doesn't make the game prestigious. I understand like people don't have the time in that but I feel like something you're just going to have to accept you know if you can't get the camo because you can't grind enough to get the camo, then you can't have the camo the idea is and we've kind of lost this over Call of Duty over the years right remember when like being prestige master was prolific, and you were like Top Dog in the lobby that meant a lot because people realize, okay yes you play the game a lot but at the same time like it takes a lot of grind a lot of effort to get there and it's kind of a reward for playing the game and being good at the game you know you don't have to be good at the game but most of the time you have to be good at the game to unlock these things, at least quite quickly anyway.

And people have just bypassed that now with these unlock tools, which is a form of cheating. You know you shouldn't be using an unlock tool to get these skins and stuff that you don't have access to until you complete those camo challenges and do the grind like everyone else does.

Bams cheating and banned in mw3

Bams cheating and banned in mw3

But bams, okay, bams is a YouTuber massive channel way bigger than my channel where you probably knew bams before you even clicked on this article, and he got caught by the ban on stream on his account, and the difficulty is trying to work out where his band stems from; it doesn't stem like I'm going to say I don't have the evidence of course I can't really prove or deny or whatever he could be cheating, right?


I doubt it. I very highly doubt it. I'm 99% sure he's not cheating, but he did get caught. He got banned on stream on his main account. And there could be one or two things. I believe he's used an unlock tool because obviously he wants to get the skins in that he's a YouTuber he wants to give you the best content first, and he's gone and bought you know used an unlock tool to get those stuff early at least I believe he's admitted to that, and secondly though, something that I do believe is against the terms and conditions anyway and makes a lot of sense, and I also do get the sense of why he did it as well, he used or he paid for a service from someone to play on his account and get the top 250 ranked.

So the iffy thing with this is that there's nothing too crazy about getting someone to play on your account. Of course, that is technically against the service, but that's on his own if he wants to get someone to play. The problem is that the player, whoever got to do it, might not have done it legitimately, and that might be the reason why his account actually got permanently banned.

So it's one of those now you got like a couple of services that might go against you now, like if you pay, if you're one of those people who pays to obviously get higher ranks in rank play, which a lot of people normally just cue with, you know, a cheater, and the cheater just dominates the lobby and destroys the other team for them, and then they win the game, so then you're technically not in an issue because.

bams banned

I guess Activision, you know, can't really decide whether someone. Is it purposeful with that player or not? It might be obvious if you're obviously queuing with that person over and over again, but I don't think Activision would have the power to ban you or at least be able to justify banning you for queuing with a cheater—maybe they can, maybe they can't.

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