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Welcome everybody, xwe verx today I'm going to be going over the new event that just started here for season 3 and Modern Warfare 3. This is going to be the blaze-up event I just started, so this event just started today on April 10th, and if you log on, we're going to have a daily log-on reward here.

As you see, we got the log on five separate days for the 10 days of the event to claim these items, so we're going to have the emblem, we're going to have a large decal, a sticker, a double battle pass XP token, and then our calling card. They also just released a new bundle here, The Tracer Pack: Stony Sloth.

If we go here into the bundle, you're going to see we have the Stony Sloth bundle here. You're going to get the fill and slothy operator skin. This is for Captain Price. Here, And then we're going to also get the high hitter, the token, and smoke them with leafy greens, a large decal, and the Slow Rolling weapon sticker.

Lum-rip weapon charm, A slow and unsteady emblem, and then our 1-hour double battle pass token. If we head right over here to the event tab, we also have the war zone. High trip that just started today as well, so in this mode this is for war zone, you're going to be collecting these gummies to gain special power reps and resistance.

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Here and then, it's just a normal survival and win situation, but there's a twist to it because, once you get these gummies, they give you special powers. I'll make a separate article going over what this all entices, but yeah, do know that this also just started today. This ends in 13 days and 20 hours, and then the blaze-up event ends in 13 days.

We come in here, and we're going to get the double XP token. Hot out the oven weapon sticker. The weedon kills streaks of skin. The high-as-duck charm and the seeing-sound weapon sticker The utterly inspiring emblem of your out-of-this-world calling card double-weapon XP token. Every second and hour large decal, the tier battle pass skip, then also a double battle pass XP token as well as the Mastery Day Mares blueprint here, so if you go into it, this is going to be for the wP swarm, and it's called the day mares.


As you can see, this is how it is going to look. Like, this also has this glowing green that goes throughout the weapon, as you see; it's pretty cool. I think it looks pretty good, and if we take a look here on the handle of the weapon, it does say be free to smoke weed, and we'll go over the requirements.

I think personally, multiplayer. And zombies would be the fastest way to go about this, so if we take a look for this first one here, we're going to have to get 25 operator clean kills with the Aikimbo attachment for multiplayer. Zombies is 50 Hellhound kills with shotguns, and then in War Zone, open 20 loot caches in a single Resurgence map.

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We come over here to the weapon sticker. In multiplayer we have get 10 operator quick scope kills with the stalker boots perk, and Modern Warfare Zombies it's get 80 critical kills with Snipes marksman rifles or battle rifles and in war zone it's activate the boat horn near the factory on rebirth we come over here to the kill streak skin here the Wheaton multiplayer it's 20 operator direct impact launcher kills and zombies 50 brain rot zombie kills and War Zone collect 50 gummies and the high trip Resurgence, so for this one if you're going to do war zone you are going to have to go into the new High trip Resurgence smokee for that one then we come over here to the highest duct charm it's hit 20 operators with tear gas with attack Mass perk equipped.

And zombies is going to be completed with four contracts, and then in War Zone, it's complete with five spy drone contracts being sound and multiplayer, using stemmer battle rage tactical 15 times, and Mod Warfare. Zombies destroy four vehicles, and then for the war zone, it's going to be the infill or a redeploy you want to land in the gondola using the parachute.

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That's on Rebirth Island. Multiplayer for the blaze-up emblem here is going to be four operator kills within 20 seconds and one life two times in Zombies, 400 kills with the wall. Weapon: War Zone will eliminate eight players who will have an active PowerUp gummy in the high-resurgence mode, and then for the calling card, we're going to do 10 operator-stuck grenade kills with demolition vest-equipped zombies, destroy three Harvester orbs, and then War Zone will have all four high-resurgence powerups active at once.

I'm down here to the double weapon XP token; it's going to be 20 operator kills while in smoke with the Jag purifier attachment. Zombies is 200 kills shortly after reloading with speed cola, and then in war zone, it's going to be using the squad rage on all your squad mates at once. Coming down here to the decal in multiplayer, we're going to have the deploy and inflatable decoy field upgrade 15 times, while the engineer vest is equipped.

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Zombies is going to have 30 mercenary critical kills, and then War Zone will buy four players back in Resurgence using the buy station. Right after the decal, we're going to have our tier skip for the battle pass in multiplayer; it's 25 operator kills with a cook cig or Thermo Barck grenade. In Zombies, it's going to be 250 kills with a stamina perk active, and then in War Zone, it's reduced the Resurgence timer for a total of 100 seconds, so that's just reducing it by being on the move, opening crates, downing other players, killing other players—that'll reduce that timer.

You just need a collective total of 100 seconds, and then the B pass. The double XP token here is going to be 40 operator kills with the dragon's breath attachment equipped while sliding or crouching in multiplayer. Zombies is three eliminations of the Abomination, and then in War Zone it's going to be a single match trade of two cards from the biometric scanners at a buy station, and then once we complete all those challenges, guys, we'll unlock our day.

May's blueprint is here for the WSP Swarm. In my personal opinion, guys. I think loading in the zombies is going to be the quickest way to actually get this event done because we just load in with our shotgun; we can load in with a sniper Marksman rifle or battle rifle; and in our secondary slot, load in with the brain raw.

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Then we also load in with our Speed Cola perk and our stamina perk for the 250 kills. And then the rest of these are just going to come, as we're playing a game of zombies with the four contracts, destroying four vehicles, then buying a wall weapon. By getting 400 kills, you destroy three harvesters.

This one might take a couple games if you can't find the Harvester orbs in one game. However, I do think a lot of these, like I said, are going to be achievable in one game of zombies. Use a lot of the X fills to just grind out a whole bunch of zombies, as the Outlast glitch did get patched this season, so we're no longer able to do the Outlast glitch.

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