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best guns mw3 zombies

Season 1 of Zombies in Modern Warfare 3 has shown a lot of overpowered weapons. I'm going to quickly go over the top couple weapons that are really standing out a lot more than all the other weapons that you might normally see on a top 10 list. I'll have the loadouts at the end of each segment that say, Let's get into it.

Starting off with a gun that I do not see talked about nearly enough, probably one of my more favorite guns on this list is the WSP Swarm SMGs. Now these things pack a ton of kick behind them, and having a Kimbo build makes it that much easier for you to just completely unload without needing to worry about reloading.

best weapon mw3 zombies

All that often, like all the guns on this list, the real power behind These guns really start showing up when you pack-and-punch them and give them a little bit more power behind them when you give them a higher rarity; this is just the gray. Inside of Tier 1 and Tier 2, nothing else is added on top of them, but when you switch over to something a little stronger, such as a rare ear, the tool making a blue, and just one level of Pack-a-Punch, it absolutely fries zombies in the Tier 2 zone, and this is not a very high-level gun as you can normally see, and probably all the other times you normally go into your game, even at this low level of rarity, you can see it absolutely fries a disciple in the Tier 2 area.

These are must-grabs and must-upgrades if you haven't already. This is the build that I have been rocking for the simbo setup once again. When you get to this part, make sure you can pause the article and take a screenshot, whatever you want to do, to make sure you get this actual load out. If there is one thing I do say, you could play around with it a little bit if you don't like the 100-round DrW mag so you can reload these a little bit faster and a bit more often switch them over to one of the lower-tier, lower-round magazines.

And to make sure you understand this, you can only get this akimbo, bright stock. The only way that you can get a kimbo on these is by getting the weapon all the way to level 27. It isn't one of the things you can unlock by doing specific missions. Moving on to everyone's favorite akimbo pistols, the tier pistols, these things have recently been taking place.

modern warfare 3 zombies best guns

A lot of Nerfs, especially in the war zone, took away the snake-shot ammo, which made these things even stronger, but they're still really powerful, even at Tier 1 and Tier 2, with just a blue upgrade. These things are absolutely one-shot everything you're going to come across even without a pack-a-punch, Crystal.

Now the thing is, when you actually pack and punch this weapon, it takes these pistols to an entirely different level. As you can see here, I now have a purple Rarity-tier pistol. There is now only one Pack-a-Punch level, and they are easily double tapping these level-three zombies. Even with the armor zombies, they are only double-tapping them, especially when you get close.

You can really get some good head shots in, but they just make all these zombies explode, as if they're not even there. Getting up close and personal with bosses: there are many bosses throughout the game, even in Tier 3 at a purple level. Rarity These things absolutely melt anything in front of them.

modern warfare 3 zombies best weapons

Don't even get me started when you get to level three, Pack-a-Punch. But as I mentioned at the beginning of this, something did change around the actual build of this gun that a lot of people have been using; it's based on the ammunition. It was in the snake-shot ammunition, but now I switched it over to the high-grain rounds.

In the recent update, they took away the snake-shot ammunition, which was the thing that made these things that much more OP. It would be number one on the list if the snake-shot ammo was still there, but even with a different ammo, these things delete everything in front of them. Moving on to a weapon I never thought I'd actually put on one of these kinds of lists is the XRK, or sniper rifle.

modern warfare zombies best guns

the brand new sniper rifle that you can get inside of season 1's battle pass I'll be completely honest with you guys. When I first started using this sniper rifle. I thought everybody was crazy because it was obviously one tapping zombies in the Tier 1 area when you shoot them in the head, just like all the sniper rifles do, but simply moving into the Tier 2 area, the sniper was not near.

Powerful enough for me to even take down four easy zombies right in front of me while shooting them in the heads, but once I pack-a-punched, this thing got the build exactly how other people had and started using it against bosses and hitting the very sensitive areas. The amount of health that got taken off of these things so quickly and so easily was astounding to me.

This article is showing a perfect example of how powerful this thing really is, because this is just me one-on-one with this Mega Abomination, from the Tier 3 Zone only with purple Rarity Level 2 Pack-a-Punch, and I am easily taking this thing's health down in under a minute. Normally, to get this kind of damage, you need a triple-pack gold weapon to even get close to how quickly I'm able to kill this thing, but as you can see, it's shooting lightning.

modern warfare zombies best weapons

Beam at me; I'm easily taking off a fifth of its health in just three shots, but the downfall of this weapon is that you simply don't have enough ammo to make it shoot fast enough to take out a bunch of hordes of zombies. This is definitely a boss killing gun straight up; I would personally only use it in the Mega Abomination, fights going into the dark ether Elder portal, the redworm, fights stuff like that, but this is the build that I started rocking, with some fine tuning depending on how you like to use your sniper.

For example, you could definitely switch the optic to something that is just the base optic so you can use more powerful ammunition. Instead of the optic site, you could switch out the barrel for the one that has the full length of the damage bar, or you could stick with the short barrel as I have on this build so you can ads a little faster and do whatever you really feel.


But I'd say keep it around this similar build because it just absolutely destroys when you have those main components. As you can see in this build right now of the four guns on the list, this one is definitely one that people need to play with a little bit more to find that perfect load-out weapon, and of course, to save the best for last is going to be the Lockwood shotgun.

I was surprised at how powerful this shotgun actually is inside the game. When you have the specific build on it, it's by far the most powerful shotgun of all the ones in MW3, and it also obviously takes one shot easily when you hit a head shot, and this is just in the Tier 1 area with a gray base rarity.

The best weapons in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies right now, some you Definitely have not used yet.
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