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Today I'm going to show you how to do the Tombstone glitch in the latest patch of December 19th, 2023, right here in Moder Warf 3: Zombies. Let's hop right into it. So we're going to need a large backpack, and if you don't have a large backpack, I'm going to go ahead and show you how to do that right now—the quickest way to do that.

As you guys see here, we have a lovely person in the community dropping us all this Essence. I love to see; that's why I said I love the community. The Zombie Community is so wholesome compared to multiplayer this super, Dope, okay, then from this point we are going to head to the tier three shop to go buy our large rucksack for 10K.

All right, we're over here to the tier three zone. I do recommend coming in with decoy grenades and the Ether shroud ability, as this will help get to the station and go ahead and buy what we need to buy, as you see it's 10K here, or we can come find one if we come here on the map over here to the E and the F section, so between E and F F2, all through these buildings here, you have a high chance of finding a large rug sack, usually right here in this building here above this little L here, which delivery cargo is you have a high chance, and I've had really good luck in these two buildings here, specifically this one.


Here, perfect as you guys see, we have a large rucksack here. Wonderful all right, so now we're going to go on to the next part. All right now that we have our large ruck, we want to go ahead and All right, guys. Now that we are back in the lobby and have our large rug sack, we want to take every single item that we want to Throw it in a large rug sack and leave the last slot open unless you have the tombstone schematic.

You can put the tombstone schematic here to go ahead and save yourself 2, 000 points if you don't just leave this open, as you are going to have to have another large rucksack in our inventory to do the duplication. So once you guys are happy with everything you want to go ahead and do, we'll go ahead and start the game.

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All right guys, now that we're loaded into the game, go ahead and pop your Tombstone soda. If not, get 2, 000 points to get it, and then you also need to get 10, 000 points to get your large rug sack. You can either ask in the lobby for someone to drop you some essence, or you could do contracts such as bounties, which are super quick and easy, or you could go to this location.

I'm going to show you on the Map All right, guys, now that we have enough points to go buy our large drug sack, we're going to come here to the Tier 3 Zone. We're going to find the shopping center. There's one right here, and it's going to be 10, 000 points. Again, Decoy down just in case all is right, and then we can buy our large rucksack.

Sack all right now; we can go ahead and go do the glitch. All right guys, now that we have everything we're duping, we have our large rug sack inside our large rug sack. If you just want to head anywhere on the map that you want to go ahead and recollect your tombstone from, I would recommend coming down here to the marine gas station.

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It's going to be right next to the bad signal. This is going to be the dark ether portal right here. I recommend coming here because there is usually a boat that spawns, and then there's usually a portal right here as well, and you can use those to travel across the map to any of the story-based missions, which are the ones with the stars here, and that's the one that we're going to be using to utilize the glitch, so I'm going to come over here to where I want to go down.

Make sure you do not have a self-reset, as this will mess up the glitch, so do drop that if you have one equipped. And then, at this point, we just want to go ahead and go down, so we'll go ahead and go down by the zombie here. Hello, okay, we just had to get his attention. He was a little in La Land, so once we go down, we want to go ahead and just give.

Don't plead for help. What I like to do is just let these 17 seconds or so run out. I've seen some people suggest just going ahead and quitting after this point. I like to let the timer run down just to be on the safe side, as I have tested this a couple times and it has not worked when I did not let the timer run out fully.


So we're going to let this run out fully. We're going to load back into the lobby, and then we're going to load back into the game. All right now, we're back in the lobby. I would like to suggest that you go ahead and throw some decoy grenades on, and then you can throw on whatever else you would like, and then we're going to go ahead and ready, up load right back into the game all right now that we're loaded back into the game you're going to see your Tombstone pop up we're going to go ahead and just collect that really, quick all right we're going to go ahead and grab our Tombstone here throw a decoy down if you need to can get a little spicy out here all right then you're going to go ahead and equip.

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Everything's up, so guys, I've had the best luck using the Jensen mission one, which that's going to be the one that's just labeled extraction. Here, all right, so we're going to go and hit the X fill here, going to do the normal thing. Wait for the chopper to get here, all right, and then we're going to hop on the chopper, and then we're going to wait for the black screen if you're on PC, alt f4, when you get the black screen.

PlayStation and Xbox close applications as soon as you see the black screen, so there's a black screen. alt f4 if you're on PC, close applications on PlayStation and Xbox, and then we're just going to go ahead and load back into zombies as soon as we load into zombies. You'll see that we'll have our whole Ru sack full of everything that we were duping here.

As you see, we have successfully duped, so now you can go ahead and just unequipped everything like so, and then just load right back into the game again. I like to throw decoys just in case and help out all right guys now that we're back into the game we're just going to run over like we've been doing we're going to grab our Tombstone, here, we let decoy down get these zombies off our back, grab everything out, and then we're going to head over to the Jensen extraction we're going to go ahead and call the Dr.

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Jansen xville hop on the chopper and then once we get the black screen alt f4 on PC and close application on Xbox and. As always, peace and prosperity. Much love we'll be seeing you on the next one. Bye

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