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best guns mw3 zombies

MW3 has seen a lot of overpowered weapons, and going into season 2, there's a bunch that you probably have been using and also haven't been using. I'm going to quickly cover a bunch of the ones I think you should be using going into season 2, reloaded. I'll have the loadouts at the end of each segment.

Now starting off with the bang, and one that we all know and love is the tier dual-wielding pistols These things are still absolutely busted. They may not be as busted as they used to be, but they are still probably one of the better guns that you can use to actually take down some of the heavier hitters inside the game, such as the mini-boss zombies and the mega-abominations, with their crazy attack power when you hit your critical shots.

As you can see, I am using the base level, not the gray level. As soon as you spawn, you are still hitting pretty well, but you have to be up close and personal. But as soon as you start putting any kind of power up behind it, as you see here with just a blue and a single tier, Pack-a-Punch: These things really start slapping zombies around super easily.

best weapon mw3 zombies

I personally find these to be really good against boss zombies, more than just the horde, because you really don't have a lot of ammo in these things, and if you come across a bunch of zombies at once, especially in Tier 3 and 4, you're going to get overrun pretty quickly, so I would keep these in your back pocket when you come across those really heavy hitters in the game and use one of these other weapons that I'm about to show you in a little bit for the hordes.

Now, the main part you guys are really here for is the actual build for these weapons, and this one has varied a little bit. This is personally what I use, but I've seen a bunch of different ones use what feels best. You got the 1 mm pistol, which is ziu. 16 heavy, long barrels I use a different high-grain ammunition than some other people do; that's just my opinion.

Fury is absolutely one that you need to have on this for the trigger action, and of course you need to have the rear grip on the akimbo tiar. That's the only way that this thing really starts hitting if you have them in the akimbo quickly moving on to another staple. I'm not going to spend much time on this because everybody knows about it by now.

modern warfare 3 zombies best guns

It's the Lockwood shotgun. This thing is an absolute beast. It One Shot Zombies in Tier 3 and Tier 4 super easily takes down some of the mini-boss zombies super easily as well. It's just an overpowered gun in general to quickly show you what I mean about this, just in case, for some reason, you're still on the fence.

This is purple. Only two levels of Pack-A-Punch, on here with the electric ammo type absolutely destroying tier three zombies in a single head shot and two shotting disciples, level three zombies, as well, it's so powerful. I mean, let me show you what it looks like inside the Tier 4 area as well as in the dark ether.

This thing just makes absolute mince meat out of these higher-level zombies, and as we know, these are just a little bit stronger than Tier 4, and you get swarmed by a lot more of them. It's a pretty constant barrage outside of Tier 3 in certain areas; this thing also pretty much just shoots any of the mini-boss zombies, such as the manglers.

modern warfare 3 zombies best weapons

And the mimics—I mean, it's just an absolute must-have, especially for going into this higher-level area of the dark ether. This is the build that pretty much everybody has been using for the Lockwood shotgun. You have the Lockwood Defender, heavy long barrel, the x10, or xteen. I mean, not the actual 10 numbers.

You know what I mean: the full-chute muzzle, 12 gauge slugs, which is where you get most of the power from and how it absolutely destroys most of the zombies. I'm even going to try and pronounce the guard, but it's going to be the skeletonized one, and you're also going to need to get the express light bolt in the back just to make it so you can reload that much faster and shoot that much faster.

modern warfare zombies best guns

Absolutely god-tier gun Now moving on to one of the ones I found very surprising when I started to use it and really didn't think about putting it into this article until I started using it in Tier 3 at such a higher level with purple. It's the M13, Ba., which is actually MW2, Gun. Now I'm going to take you through a couple upgrading processes just to kind of give you an idea from the base level up the way to the purple level tier 2 of Pack-a-Punch.

You see that this is just the gray level tier one; it does okay and does a really good job when you hit the headshot multiplier, which is nothing too surprising, but this gun really started to come alive when I started using this build with just any kind of upgrade around it. As you see. I have it on green level with one tier Pack-a-Punch, and it is a world of difference from just a second ago with no upgrades whatsoever, and the base value is simply one tapping a bunch of zombies, obviously just destroying manglers.

modern warfare zombies best weapons

Everywhere you go with a headshot multiplier it just runs through these zombies and I was really surprised by this taking it way up into the tier three area you see I have the purple level with a tier 2 Pack-A-Punch, and it really is just making it super easy to run through this area gun down a pretty sizable horde of zombies now it's not as powerful as some of these other SMGs, and I'm about to be talking about in a little bit but this thing is great because of the distance it gives it allows you to shoot from a distance a lot more than some of these other weapons and couple that with the power it has behind it at a higher level and just in general the power level it has it's a great gun to pick up this is the build that I found to be the best for me You had the VK, laser, 7 m, and 14in.

Brewing Echelon Barrel FTE RS9. Stealth under Barrel 5.56. High-velocity ammunition, and of course, to have that much ammo in a 120-round pack-a-punch to have the 60-round magazine. Now, of course, this is what I've been using. There's a lot of different builds I've seen for this particular gun.


This is what works for me. Once again, move this around as much as you want. Now we're going to quickly move back to an absolute fan favorite, an absolute classic from when we started this game, the S swp, swarm, akimbo, and SMGs. These things are fantastic. You can drop a whole bunch of ammo into a whole bunch of zombies super quickly.

It does a fair amount of damage, especially at the gray level, the base level. As you can see here in Tier 1, it really starts coming alive a little bit later when you add some levels and some Pack-a-Punch levels to it in different colorations, but this thing is just an absolute beast, as we all know now.

THE Best Weapons to use for Season 2 Reloaded, some you probably haven't used yet.
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