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Here is where I have pretty much every single variation of the hemlock that I do want to use depending on what kind of map we're on, what game mode we're in, etc., so we have here a balance class setup. AKA and accuracy class setup, then we have the CQB, our close quarters build, aka the aggressive build); this is going to be used primarily for those smaller maps; you know, think about shooting house shipment; and then we have stealth.

I like the stealth style personally because this can be used with a multitude of maps, especially the flanking type of play style, which is to stick to the outskirts and attack the enemy from behind; that's why I really, really love This is the stealth class setup, so let's go over the balance class setup first.

Accuracy build

best iso hemlock class

We're going to we're going to be using the Komodo heavy muzzle. The reason why is because the horizontal control is pretty noticeable on the ISO Hemlock. When you go into a private match, you just fire at a wall and don't try to control the aim or anything like that, and you'll notice that it goes up and then it curves slightly to the right, so it's got that whole horizontal, dominant recoil pattern, so if we take a look at the Komodo heavy here, it gives us horizontal, recoil control.

This is exactly what we want, and the only cons here are the lack of speed and stability. Now, when it comes to the tuning, I went with 0.62 for aiming downside speed and 0.25 for aiming idle stability, and then for the barrel, I went with the Fielder t50 barrel, albeit. The range bonus that we get from the damage profile right here is really not noticeable unless it's at longer ranges.

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As of my own hand testing. I went up to 30 meters because that's the base damage range drop-off for this gun at three shots at 30 meters, but when I tested it out again, the damage range was only increased to about 31 meters. Now for tuning, this isn't a little wonky here. When you take a look at that graph.

best iso hemlock class mw2

I used 0.24 for the aim walking speed and 0.27 for the aim down sight speed, so this is about as close as I could get it to balance as possible when, trying to balance out the graph here in the middle, it is a little ugly looking here, but that's pretty much the cars that were dealt with this specific attachment all right, moving on to the laser, we got the FSS OV laser.

This gives us aimed-outside speed and aiming stability as per fire speed. This actually makes a big difference as far as adding to our ads. This is definitely useful because you get essentially free handling. Attribute just for using a laser, so that's pretty amazing, the only thing you got to worry about is the laser being visible in ads, but the only way to really counteract that negative is just don't run ads; it long lines the sight for too long, that's pretty much it, just be smart about it now for tuning this is something new to season two, which is pretty cool, so I went with point four towards that sprint to far speed and 41.13 towards that handling on the FSS OV laser all right.

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Next up, we have the stock, the RCOM S4, and this gives us a multitude of things for our mobility as well as handling, and I feel like it's a perfect complement to balance out this class setup, especially since our goal is to have pretty good accuracy, and this balances out that mobility as well as handling aspect of things.

I went with 3.23 for walking steadiness and 1.86 for idle stability. All right, last but not least, we have the X10 grip for Sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed, and as for tuning. I went with 0.39 for recoil steadiness and 0.17 for that Sprint to fire speed.

Aggressive build

Aggressive build

All right, now moving on to our Close Quarters build here for the Isil Hemlock, and, like I was saying, this is exclusively meant to be used. For smaller maps Okay, we're going to be rushing aggressively, and remember that each class setup has its own designated type of playstyle that you should be using this build for.

Don't be using this on really huge maps and, you know, complaining that the recoil is too much, etc., because then you're using it wrong. You know, that's the beauty of Modern Warfare 2: you can build these class setups to your liking whatever you want. Let's start off with the underbarrel. We've got the VX pineapple here, which is going to give us a lot of good hip accuracy as well as recoil control.

best iso hemlock class setup

Steadiness and aim in walking steadiness Now for my tuning. I went with 0.62 for hip walking speed and 0.27 for that aim down sight speed, then for the muzzle, things don't change here; this is still going to be the Komodo heavy based on that recoil pattern testing for that horizontal recoil control and for tuning.

I went with 0.44 ounces for the aim-down sight speed and 0.28 for idle stability, as for the barrel. I went with the RCQ7. Barrels for aim, down side speed, hip recall control, and movement speed This is the main reason why this build is just the best up close and personal because of these cons. Here are the damage range, hip fire accuracy, bullet velocity, and vehicle control.

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All this kind of irrelevant stuff doesn't matter because we're using this up close and personal anyway, so when you're going into matches, go in with the mindset that, "Hey, this is a small map; I'm going to be using the CQB build." Because of these attributes right here, we're going to have weaknesses at a longer range, so this tells us we have to keep our engagements up close and personal.

All right, now moving on to the laser I'm actually using the F-type grimline laser here because this gives us more hip recoil and control, as well as hip fire accuracy and spread to fire speed. These are all very important attributes in very close quarters combat, so I mean, you could go with the FSS OV laser if you want to; there's nothing wrong with that; however.

I just feel like having more attributes that are going to help us out in close quarter combat situations is going to be more suitable for this build, and for the tuning on the F-type grimline laser. I went with 0.42 towards hip walking speed. That sprint to fire speed is all right, and last but not least, we have the ISO stockless mod.

This is going to be the game changer in terms of what actually makes this build a very aggressive build: aim, down-side speed, sprint to fire speed, and hip recoil control are all right.

Stealth build

Stealth build

Next up , we have my personal favorite, the stealth ISO Hemlock class setup. Now let's start off with the basics. Here we have this cipher in one two one barrel. This gives us sound suppression and recoil control. This is a pretty nice combination right here, and yes, the real control actually does make a difference in controlling The Recoil Now, the only con here is the damage range, and you will see later on in the article when I talk about the stats that there actually is a pretty significant reduction to our damage range when you're flanking and when you're playing stealth.

NEW BEST ISO HEMLOCK META in MW2! - Best ISO Hemlock Class Setup Modern Warfare 2.
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