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In this one, I'll be showing you the top five weapons to use for zombies. Of course, these are the top five weapons in my opinion, and I won't be including any Wonder Weapons in this list before we get into that. I quickly want to thank U4GM for sponsoring this article. U4gm is a professional Call of Duty service, and they'll help you unlock all the rare schematics, including the new classified schematic.

They'll even help you unlock the Borealis, Camo. So at the number five spot, we've got a Modern Warfare 2 weapon, the crossbow, Now the crossbow was at one point the most overpowered weapon to use in zombies, but it did get nerfed a fair bit. In the past, you were able to kill Tier 3 zombies with the thermite bolts, but now it would take two or three shots, which is still decent.

However, the explosive bolts and the tear gas bolts are still pretty powerful. The build I'd recommend using is on screen right now. We've got the 28-strand cable for some extra bullet velocity, the VK laser 7M W for faster ads, and Sprint for fire speed. The dr6 hand stop under Barrel attachment for an overall mobility boost, or your arm attachment, you'll want to use the Carbon Elite V3 for quicker ads and movement speed, and for your bolts.

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I'd recommend using the blast cap 20-in explosive bolts or the ftac costic 20-in tear gas bolts; both of these are very effective in this run. Here we use the tear gas bolts, and we were even able to take out a mega-abomination. With it, I'd probably go with the blast cap explosive bolts, though, as they do seem to be slightly more effective.

But yeah, the crossbow is definitely a solid choice, and you'll be able to take out all the HP BT Bounty contracts in the Tier 3 Zone without too much of an issue, and that's exactly why I decided to place this at number five. Now let's move on to number four. At the number four spot, we've got the akimbo.

I've had a lot of people reach out to me lately, asking me to use these things, and honestly, they did not disappoint. The build I'd recommend using is on screen right now. You'll want to use the Akimo Retti rare grip attachment just so you have double the firepower for your trigger action, and you'll want to use the Peruan Express trigger for the increased fire rate.

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Of course, you'll want to have the 50-round drum mag attachment, which means you'll effectively have 100 bullets, and that gets doubled after Pack-a-Punch. The CS15, the scarlet-mounted laser for increased sprint to fire speed and close quarter combat accuracy, and finally, the retti-long barrel for increased bullet velocity and range.

You're super mobile with these things, which is really, really good for farming contracts in the Tier 3 Zone because you definitely want to be moving as fast as possible in that area. Whether you've got a whole bunch of zombies you need to wipe out or you're trying to take out some hvts, the akimbo retes are a great choice overall, and that's exactly why I put them in the number four spot.

Let's move on to number three. In the number three spot, we've got the Akimo WASP swarms. I've been running these bad boys for weeks now, and they've never let me down. They have a lot of ammo and an insane fire rate, which means you'll be shredding through zombies with them. The build I'd recommend using is on screen right now, and I want to thank my friend Coburn for sending me this build.

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You'll want to use the Waspa Kimbo brace stock conversion kit in order to Kimbo the WASP swarm the point G3P, 04 laser for increased HP recoil control, hip fire accuracy, and spring to fire speed. The Wasp Reckless 90-long barrel for increased bullet velocity and range; the S37; the C DL breacher device's muzzle for improved hip fire spread; and of course, the 100-round drum mag, so you've got 200 bullets, which turns to 400 bullets once Pack-a-Punch.

Now I've used this thing to take out the red worm to complete sport control contracts, HBT contracts, and just to clear out large groups of zombies in the Tier 3 Zone. You're so quick with these things, and with the insane fire rate and damage output, you'll have no issues here in the Tier 3 Zone.

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They definitely deserve to be in the number three spot. Now let's move on to number two. At number two, we've got the RG80 Launcher. Now this thing is just insane for testing purposes. I decided to do an escort contract in the Tier 3 Zone solo, which is probably one of the hardest contracts to do as a solo player in the Tier 3 Zone due to the high volume of zombies and HVTs.

You'll have to fight while protecting the tank. I had no issues while doing this contract and was absolutely oblivious to any zombies that came our way or those annoying disciples. Yeah, no problem at all. You can't put any attachments on the RGL, so of course there's no build to it. Just bring it in, use an Aether tool, and get it to Pack-A-Punch Tier 3, and you can thank me later.

I'd personally recommend using this as a secondary weapon, so for example, you could run the akimbo retti to take out some of the hvts and just use rgl to take out the large groups of zombies, or just keep it to complete contracts to spawn a lot of them, such as the sport control contract or the escort contract.

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However, it is still possible to take out HVTs, such as the Mega Abomination. Using this thing, you could even add the Brain Rod Ammo mod to it, and because you'll damage so many zombies with just one shot, you'll always have zombies that turn and fight for you. I honestly love using this thing and had to include it in this list now before we move on to the number one spot.

You're all amazing, and your support means the world to me. At the number one spot, we have the most overpowered weapon in zombies right now. This thing will one-shot Tier-three zombies and take out Mega Abominations and other HVTs. With ease, the gun we're talking about is a Lockwood 680. The attachments I'd recommend using are as follows: You'll want to use the saw-off stock attachment for a huge boost to your sprint to fire speed, movement speed, aim walking speed, and ad speed.

the Expresso light bolt for the increased rechambering speed. The VK laser, 7 mW. Attachment for the increased ads and Sprint to fire speed the Lockwood Defender heavy long barrel for the increased tube ammo Capacity, bullet velocity, and range, and the most important attachment is a 12-gauge slug of ammunition.


Now that does mean you'll have to run ads with it, which isn't too much of an issue, especially with this build, as you'll have an insane ad speed. With this build, you'll be one-shotting zombies at Pack-a-Punch 3, and you'll have no issues whatsoever running around in the Tier 3 Zone farming contracts.

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