News - The Only Gun You Need To Use Warzone 2 Season 2. Iso Hemlock

best iso hemlock loadout

Here we are back in the war, and we have another regular article. In today's article, we're going to cover the ISO Hemlock, which is now the best gun in Warzone 2. At the very moment, it's definitely getting nerfed whenever season three is, and I don't even know when season three is coming. Let's just check the battle pass.

I don't see 17 days, and I'm filming this on a Saturday. ISO Hemlock is definitely the best gun in the game right now. We already said we have over two weeks left of season two. You're going to want to use this because it is the best gun. It doesn't matter if you're trash; it doesn't matter if you're a bot; it doesn't matter if you play casually; it doesn't matter if you sweat everybody.

Is good with this gun because it has literally no recoil whatsoever, and the damage is insane. You already know your boy has the best class setup, and don't worry, I will put you on at the end of the article, so stay tuned. We got killer gameplay, and your boy was solo, and mini trios ended up dropping off the whole damn lobby with this gun right here, literally getting team wipes, on team wipes, on team wipes, and the ending was insane.

best iso hemlock loadout warzone 2

Without further ado, let's get to the gameplay. They're pulling up over here to the By Me. Man, that's just how it's done. That's just how it's done. Full team wife, look at their bodies flopping in the air. Yes, sir, baby, yes, sir. That's just how it's done. Easy team wipes easy, team like with this freaking AK-47 gun.

I am the human laser beam. As a treat, you get the best-in-class setup for the ISO Hemlock, All right First, we had the Harbinger suppressor. We all know this is the best suppressor against bullet velocity and has the widest damage range. This is the tuning point of zero forty-five points zero eighty-four on the bullet velocity.

We have the Fielder barrel. Okay, this is the long range. Barrel 0.016 on the recoil studies 014. On the damage range, I'm giving all the tuning amop, V4 scope. I got the point zero zero. I got no tuning on the left, but on the right, we got it all the way to a far negative 1.65. Next up, we have the F-Tech Ripper 56.

best loadout for warzone 2

I got 034 on the recoil and stabilization. We've got the 0.035 at the bottom, aiming for idle stability, and last but not least, we've got the 45-round magazine. This is the best-in-class setup for the ISO Hemlock. Like I said, we still have over two weeks left of season two, which means this gun is going to be the top dog for two more weeks, so use it now.

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